What did you do in Battleborn during your most recent session?

Just did my worst day on Battleborn, and beat my loose record xD
wa at 3 max loose in a single day (around 10 games a day when i play it) but today i just loose 9 games in a row (not a single surrend btw :slight_smile: )
But i still had fun (except for one game were the enemy team wasn’t fairplay at all… they were playing like their life was in danger)

On the other side i did my 2 firsts penta with Attikus (now have 11 for all character) and got his master on my only win of the day xD which was a really close game. And also got the challenge “win with less than 25% life on your sentry”

I’m currently doing some PvE runs on public mode, both normal and advanced. (PS4)
Trying to get Shayne and Aurox to level 15, currently at level 14.
Once I get to 15, I’ll have them mastered :slight_smile:

Just won an incursion match, to which afterward got a party invite from two guys that were queued up on the other team. Long story short, they cursed me out and kicked me out of the party cause they were mad that I kept body blocking/killing them with Kelvin’s secondary attack. I laughed.

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Last time I finally completed The Heliophage on Hardcore Advanced with my SO. (And finished the Hardcore Achievement)
Three tries, only commons and uncommons for loot. Sadface.

I’ll now take a break from the game until the Lore Challenge problems are fixed.

Farmed Rendain for a better rolled Vow of Zealous Fury as I had the lowest possible one before and managed to get a near max one

To get really good with regular PvP just really get to know the map design and learn who your best character is.

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To complete my Reyna lore challenges I had to complete the “drain enemy shields” with the pulse gun challenge. So I was doing it the hard way at first. I was killing everything and only getting the shield drain once from each shielded guy. I read a tip online and went to heliophage in solo and just searched for shielded guy that I could drain multiple times. Eventually found a dude that had a ton of health + a shield. Drain, dodge, wait, repeat. But I only needed like 30 more by that point.

Getting into the lore challenges is pretty fun.

What lore challenge problems?

They can’t be completed currently. There are some topics on the bug that go more in-depth on the issue. “Lore Challenges and YOU” is the official thread.

Some of them can’t be completed, right? Obviously not all as I have completed Reyna’s.

The ones that were affected by the recent patch, I think. I’m not quite sure what the exact bug is but my Lore Challenges don’t track progress at all.

I couldn’t find the thread.

It’s in the News section: Lore Challenges and YOU! by JoeKGBX


Getting somewhat deadlier with Thorn!

Took out a couple sentries ninja style and got some oh so sweet sniper kills from the perches in Monuments and Snowblind.

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Speaking of Thorn, finally got her (my first character) to rank 15, but have none of her PvP lore challenges even started since I’m still scared at CR 21 to even delve into Versus Public with less than optimal PvP gear on a character that’s expected to wreck house.

Instead, started working on re-learning Miko since I did well with him during the beta. Had a ridiculous Versus Private match against all bots where my team’s Whiskey Foxtrot annihilated the other team for 21 kills and I assisted on 15 of them just by following him around keeping him alive, was kinda nuts. Getting heal assists seems so effortless, could see getting on a good team and doing those assist challenges so quickly once I finally get into Versus Public.

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Performing the Tea Ceremony in a solid Whiskey Foxtrot performance against a tough team. Went 8-2

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I see little need to be so afraid of PvP matches. I just dive in.

I seem to do my best when I’m playing as Reyna. Because I am really good at providing support apparently.

I prefer PvE mostly but in battleborn I enjoy all modes.

I am a total newbie so I have been playing Normal PvE to get acclimated. I like Thorne so I play with her a lot. But I only have five or so hours in.

But I hate this game got a bad rap. It is great!

Welcome to Solus! :heart:

PS: Ghost in the Shell FTW!

Learned that Meltdown is AMAZING!!! I do alot better than in Incursion and I´ve no idea how and why :yum:
Can´t wait to dive throgh the Outskirts with that glorous music again!

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Thanks! Yeah, I can’t wait to get off and play around some more. I don’t mind grinding. I am older. i remember when games required you to work to unlock stuff. :slight_smile:

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