What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

Level 2 Skag Pups are perfect for completing it.



@Geomason I see yours, and raise you mine :sunglasses:

And on a more serious note: Playthrough 1 of Roland got the blues is done. After all the restrictions of Eridian Lilith I just wanted a casual playthrough to enjoy the gameplay. And so far this Roland has done the trick. I used a lot of weapons that I’m usually ignoring, especially the mission rewards like the Spy, Sentinel, Meat Grinder, Blister, or Boom Stick. The hardest boss fight was surprisingly Sledge. A little bit more farming for a better shield and another level would have been good idea.

For the Crimson Fastness/Enclave I used a simple Dahl Caustic Revolver that I’ve had found at Old Haven. The Pestilent SMG was also not bad, but I prefer the better DoT from a revolver – let them melt. On my way to the Descent I found a Caustic Law that was pretty similar to my green Dahl.

The rescued Claptrap at the Salt Flats gave me a very nice Liquid Wrath that was one of my main guns for the Descent and the Eridian Promontory.

One of the chests at beginning of the Descent had this Vitriolic Sniper.

And it was so good.

So I was mostly sniping my way through the Promontory and for close combat I had this Terrible Matador with 127x12 damage from one of the chests at the end of the Crimson Fastness. This gun almost felt like cheating. Poor Guardians and Destroyer.

I checked it, but there isn’t anything written on the wall. Is this different in the original game? I even returned again later when she was out of her cell, but it was still closed and looked just the same.

This has to be on of the clearest textures in the game. Usually it’s so hard to read any text.

And I googled it and you can find the exact same text at the FDA website. So Atlas might not spend much of its budget on us, but at least we’re not on Promethea and the medical devices are well regulated


Holy ■■■■. Yes, it is most definitely different in the original game. This just got even weirder. I smell a cover-up :thinking: also, that text is not present on the IV. Not at that level of clarity anyway.

“you are the Designed Output that travels in the loop of Pandora to the Final Result, back to the beginning where you do it all again, and again and again and again. These calculations confirm you exist in some kind of circular reality”


That’s something I’ve never understood. Doc Zed is always going on about his medical license, but who the heck is checking on Pandora??? I mean, seriously, Dahl is gone, Atlas didn’t last long, and Hyperion sure as heck doesn’t care who does the doctoring in bandit cities.

Med License, bah.


Tediore does most of the doctorin’ with their fine line of Mat3 shields :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


That’s interesting, I’ve never seen that. Why would they remove it? I can handle the truth. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Edit: So instead of fixing a few more bugs they spent their time drawing new textures :man_shrugging:

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Exactly. F this remaster.

Also, out of all of those, the Spy is the best one to farm. With body 5 or body3 elementals, they make really good smgs, and it’s super easy to farm. I have every good version somewhere or another except a HX corrosive. That’s another Hyperion bitch (pun intended) of mine, that you can’t get a good end game Spy other than farming king wee wee for the astronomically low chance he will drop a good 66-68 Spy


Yep, out of all the mentioned guns I like the Spy the most and it worked until Baron Flynt. I’m actually not using SMGs very much – maybe an Anarchy every now and then. And even this playthrough they were the last proficiency that I got on level with the others. But I will definitely use the Spy more in future playthroughs.


I’m taking a short break from Roland got the blues and started a playthrough that I’ve been thinking about for a while now. The question is: how far in the game can you get until the completion of the Lots of Shots challenge (fire 2000 shots)?

The rules for this run are strict:

  • no melee,
  • no grenades,
  • no action skill,
  • no cars (except for the get a little blood on the tires mission),
  • no DLC for easy money/experience.

The preferred weapon types are sniper rifles, revolvers and shotguns (maybe launchers) and the obvious character for this challenge is Mordecai.

So, the first few levels you don’t have much choice and have to kill the 10 bandits on the way to Firestone, the 4 bandits that jump over the fence, 3 skags before the gate, and 8 bandits for Dr. Zed. I collected TK’s food without killing any skags and went to Skag Gully at level 4. I ran straight to Nine-Toes and killed him and Pinky & Digit. I can’t recall how many shots were needed, but overall I had shot 63 times and got to level 5.

