What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

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Decided to start this thread because we have one for each of the Borderlands. Basically people just sort of reply on a daily (or as often as you like) describing their most recent session. Note-able things like legendaries/drops, first time experiences, discoveries, the story, your goals, triumphs, etc…

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Just installed BL1
What did you do in Battleborn during your most recent session?
Lots o' Shots! An S&S Loyalty Roland
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Been a while since I played at all, but I still enjoy reading here. Last time I played, I was cheatkilling Craw with Roland as part of my (slowly) continuing study on his drop statistics.

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Thanks @matrixneo42 for making this post.

As I stated in the topic " just installed BL1", just started Lilith for a change . I wouldn’t normally pick her (I probably go with Roland) so right out of the gate I changed it up. I’m also going to take it easy, check out the sites. When I played BL2 I was always rushing through things to get to uvhm. Every player I made was a mad rush to uvhm

This time I’m simply going to take my time and go through it, listen to the story and do the missions. I have all the dlc loaded up and ready to go. I now have ever thing that the borderlands series have to offer (not including telltale game stuff). Its time to play all 3 till borderlands 3 comes out!

So back on topic, lilith is now level 15. The first time I died, I was level 13. That’s the only time I went down. So far so good. Can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

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Heads up, there is no UVHM in BL1. But after beating the main game in TVHM you get what people call playthrough 2.5 where all enemies and drops are scaled to level 50. Then when you beat knox DLC in TVHM you get all enemies scaled to your current level. So I like to call that playthrough 2.6.

Each borderlands has their own unique charm and features you wish were present in all 3.

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I have to correct you here. 2.5 is that the entire game besides the Knoxx DLC scales to your level. The Knoxx DLC scales once you turn in the final main mission in the Knoxx DLC.

On topic: punched Knoxx to death and looted the Farmory. Didn’t get anything out of it :/.

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Didn’t have a lot of time last night, but I continued with L15 Lilith. I was doing the mission kill Moe & Marley. I couldn’t kill those 2. Obviously fire won’t work on Moe, so I’m going to need a shock or corrosive weapon and go back there. Wasted what little time I had trying to kill those guys. I did flip to the get 50 crystals in the caves. I like that environment. I thought the graphics would be horrible, but it’s not bad at all. Collect 25 crystals and had to call it a night. L16 when I finished. Hope to get some time tonight.

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Happy to see this, well done M42.

Actually you don’t even need to beat TVHM. Simply getting to the Destroyer scales the game.

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Oh yes, made that mistake. Me:

  • Gets to location.
  • Pokes head in: Nope! Need to gear up!
  • Backs out
  • Dies instantly…

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I wish I could have seen the look on your face.

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Pretty much this:

Edit: Fortunately, there is a fast travel there. I think I spent a couple of weeks killing the skags outside Fyrestone before I could even make it up the road to the bandits…

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Yeah, Moe and Marley are the first real challenge in a playthrough. Get some help from the bandits!

(da6770) #12

Ahh, maybe lure them out a bit so they engage. Brilliant!

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Two things I remember about Moe and Marley:

  1. You can easily find them way too early by going left instead of right while following the main story mission. Bad news, since they’re levelled for later on in the game.

  2. It turns out to be much easier of you manage to take one of them out before the other (much like the Ancient Dragons in TTAoDK). Unfortunately, I can’t remember the preferred order. (Never can for the dragons, either!) Maybe someone can help out? I think it’s the shock one is the priority, because shields…

(da6770) #14

I think Marley is shielded and Moe is fire. I was the same level as them guys and I couldn’t really touch em in terms of damage. I only have fire damage (smg) weapon and of course it’s doing nothing. That’s why I was thinking shock or corrosive might be better (has to be).

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #15

Moe first, because he gets in your face constantly. If you are really lucky you can separate them, but don’t count on it. Once Moe is gone, Marley is not too bad - dodging of the lightning balls is simple if you pay attention and are careful.

Use any other element and try to keep a DOT on them. That will do far more damage than your guns if your level is low-ish, and you won’t run out of ammo quite as quickly.

You can pretty easily lead M&M around to the various bandit camps. The bandits will lose (badly), but it gives you time to take some potshots/collect ammo/whatever.

Now you’re making me want to play this again…

(Berserker) #16

You could always do some Lost Cave runs and hope RNG hooks you up with all the chests in there. I’ve gotten some great loot in that location over the years.

(band) #17

Theoretically killing Marley before Moe would be great, as Moe has trouble cooking you through shields and only really starts chunking your HP when they’re down, but Moe is so damn aggressive it really is better to take him out first. One thing my Hyperion loyalty run was great for was that fight, since their shields resist fire. Cause of that I was able to tank Moe easily enough if I kept Marley moving instead of burping up electricity. (ammo was a problem, as all I had to use at that point were flat-damage repeaters, but hey)

(da6770) #18

Continued from last session at the lost caves. I went through that whole place and helped a claptrap. I ended up getting a blue shock revolver with really decent damage so I went back to M&M. At L18, I was able to seperate the 2 and took out Moe with a combo of shock and grenade. Marley wasn’t bad after that. Kinda sat back and picked it off. Next it was time to visit Sledge. Went through that area and knocked him out. I died twice (both bad moves on my part). He dropped a purp shotty that’s real nice. Moving on I tried to finish off missions but now I’m L21 and some of these missions are L15. Kinda torn about doing them.

I moved on by accepting missions that were L20 and above. I was able to unlock the relic. And I was able to unlock the COM. In my travels I got a blue smg that had nice damage, nice crit damage and accuracy bonus. Then I found a com in the vending machine that upped the smg damage by 32 percent and added skill points (btw, those said skill points don’t show on my skill tree like they do in bl2. I even respeced to make sure it wasn’t glitched. Still shows the same points (5) instead of 7 ). I started ripping things up with that smg. I was just about to call it a night, but I wanted to try it out. I was clearing mobs out in no time. Ended the session wanting more, but had to be responsible. Left off at L21.5 and just turned the power on to the fast travel.

(Btw, found another com that did 44 percent smg damage at the vender, but didn’t have enough $$$)

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Mercenary COMs are outstanding with Lilith. Eventually, you’ll find one that also grants you SMG ammo regen, and you’ll never look back (at least for general game play).

My last play session was with Mordy, and since I’m dead set on collecting all 72 backpack slots, I started farming the Knoxx Claptrap. Lucked out and got that one first try (which is nice, since it’s such a PITA to get there). Fired up PT2 and knocked out the Claptraps in Ned and Robolution before starting my way through the main story. Hopefully I can get lucky with those Claptraps as well.

Overstuffed backpack, ho!

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Yup. One of the many small but significant tweaks from BL1 to BL2. Along with autopickup of health/cash/ammo, movement in FFYL, and relics doing more than adding elemental damage to your action skill. BL1 is still awesome though!