What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

After taking a couple of days to play through Sniper Elite III again (fun in a very different way than BL) I just started another Siren.

And dang it if the 10 golden keys I had accumulated since my last loss-of-keys didn’t also vanish. Every time I start a new character now.

I’ll file a support ticket, I’m sure GB will fix this. Ah hahahahahahahahaah!!!1!!

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And through the Robot Rev.

Irritated about no golden keys, but the game helped out. Got a very nice Tediore double SMG, no scope unfortunately, but very effective in taking out Steele 1 & 2.
Found a nice Atlas CR with a 1x scope, but dreadfully slow reload, which was OK on Knoxx #1. On Knoxx #2 no so much since I fight him from so far away (so the clappies don’t spawn), so I whittled him down with a fire sniper. Did the last part of the kill with the SMG since I sure didn’t need sniper proficiencies since I’ll probably never use it again.
And like an idiot I sold my transfusion grenade before Steele #1, save/quit so couldn’t buy it back, arg.
Also found a very nice Tedeore Masher in a vendor, the 6 shot variety, that will last a while.
MINAC was painfully slow, but dead. Back to story.

Oh, I noticed something finally; The SuperBad hyperion soldier in the junkyard section of R.R. sure looks like he was modeled on Krom’s appearance. Not his in-game model, but how he looks in the cut scene. I’ll have to double-check next time though.

And yes, I did find a new and unique way to get my car stuck again…


Ha, last post was mine in February?

Anyway, instead of moving forward with a challenging BL2 run (cuz 'm chicken) I started a new Lilith, of course.

At Kroms. Along the way I’ve gone into FFYL three times which is really unusual in PT1. Obviously recovered each time, but icky.

Did find a level 16 Merc comm with ammo regen. Unusual to find regen that early, only +3 but better than nothing.

I want one last update to BL1 that adds two billboards. You know, like the ones scattered around the scenery?
I need a billboard as you drive to Mad Mel that says Have you turned in the Skagzilla Quest? and one at the start of Kroms Canyon that says Have you picked up the Kill Reaver quest? since I forgot to do both yet again and had to backtrack.

For the Reaver one I got to the end of the lil canyon, moving slowly with my Stinger scoped in on where Reaver crawls out, and nuthin’. Dang it, forgot. Ran fast as I could back to New Haven to pick it up and ran back to Reaver. All fast enough that nothing re-spawned, whew.

Interesting, and I never have seen this before, the gate to Reaver’s area closes again when you leave and come back (no save/quit/reload, this is in one session). The baddies don’t resown, the gate just needs to be reopened. Huh.

Oh, and only run of the mill guns so far. No Hellfire and no Mashers yet.


Today I played online with two users who were playing together. I jumped into their game. I dropped my Chopper, which I farmed for a good one for a while, for one of the guys, then his game “crashed” and I lost the Chopper. He said he didn’t have it.

The next guy seemed apologetic. He said he was going to farm one, and then magically 15 minutes later he invites me to his game and he has a Chopper that’s better than the one I had. I’m thankful and tell him I have an Eridian Warrior Mod. We go to Underdome so I can get it out of my bank to show him. As soon as I drop it, his game “Crashes” and I’m left without my Eridian Mod.

It’s so fracking hard finding those. But it’s whatever. I guess this game is old and probs going to be shut down soon, anyways. Frustrating.

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Sorry to hear about that. I have a perfect “660” (whatever ) on PS3 I’d give you if I could. Eridians are useless to me

Left the Coast for a week, up in Tahoe, that means moving over to my Xbox.
And that means a new Siren.
I was thinking about making another SMG only run, but then, after I had leveled up to 7 in T-Bone Junction, I went back to Fyrestone. And, since I have 233 golden keys, I decided to pop the chest a few times.
First pop, there’s a beautiful blue Havok, 31d and 12.4 fire rate, I can’t waste that. So just a no-death run as usual.

The Robot Revolution was a bit easier this time with he Havok. I did not find a single SMG with a scope, which drove me a bit frantic, but the Havok took out Steele easily enough. Just wasn’t that good on MINAC, took that out with a plain sniper and lots of time.
First run through the Gift Shop got me a lvl 15 Double Anarchy with great accuracy with a 4x scope and high fire rate, very nice (HX 340 U).
So bulled through the beginning of the story. The Anarchy took out 'Roid Rage in one mag, and Sledge in a mag and a half.
Now in the Headlands, moving quickly…

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Powered through some more. Nothing too unusual, though once again I find myself over leveled for some reason. I’m in Earl’s Scrapyard at level 25, heck, I should be entering Krom’s Canyon at level 24, so something is wacky these last few runs, and I’m not doing anything differently, same side missions, same progression. The only real difference here was I did do the Racetrack mission in the Headlands and there were 8 badass corrosive skrithids (you spell it, I refuse to learn) that gave 3,000 xp each, but still.

Oh, and I also think it’s weird that I have the latest posts in both What are you doing in BL1 and What are you doing in BL2 at the same time for like 5 days. Post people.

I spell it B-U-G-S. YMMV.



Started a new challenge run: Eridian weapons only Lilith. I never really used them and it’s time to change that. The lowest they can drop is level 19 I think, so early game is melee and grenades only. Never did that before either. My main priority right now is unlocking the Hyperion gift shop as this is probably the best place to farm them.

Went to T-Bone Junction right after the start for some easy XP and money for that golden grenade SDU. Started Robolution DLC at level 8 and did a speedrun through Hyperion Dump for Claptrap parts. Farmed the lava crab worms at Sanders Gorge two times for XP and skipped the Knoxx fight by turning the mission in through the door. Was underleveled for Dividing Faults, so I collected tires for Marcus, killed Cluck Trap and started Zombie DLC for even more XP. Melee killing zombies is easier than the Claptraps. Waiting for Ned’s elevator wasn’t too hard.

Ned Trap was the first boss I couldn’t skip but a few rubberized grenades did the job. Next up was Steele Trap. She was one level over me and I didn’t have a chance. She was running away from the grenades and my melee attacks didn’t do enough damage. Gave up after three attempts.

So back to zombie DLC for more XP. Hank Reiss was surprisingly hard as he healed himself twice during the fight and I ran out of grenades. Dead Haven was an easy speedrun. I skipped the waiting area for the shuttle back to Jacobs Cove by grenade jumping on the nearby roof. Found a sticky fire grenade at the Underdome that made killing the 4 Wereskags quite easy. I farmed them and the loot goon for two levels.

Right now I’m level 17, haven’t fired a single bullet and Nine Toes is still alive, lol.