What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

I can only imagine how bad such a death would feel in a 1life playthrough.

And for Eridian Lilith: Just finished my usual speedrun through Zombie DLC to get the backpack SDU. I didn’t even go to Ned. Now I’m at 69 slots and not sure yet if I’ll go for the Lockdown Palace SDU. Such a pain to farm but then I like to have 10 shields, 8 class mods and 20 different grenades that I’ll probably never use…

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Yeah there’s really no point in killing Ned on either pt. Not like he actually drops anything :thinking:

Just a quick thought regarding the Eridian weapons and all the hate they get: I think a big problem in Pt.1 is the large level gap between the drops (levels 19-28-37-46). At the moment I’m level 47 with fresh level 46 weapons and they are god tier. At least as good as a legendary. I just finished the Kobb brothers and I can one-shot almost all enemies. Those who don’t die after one shot die a few seconds later from DoT. So much fun. Luckily they will drop in Pt.2 at levels 49-53-every level till 68. So I guess, unless you find them on level in Pt.1, they are just better suited for playthrough 2.

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Maybe I’ll give one a try in PT2. But since I’m already biased against them, I’ll probably kill myself just out of spite :slight_smile:

Took a little time to do other games. Some Balders Gate re-issue (Dark Alliance), terrible remake and lousy game, 10 hours to do the whole thing and that was WITH a horrid jumping section that irrupted me no end. Zero replay value. Then I tried Biomutant, which so far is ho-hum, I’ll keep at it for a while but I’m underwhelmed .

SO back to PT1. Up to Thor, nothing too special. Though I did do Not without my Claptrap fast. I’ve gotten into the habit of doing the side missions in Old Haven at about lvl 26 (because it’s a bit more of a challenge) then going back to rescue Clappy at lvl 29-30.
And if all I do is rescue Clappy, it takes 68 seconds to run from the fast travel, pick up clappy, and run back with minimal enemy killing. No save/quit, running each way.
Now for Baron F.
Still haven’t found a Hellfire this trip, dang it. But getting a number of Mashers, so this is now a SMG/Masher only run cuz I like 'em.

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Yeah, you really seem to like your SMGs and a high fire rate. My Eridian proficiency is currently at 40 and even now, equipped with 4 Thunder Storms and a 78% faster reload rate, I sometimes have to wait for the recharge. Especially in fights against large bullet sponges like Rakk Hive or Knoxx.

Wow, that’s fast. I’m still thinking about my “2000 shot Mordecai” and running past the enemies will probably be the main strategy.

And for Eridian Lilith: Pt.2 is basically done without any big surprises. I reactivated the ECHO network at level 50 and could go to the vault. But since I’m still undecided about that last backpack SDU and I want to keep the possibility, it’s time for Knoxx DLC instead. Hopefully I’ll find some corrosive Eridian gun. Until then I’ll definitely ignore the shock troopers.

One of the Badass Bandits outside of Moxxi’s Bar hit me really hard and I barely survived him. And no wonder: he had a nice purple Steel Anarchy. These are the moments when it’s sad to play a challenge run and all the nice guns are not for you.


Anything below 5 fire rate gets sold immediately (mashers excluded).

Finished up PT1 without issue. Though it did take a few mags more for the Destroyer, not sure why.

Though in the final push through the Crimson Enclave and onwards there were lots of folks with shock weapons, more than usual, kept me on my toes keeping the shield up.

Now I’ll take a little break before PT2 and see if Biomutant gets interesting at all…

Update on my Eridian Lilith.

Knoxx DLC is a real challenge so far, mainly for two reasons:

  1. I’m a bit underleveled and don’t have a corrosive gun.

  2. I didn’t trigger Pt. 2.5 yet because I wanted to farm the last backpack SDU. As a result the gift shop doesn’t scale to my level and I’m stuck with my level 46 guns.

So the main goal was getting to Lockdown Palace and rescue the last Claptrap. The effectiveness of the Eridian weapons against the Lance really depends on their type. The easiest are the Chemical Troopers. I could kill Badass Chemical Troopers three levels over me with just two shots from the Thunder Storm – a very nice surprise. Pyros are a little bit harder but still easy. Defenders and Devastators are more challenging but still manageable. And Shock Troopers are unkillable, especially the Badasses. My only weapons against them are corrosive grenades. In the end I just ignored them. But under no circumstances I would survive a round at the Circle of Duty with my current guns.

Clearing all the roadblocks was challenging but fun. Minerva dropped a Striker.

Lockdown Palace was surprisingly hard, especially all the level 55 Badass Thugs – somehow I got so many of them. I entered the prison at level 52 and left at level 54. Well, at least Shank was easy with all my shock weapons. A bit harder than as Mordecai with Trespass but the Eridian guns are very effective against him and Chaz was easy as well. I my opinion Truxican Wrestlers are the best looking enemies in the game. So colorful and that giant glove…I love it.

