What did you do in Battleborn during your most recent session?

I did an Algorithm run as the last run of the Lootpocalypse (haven’t played since as I’m a little burned out honestly). I got a sub-max Plasmite Transducer. Haven’t sold it yet but probably will. If it’s not max stats, I ain’t paying 1800 shards to use it.

Agreed on all accounts, got my first gold on a normal Archive mission earlier. Dare I try solo advanced hardcore for the lore challenge? Hmmm…

Isn’t it though? To me it’s the mode with the least emphasis on actual FPS fighting between players, more about map control (i.e. utilizing shards for building defensive buildables and regular attacks/skills/ults for destroying the opponent’s buildables).

Wish we played on the same platform to team up, but pretty sure you’re not PS4.

I see your point and tend to agree, but when you don’t have anything better for the slot then why not use it? For example, I have a non-max Stout Golemic Sigil (rare) and a non-max Codex Fragment (legendary); I’m still using the CF because it’s generally better in all situations with the stats I have now.

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Finished my third rank 15 (Whiskey Foxtrot), adding to Benedict and Oscar Mike. Started with 150 XP to go to rank 15. First match, Algorithm, finished with 75 XP. 75 more to go. Nice. Dropped into Void’s Edge. Took my sweet time hitting up all the loot chests, let the swarmers nibble on Wolfie for a while. Etc. 70 XP. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I needed five more XP to finish. DEWD! So, dropped back into Algorithm for 3:18, just the first lane. Jump off (hardcore) and die out. Got EXACTLY 5 XP for it, and just enough command XP to put me at rank 61 as well (needed 2 XP after the previous match). So I have earned EXACTLY 2480 XP on WF ever. Took 35 matches, 22:07 time in game, all solo PvE. Every mission except Heliophage.

Also, picked up H3NCHM4N’s Capacitor (junk), Sentinel Reset Switch (junk), and Plasmite Transducer (meh) as well as some other decent gear. Earned a few thousand credits; now that LootPoc is over, I can focus on buying more bank space and loadouts.

Also once again proved myself wrong about a helix choice for WF. Turns out, I prefer the other option to the Scrap Bank. The one that reveals enemies, who then take increased damage from the rifle for like 8 seconds afterward? Together with WF’s passive, and with a rifle that’s already more powerful (or so it seems) than OM’s, it wrecks. Works on bosses just fine. Pop scrap on 'em, hit the ult button, unload ridiculous overdrive RoF into their critical hit spots. LAUGH, make it RAIN loot… Quite satisfying. My Number Three for solo PvE so far (sorry, just can’t quite get used to Caldarius’s jumping mechanics so far).

(PS4) A little closer to getting level 15 and finishing off Shayne and Aurox, today.
Played two storymodes, the sentinel and voids edge.
Wasn’t being matched with full teams in public matchmaking though. Advanced queue went no where for me, so had to try normal.
Had 2 players matched for the sentinel, but they quit out in the character select menu so I had to go it alone, sigh.
But I had one other player stick with me for voids edge, thanks to whomever you were, I do like the company even if we didn’t speak, haha.
Should be done tomorrow, if I don’t find myself distracted by something else.
I’m not sure what’s come over me, but I can’t seem to find the motivation for PvP at the moment.
Well, I think it might be that I’ve been scared off by some unpleasant random mic users… Must face my fears and try again, sometime.

That’s right, Face your fears! Grab that mic and scare them back!

On Topic. I farmed the hell out of chapter 7 advance mode for the legendary gear “boots of brute”. Unfortunately I did it after the event was over for increased drop rate. I stopped counting after my 21th try but I finally got it!


Stomped a team 3v5 in Meltdown on Paradise. I partied up with 2 friends and we paired up with a team (playing split screen). As soon as our match started, the pair quit. So at this point, it was 3v5 Caldarius (me), El Dragon, and Miko against Isaac, Alani, Galilea, Oscar, and Rath.

