What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

Brick made it to New Haven and level 45. On the way there, and for the first time ever, I killed Mad Mel without dying. It’s a good day. :slight_smile:


Rectangle finished off everything in the zombie dlc except the last 250 brains. Then i started a “co-op” lilith named circle who’s at lvl 17 so far and about to go to sledges safehouse


Started a fresh Mord with Gail on Lillith in co-op.
She’s an obsessive box-opener. So I turn in all the quests while she clicks all the things. Picked up a purple 2 shot dahl shotgun which deals with pretty much everything.


Got as far as Shep, I believe.


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Started farming the Knoxx backpack SDU. Accidentally save/quit instead of dashboarding after getting a grenade. Deleted the character. (my completionist self won’t accept anything below 72 backpack slots)

Still a bit salty.


Took my new siren Lyric (imported from the original GOTY) for a bit of a run around Arid Badlands and Skag gully. She had the Gearbox BiA SMG and Repeater from the old GOTY gunpack rewards. Someone had asked about how they performed: the SMG is amazing - with the scope and accuracy, the range over which you can hit things is awesome. The repeater also isn’t bad, but I found I preferred the Lady Finger I picked up this time through.

After that, loaded my Pt.2 Roland back up and continued the plod through Knoxx main and side quests. Since he’s level 68 and I haven’t killed Knoxx yet I am way over-levelled, but that’s ok! Taking a break for lunch and stuff. Got this along the way:


Farmed the hybrid Cyclops/Kyros Power on BL GOTY Remaster, and got it.

The hybrid is the Kyros Power with the legendary Cyclops version of the Atlas 5 scope, which shows 3.2x Weapon Zoom on the card (instead of 2.4) but in actuality is 5.2 zoom. Loving the remaster and having a blast farming up new things these days.


More like the past few session…my new Lilith is now about to go after Krom after a mostly-unremarkable-but-still-fun run towards there. I’m trying to get her positioned for an 2.5 run eventually, so keeping her on-lvl with the MQ is the goal for now. Did side quests as needed for either XP or loot, and I’m now paying rather more attention to her build now that class mods are showing up more frequently and as I remember how she works. Not the most exciting report, I admit, but fun is being had, so good enough. First screens from my game will be up in the ‘Screens/hmm’ thread momentarily…again, nothing ‘OH WOW!!!’ there, but still…


Nice one, I’ve farmed it for ages in the old game, still nothing…

Ran Roland through the first batch of Road’s End side quests. Any one done the loop quest yet - it seemed like maybe it had been tweaked a bit? Still not got any legendaries from the golden chest, just more blue and purple. The Lance chest below the laser bridge coughed up these though:

So far the only deaths have been from vehicles I didn’t see coming hitting me while I was on foot. Have a good laugh:

And no, I really did NOT see that Lancer coming back at me at the very end there - I was too focussed on the Sentry things! :blembarrass: My daughter called it “Car-ma” for running over the two troopers near the beginning of that clip.


Bonehead is dubiously close to newb land and stumbling across his path early can be quite frustrating, indeed. Been there, done that --so, feel where you’re coming from.

Got an overwhelmingly orange backpack now including: Thonatos in standard, fire and blast and the Sucker Punch (totally new repeater -Gearbox weapon) and many more awesome items; still lurking for an S&S shotty (legend type) and a nice Hellfire. Got one mission left in Island & Robolucion both and the main done; time has been flying.


Rectangle finished main story of knoxx dlc and most of the side missions. Got the lockdown palace sdu 1st try. The 1st armory run netted me some nice stuff and taught me not to waste time with the basic chests.
Rectangle is lvl 45

Debating on posting a brick build guide after i get max lvl 69 and get more gear.

I did it like 2 hours ago, I’ve never done it before the remaster tho. I just went around the loop with the racer no problem


It seemed that I had to hold boost for longer than I remembered. When I’ve done it on 360, if you boosted for too long you crashed out the side.

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Rectangle left pt1 at lvl 46. All he had left was the underdome, craw, braaaaaains and 3 knoxxs side missions, but i just couldn’t bring myself to do them.

So onto pt2 i went, speed ran the story upto meeting earl so i could farm all the backpack sdus and did the main stories of claptrap/ned dlcs for those 2 sdus. 72 backpack space achieved

Farmed the gift shop chest room and ended at lvl 49. Lots of legendary stuff to sort through next session


Took Mordi to Zombie Island but had to stop. Too much back and forth over the same maps. Got bored with it. Then started the Knoxx Dlc. Got through to Rendezvous. Hated the Monster vehicle. Was so happy to get a Runner. Prison Break was fun. Was nice to see LMs popping out and the Punk bandits that became LMs in BL2. Got a Mongol from the chest after releasing Claptrap. Some great places on these maps for getting longer hang times with a vehicle, which was a lot of fun doing.


Got our bums kicked by entering Headstone mine at too low levels. Backed out and levelled a bit, picked up a couple of mashers, beat sledge and are now ready to leave Fyrestone!


Just had a very short time, so my new siren (Lyric) finished up a couple of side quests in Skag Gully. No loot to speak of, but she’s sitting pretty at level 9 and the Gearbox SMG that came over from the 360 version is still hitting hard enough that I’m not feeling the need to cash in any keys.


The NHL playoffs are going on right now, so I am barely devoting any time to the games. I did get Roland to the Safe House and he’s ready to take on Sledge. Hopefully after I take him out, I can head back to Moe and Marley and try my luck with them again.

If things go well in the playoffs, it will take me about 2-3 months to finally finish this play through with Roland.


I would have done the same. :acmaffirmative:

I was pearl farming over the weekend. Come up empty handed…
tried breaking up the monotony by Chopper farming and did about 10 runs on the last round of Circle of Duty hoping for a pearl drop from a badass.
I noticed that all the mini bosses I killed had buffed loot pools. I was getting legendaries and good purples…(no pics but also killed the 4 Werewolves in Jakobs cove DLC. they drop gauranteed relics and a solid purple or legendary. )

and this guy still drops nada. lol

She sure is spry. lol

Apparently you can do this over and over again. Clappy is now farmable-not that you’d want to. lol