And last but not least: the Claptrap rescue. It took 28 runs until I got it. I think that’s a new negative record for me. Well, at least my driving and jumping improved. One run took me about 6 minutes – so yeah, it took a while. :upside_down_face:

After 26 runs I was pretty frustrated and remembered that you can replace a map at the Underdome with the Lockdown Palace and get a “fast travel”. So I did it and then the second run was successful. For those interested: here you can see how it works.

Now that I have my 72 inventory slots I will kill the Destroyer next and get some weapon upgrades before returning to Knoxx DLC.


Hehe. I usually finish PT2 (as I just did on my Xbox up here in Tahoe) with like 24 backpack slots, and only 3 slots used. I’m just not a hoarder in BL1. In BL2/3 I’m a huge hoarder, but 1 seems to give so much quality gear along the way, and the reality that you don’t need legendaries to have fun in BL1, makes keeping stuff just not my thing.


It’s time for endgame of Eridian weapons only Lilith.

At first I teleported to the Vault and I was curious if the fight against the Destroyer would be harder in Pt.2. And no, same procedure as in Pt.1: I didn’t have to move and after 25 shots with the Eridian Thunder Storm the Destroyer was dead. This shouldn’t be so easy.

After some farming at the gift shop for on-level gear I returned to Knoxx DLC. I got my first Eridian Rifle from Athena – and I’m not impressed by this gun: slow fire rate, slow “bullets”, not very accurate and it has this strange misaligned sight 3. I should have farmed a better mission reward, but whatever.

On my way to Knoxx I somehow managed to end up at the roadblock control panel. No idea how I got there.

The Knoxx fight was similar to the fights against the Knoxx-Traps. Most of the time I could keep him stunned with the Thunder Storm. But it got annoying when the Badass Devastators appeared because I was out of ammo all the time. You can’t really fight multiple enemies at the same time with the Eridian guns. And of course the Lance Medics could heal Knoxx because I had to wait for the recharge and couldn’t kill them fast enough.

And then the game activated full troll-mode: I got my first ever corrosive Knoxx’s Gold at this run. I always wanted one for my Mordecais and went to the armory just for farming Knoxx. I got all the elements but never corrosive. Why now for Eridian Lilith? Dang it.

And at the armory I really hoped to find an Eridian Glob or a Flaregun but all I got was this Undertaker at the first run, lol.

Yeah, just for an Eridian playthrough I wouldn’t need so much space. But after I’m done with all missions in Pt. 2.5 as Eridian only Lilith I will probably continue using this character for endgame farming. It’s my first Lilith since I switched to PC. I already found a decent Specter com and I want to farm a Kyro’s Power Cyclops again and get my first Reaver’s Edge Penetrator.


My max tech corrosive gold is one of my favorite repeaters :grin:

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I’ve been reading the whole “rare elemental guns” thread the other day and got a bit jealous when I saw all the x4 corrosive Knoxx’s Gold. Someday my repeater only Mordecai will find one too. :grinning:



A line of text I will never see in my games… :wink:


Theme of my last session:

A question for the seasoned Lilith players: I wanna try the Circle of Duty next but still don’t have a corrosive gun. Which of her skills would be useful against the Lance? Is Phoenix or Venom useful in this scenario?

Edit 2: Changed my build and spec’d into Phoenix/Venom and used a Nova Shield. Used corrosive rubberized grenades for the shock troopers and, at least for round 1, it worked :slight_smile: Got my first Glob Gun and was very happy - but then I save quitted and forgot that my save file was on read only from farming a good Athena’s Wisdom and now I’m not so happy anymore…But at least I know that the circle of Duty is doable.


Phoenix/ intuition is absolutely God mode for anything not resistant to fire. (Hell it even kills drifters) . I would use that and corrosive Betty grenades. Venom is probably used better elsewhere. It’s not even a guaranteed dot, sometimes you have to really pound on them for a min to get it.


Thank you. I feel a bit dumb for not using Phoenix earlier. I was surprised how good it worked at the CoD. Some Lance looked like a Christmas tree with all three DoTs at the same time.

I noticed that Mind Games doesn’t seem to work with the Eridian weapons. So these skill points will probably go back to Striking or Dramatic Entrance for some daze. I will do some testing what works best…


Good Lord no mind games too? That’s strike…1000

Well, I guess technically the Eridian weapons aren’t shooting bullets and hence no mind games for me :frowning: But thanks to Phoenix I just killed a Badass Shock Trooper in seconds instead of minutes and that’s at least something.


Mind games, intuition, Phoenix, anarchy, death pinball


Ugh, not a Phoenix or BL2 Blight Phoenix fan. I tried them, and ended up downing myself to barrels too many times for me to be comfortable with this skill.

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