After turning the mission in I went back to Skag Gully to do Why are they here and I farmed Nine-Toes until I was at level 7. At level 6 I could kill him with 2 shots and get 900 XP, not bad. I collected bladeflower seeds without killing a single skag at level 7 and farmed the two chest in that area for money/better guns and the challenge for opening chests. The best I got was this

I killed Scar at level 8 and needed 4 shots. I think it could be done with just 2 shots but that darn dog never opened its mouth.

I did my first test kill of Bone Head at level 9 and needed 20 shots. Way too much and so I opened more lootable objects and spent all my money on buying/selling health kits to get another level.

At level 10 I could use my new guns but still needed 9 or 10 shots with a sniper rifle because it takes quite long and then his shield reloads + you get attacked by a psycho or bruiser and have to kill them as well. I tried my new Torgue shotgun and only needed 6 shots – but I still thought it could be better. And the trick was to get killed by him first and then kill him out of FFYL. I never noticed that Bone Head behaves like a bruiser and starts punching you once you get really close to him. But if you are in FFYL he stands still and you have the time to actually aim. So yeah: 2000 XP with just 3 shots and overall 83 fired shots.

Collecting the echo-logs, reactivating the wind turbines, and finding the hint for mine key worked without firing a single shot and got me to level 11.

To get another one or two levels before the Arid Hills I’ll farm Bone Head next. I already did some testing and now at level 11 I can kill him with 2 shots and get 1900 XP. Crab Worms only give 1000 XP and need 2 shots as well.


Been a few weeks, I was up in Tahoe and didn’t play Borderlands, instead I went through all the maps in Sniper Elite 3 and 4 trying to complete them without being seen once. Tough, but I did it.

Back in California, so back to our latest Siren.
PT 2 underway, on the way to Lucky’s right now. Still no great guns, but OK guns.

Only rough patch was Sledge. I had to duck through the door to escape and heal. Of course, I was an idiot and re-entered the fight without Phase walk being ready again, and he downed me.
Was able to kill him and revive on the last sliver of health , even though my SMG had to reload twice to do so. I was stressing on the second reload as the lights were going out, but ->pif<- I got him.
On to the Headlands.

Edit: Oh, and I did get the backpack SDU from the Safe House Clappy, which is unusual.
Of course it doesn’t really matter, I now have 42 slots but am carrying 3 things in my backpack :slight_smile:


Update on my 2000 shot Mordecai. Basically all I did was farming Bone Head. First to level 12 with overall 92 fired shots. Then I took my first trip to the Arid Hills to do the Scavenger: Sniper Rifle mission. That worked out without firing my guns and I was curious about the mission reward. Could it be useful? To 90% you get a level 7 Maliwan sniper rifle, but I wanted pure damage. And after some farming I took this Atlas Pearl Thunder.

Then more Bone Head farming to level 13. Still with a shotgun, 2 shots per kill and overall 105 shots.

Once I got really lucky and could kill him with just one shot. I was standing right in front of him and waited for him to kill me, when I suddenly noticed that he wasn’t moving at all. I took my chance and that was a very satisfying kill.

At level 13 I went to Lost Cave to do the Claptrap rescue and some farming of the first 4 chests. I farmed until I completed the challenge for opening 100 chests, but didn’t get anything useful out of it. And then more Bone Head farming because even at level 13 he was still worth 1700 XP. Now I could use sniper rifles and came very close to kill him with one shot. But no matter how I spent my skill points or which gun I used, I still needed 2 shots. I completed the Headhunter challenge along the way and reached level 14 with overall 120 fired shots.

At level 14 I could finally kill him with just one shot and get 1344 XP. An even better XP per shot ratio and so I farmed him for another level and reached level 15 with overall 134 shots.

At level 15 he was only worth 700 XP and so it was finally time to go to Sledge’s Safehouse. I rescued the Claptrap and farmed the 4 chests on the way to Roid Rage Psycho. The first test kill needed 14 shots, the second 12 shots, and the third try 8 shots. I would have started all over again because I thought only 6 shots would have been possible, but at this third try he dropped a pretty decent masher. Therefore I saved after the third try and 8 fired shots for the complete safe house aren’t so bad either.

