What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

Hell, if I get in a pinch I’ll start jumping around like crazy, tossing grenades and shooting. Seems like enemies have a harder time hitting you that way.

Oh yes, bunny hopping in panic is a strategy I often use.

Speaking of oddities, I was “cleaning up my mess” in Jaynestown today and was wondering why I was taking more damage than I usually do there (heck, some rockets were almost breaking my shield :slight_smile: ) and glanced at the mission level and it was 29, my char was 27. I thought it was typically lvl 27 or 28.
Odder still that finishing that and going to the next mission, Another piece of the puzzle and the mission level dropped back down to 27. I can’t recall a situation when a story mission level went up, and the next story mission (not side) dropped back down.
Might have simply not noticed, but it seemed odd this run.


I’m fairly certain it’s always been that way. That’s usually when I pop out to Jakobs Cove, since I want the backpack SDU and don’t mind gaining a few levels to catch up to that story’s mission. And then of course the Trash Coast mission drops back down to the level of the first Jaynestown mission.

Makes me wonder if, in an earlier mission flow concept, we would have gone out to the Trash Coast, killed the Rakk Hive, and discovered that Taylor Kobb had stolen the Vault Key piece beforehand, at which point we’d go back to Jaynestown and finish him off.

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You’re probably correct, just surprised at myself for not noticing that all the times I’ve run PT1.

Interesting thought. I can certainly see that, since the current flow of “Go kill one Jaynes boy, then immediately go back and kill another Jaynes boy” is somewhat odd, one might think that it would take a period of time (as you suggest, in the Trash Coast missions) for the 2nd brother to establish himself as a threat.

In progress terms, just went through Old Haven, and this time I did it primarily with a nice Volcano sniper instead of my typical SMG. Fun, since this map consists mainly of fights at a large or medium range, so sniping works.

And always fun to see what drops or doesn’t drop each run. This run I’ve only found 1 (one) health boosting shield, but have picked up 5 (five) Havok’s so far. That’s on of the reasons I keep playing, the game cadges the play at least a tiny bit each time.


Finished up PT1, nothing particularly different in the run.

Did have a great Stinger in the end, 16.4 rate of fire and a decent sized mag, blew things away in a blink. And reloaded in a blink, too.

Did use my Havok a lot on the Eridian Promontory, since that SMG eats tons of bullets that I needed for the Destroyer, it did fine.

Had a Merc comm with 9 ammo regen, not a lot. And this run did not see a single Savior with ammo regen, I usually see 4 or 5 of them. Helps on the Promontory, a decent merc comm and a Savior usually keep reserves full. But did have a few Hellfires, so it balances out.
On to PT2.

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Arg, only thing I did today was re-launch and notice that my preferences had all been reset.
And then noticed that as part of that all my Golden Keys (81 of 'em) had vanished. Arg.

No games lost, so not really a big deal, GK weapons aren’t required, just annoying. So annoying that I launched TPS and played that for an hour, so you can tell I was really annoyed.

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Always make a backup of your user profile and saves (obviously) to a USB stick. User profile keeps all your golden keys data.

I could do that, but I’m way too lazy to. Don’t mind resetting prefs, and golden key vanishing is an annoyance but not a crisis.

Speaking of which, the worst thing initially about losing your prefs is being dropped back to a 70 (or 75, I forget) default Field of view (FoV) in the remaster. Feels like I’m in a tunnel until I can reset it to a 110 FoV which is my always FoV setting everywhere.