Enemy team tried to divide themselves up so that they could easily watch both lanes, something that would be impossible for 3 people to do against 5. We were lucky enough to be playing 3 extremely mobile characters. We stuck together the entire match focusing on the shepherd minion that grants the overshield. We would take it out and then gang up on the opposing players before they could out our shepherd. Then we let the minions clear minions. We didn’t devote any money to gear and instead put all our money in buying the elite bots to constantly load the lanes. It started off as a struggle, first 10 minutes the enemy team had a solid 100points+ on us. The 2 people we paired with joined back after noticing we were still playing. They saw we were losing and left. Once the 3 of us hit level 5, that’s when we really turned the game around, and when we really started pressing hard with the big bots. After taking a considerable lead, I think we were passed 350 to the other teams 250 something, the pair joined back for a second time. They realized that we were actually pulling this game off, and so they stayed. They were back for about 5 minutes before the game was over.

End result: Enemy team didn’t break 300. It’s all about communication, and the other team didn’t have it.

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Had a player leave our team and still almost beat the other team, who were all level 100s.

We were 4 level 70-80s and my 100.


If our 5th had stayed, we would have won :frowning:

I definitely do better in Meltdown or Capture than Incursion. Also not sure why.


I played Incurssion (lost badly), meltdown (won easily), and Algorithm with a party of 4. We finished the mission with a gold rating and I raked in 3 legendaries at once!

Reyna’s progress to rank 15 is currently pretty slow doing what I’m doing. I need to try some things out.

Spotted this : Fast character xp?

So I’ll try that. “solo missions on advanced”

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Best day of matchmaking and Incursion battles in a while.

All with me as Thorn.

Had some really close and intense matches!

Ended up winning more than losing, which is always nice, and pulled a couple of those victories right from the jaws of defeat!

I was even first on my team in two matches, something I had never previously done with Thorn!

I am getting better at playing her more aggressively, going on solo scouting / hunting / harassing missions, and chasing people down and plinking prople to death if they flee combat with low health and / or shields.

Currently have her halfway through level 14, but I have a feeling I’ll keep maining her for a while after level 15.

Well… I logged in.
Then I went right to the command menu and looked at Benedict’s unfathomable sexiness with a nice slow rotation as I nodded my head in utter satisfaction.
This went on for some time.
Then I logged out and had lunch… a nice snake stir fry. ‘Cuz Pendles’ sneaky kitchen shenanigans needed to be punished. And black snake with onions, peppers, and tomatoes over a bed of corn pasta sounded like a good meal. And it was. And it definitely got under Pendles skin 'cuz he left a threatening note on my door in ostrich blood mistakenly thinking I cared even the slightest bit about what happened to flightless birds. Which I do not.
Quite the satisfying afternoon I should say.
And yeah, I know, I gave you way more information than you asked for, but… I like to go above and beyond. In everything I do.



Laughing so hard.

Best thing I’ve read in a loooong time.


Attempted dipping my feet back into matches, gave meltdown a try, failed miserably, uh well haha.
Also did a run through of the sentinel and the renegade with some matched random players, to finally complete/master Shayne and Aurox like I wanted.
Now to consider whom to play next… :confused:?

Thank you… HIGH FIVE!!!
Higher… higher… there’s a ladder over there… yeah you got it. NO! DON’T SWING IT AT—
Ok… we’re just gonna walk away from the broken window, calmly, and quiet—OH CRAP HE’S HOME!!!


During my most recent session I screamed at the screen because I’m unable to finish Alani’s riptide lore (WHY IS EVERYBODY MOVING ALL THE TIME) and I hate it, because I don’t like her default taunt and finally want that lore taunt :tired_face:

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Went on a 21 kill streak in Incursion with Pendles. My God, this guy is beyond fun! Not so much that he’s O.P., but once you get him down… man, what a nuisance!

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Lol, I might have been playing against you. I spent last night getting my ass kicked by Pendles players. I think Pendles is a bit ridiculous. Not totally, just a bit.

He gets hella kill streaks but check the scoreboard; guarantee you most of those gave his teammates an assist to. He can’t do much to take down people in straight melee but picking people off who’re in solitude or already wounded is his game.