Before the run I was a bit worried about the proficiencies, but if you only kill bosses that’s luckily not a problem.

So, next I will farm Roid Rage Psycho until level 19 in order to be on level with Sledge. I already did some testing and changed my build to Deadly + Gun Crazy : if I get lucky with Gun Crazy, I can probably kill that big dude with just 3 shots and get 5600 XP. And once I reach level 16 I will try to get a gunslinger or assassin COM at Headstone Mine for even more crit damage.

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I don’t know, I would still pick up that maliwan, x4 fire damage is pretty cool. You would probably one-shot everything until lvl12 with that, except badasses maybe.
But hey, cool challenge.

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Did I really say that I’m taking a short break from Roland? My 2000 shot Mordecai is rather time consuming: I’m playing most of the time on read only and if I’m not satisfied with the number of fired shots I’ll try it again.

Since last time I followed the plan and killed Roid Rage Psycho a second time at level 15. That XP + turning the mission in got me to level 16. I opened the mine gate and farmed the med vendor and the first chest on the roof for a class mod. I took a while and I got an assassin com with +2 in Deadly.

7 points in Deadly mean +105% additional crit damage and it’s crazy what Mordecai can do with that and a masher. From now on I could kill Roid Rage Psycho with 2 shots, and if I got really lucky with Gun Crazy kicking in as well (and good aim) I could even kill him with one shot. The highest damage number I’ve seen was 4173 out of a 67x7 gun, not bad.

I’ve farmed Roid Rage Psycho for another 3 levels to level 19 and overall 183 shots on the clock. And while I was running so many times through Sledge’s Safehouse I’ve asked myself who actually built it. It has the same architecture as the Crimson Lance bases later in the game, but did Atlas built them by themselves or are they abandoned Dahl bases? I don’t know.

At level 19 it was time for Sledge and I just ran to him, ignoring all the enemies on the way. I tried it a few times and always needed at least 12 shots for Sledge, but I think that’s okay. So overall 195 shots after killing Sledge.

After Sledge I did the new available side missions without firing a single time and got to level 20 with the same 195 shots. So, if I do a linear extrapolation… I will reach level 69 with less than 700 shots, lol.

As a side note a little curiosity: the first chest on the roof at Headstone Mine is usually one of the better ones, but sometimes the game activates troll mode. A single white repeater, really?


PT2 Headlands done. I did not do the Ghosts of the vault cuz that’s a little risky 1Lifing in PT2.
On to New Haven. Before doing anything else I dropped back into PT1 to give the gift shop some looks. Still giving lvl 34 gear, so I did the first real mission in Knoxx to hopefully bump that up a bit. And just reminded me how much I dislike the flimsy-armored vehicles in BL1. Jumped out of my monster just before it blew up, so no worries, but still. Did level up to lvl 41.90, which is great.
Gift shop now showing up to lvl 41, but nuthin’ good, so back to PT2 and into Robot Revolution there.
Leveled up to 42 in the Parts mission, so all going to be fine. Going to beat Knoxx-trap next.


Got to Level 62 with Lilith in 2.5, beat Knoxx, which finally got all my scaling done. Killed Motorhead a few times and finished him off with rocket launchers and Eridian weapons since I’d totally neglected to use them and needed some quick proficiency points. Started the Claptrap DLC and had a major FPS drop the moment I went into the area were they are feuding with the Hyperion guys (this also happened to me the first time I fought Baron Flynt for some reason). Problem was remedied with restart of the game. Got a Defiler from the Armory that makes the enemies in the early part of this DLC a joke.



Knoxx dead. Then off to shut down the pumps, all good except I tried o kill Dr. Ned-trap with the Hellfire and that went nowhere fast, and I actually went into FFYL. Revived off him with a Stinger, so no big deal, just annoying to go into FFYL with Ned.
Then Steele. I was 3/4s of the way to lvl 45 starting the level, and after killing the 4 badass spiderants was still not going to be 45 before the young lady. So I kinda cheesed, save/quit/reload and re-ran the start of the level to get to 45.
Made Steele easy enough, though as always she’s bullet spongy.
Now a break, then off to run the final gauntlet which shouldn’t be a problem. I picked up a double Anarchy from a chest for UnDead Ned, so all good.