What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

Got to sanctuary, and yes this time I did remember to turn in the Skagzilla mission.

Nothing too interesting. I did pick up a very good Hellfire from the Gift Shop, it’s lvl 25 and she’s just 24 (still way overleveled) so have to catch up. The Stinger she has is plenty powerful enough.

A bandit did drop a Havok, but no scope, so sold it.

Oh, I did get a double Saviour ,lvl 22, with plus 10 ammo regen, which is great. But it has the useless to me helical barrel so I can’t use it in combat.


Started a new playthrough. Although I’m playing Mordecai 90% of the time, I’ve never invested skill points into Ransack or used a scavenger class mod. Time to change this and so I’ll only use gear from the ground, i.e. enemy drops or skag piles.

Dumped my starter weapons and followed Claptrap into a new adventure.

My first gun.

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Interested in seeing the results of this. The few times I’ve focused on them (in BL1,2 and 3) I haven’t seen a great deal of benefit from loot-enhancing buffs. But I haven’t given them much of a chance.


Pretty sure one of those is b0rked. I’ve used the skill that can drop more health/cash, and that works, but I think the class mod with the team drop rate increase doesn’t.


Ransack is pretty cool actually, not really that good when leveling up , compared to standard chest farming , but at endgame it’ll pop some nice stuff. I go to Jakobs cove and play with it every now and then


Skipping along in PT1. Nothing gameplay wise very interesting, regular stuff.
The game did troll me in the Gift Shop, showed me a Hellfire with a fire rate of 2.6. 2.6. I’d rather melee than use that thing.

Also had a problem with preferences, and I blame the Tiny Tina ad. Preferences were completely cleared, including the initial log-in terms and conditions and “here’s your DLC” messages. On BL2 that ad has appeared to cause some crashes, and now BL1 zapped my prefs. Arg.

Dropping back into a FOV of 75 was a shock. Though on the good side resetting my prefs reminded me to turn off HDR textures. That put my PS4 fans back to sleep. Makes the game graphics more color saturated, but I do like it a good bit better that way. Of course I forgot to reset my controller settings, so the first few minutes of combat were funny as my buttons did exactly the wrong things.

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Scavenger Mordecai made it to Dahl Headland and rescued Lucky. Nothing unusual so far.

After I got my first gun at level 4, I went to Skag Gully and found a rusty Vladof sniper rifle in TK’s gun stash besides the Lady Finger. Used it to kill Nine Toes and got my first shield from Pinky or Digit.

Killed Scar with the Clipper. He dropped a very nice x4 combustion sniper rifle that was perfect for killing skags and Bone Head. Used the Bone Shredder for a bit until a badass fire skag dropped a Torgue Steel Matador.

Perfect gun for everything that was ahead. A bandit at the Lost Cave killed me not once, but twice with a transfusion grenade, argh. So far shields are my weak spot because they don’t drop too often and are not very good. Bloodwing has to do all the healing. Used the Torgue shotgun almost exclusively for Arid Hills/ Sledge’s Safehouse. Roid Rage Psycho was an easy kill.

At Headstone Mine my guns felt pretty weak. Used a S&S shotgun from a pile and a Hyperion machine pistol from a bandit for Sledge.

At the moment Sledge’s shotgun is my best weapon and I’ll probably farm Skagzilla a few times to get some upgrades. Just made it to level 20 and so far I can’t really tell if the skill points in Ransack are worth it. I’m curious when I’ll find the first class mod.


Scavenger Mordecai just arrived at the Salt Flats. It took me awhile to get used to this Bloodwing focused play style, but with every additional skill point I’m enjoying it more. You don’t have to worry about money/ammo and without chest farming you can really push through the main story. I’m only doing those side missions where you fight a mini boss (like King Wee Wee or Reaver) that drops some loot.

Farmed Skagzilla till level 24 and the most useful item was a level 13 Panacea shield. Got the first class mod at level 25 from one of the piles at Earl’s scrapyard: fittingly a scavenger com.

Went to Tetanus Warren for the Super Booster and used it till Jaynis Kobb because good shield drops are rare. With more skill points in the gunslinger tree I was using more and more repeaters. Best guns at Krom’s Canyon were a simple S&S incendiary repeater, a S&S machine gun from a pile (still strong at level 30), and a Hyperion shock sniper from a bloated rakk at Tannis’ place.

Krom’s sidearm is always nice as Mordecai. Unfortunately I got a really bad Reaver’s Edge, worse than the Hyperion sniper rifle above.

This guy looks like it hurt. Why does he have such a bloody head?

Farmed the piles and spiderants next to the Middle of Nowhere for some upgrades. Saw a lot of good class mods for Brick, Roland and Lilith –but not a single one for Mordecai. At least I got Jakobs masher with 87x7 damage and my first legendary – a level 16 Raven at level 28, yay.

Killed Taylor Kobb and Rakk Hive with my new masher and farmed some badass spiderants at Trash Coast because I didn’t have any corrosive weapons. Found a tier 3 corrosive artifact and this awesome shotgun.

A crab worm near the Claptrap rescue dropped my second legendary: an Equalizer. Not great damage wise but at least some emergency ammo regeneration. I’m still waiting for another class mod, lol.

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My “only stuff from the ground” Mordecai finished PT1 and is currently doing a bit of Knoxx DLC. Not for the armory, but rather for some dedicated drops like a Kyros Power, Ajax Spear or a Truxican Wrestler class mod. They’ll probably be useful in PT2.

Farmed the Badass Guardian at the Descent for some upgrades before I went to the Vault. He drops some pretty good loot and two items are standing out in particular: finally, at level 34, a second class mod,

and this Needler

The combination of the gunslinger class mod, Hair Trigger and Relentless gives this gun an insane fire rate (probably in the 12 to 15 range). Literally on fire. Absolutely love this gun and like it more than any Firehawk I’ve ever had. And somehow all my other good elemental weapons are repeaters as well. At the moment this playthrough feels like a repeater only Mordecai.

Still hard to say if Ransack is worth the skill points. I’m seeing more mat2 guns than usual, but maybe that’s due to the Scavenger COM. It’s probably not the smartest idea to start right away it. :point_down:

My current “build” is quite a mess but should be okay with a few more skill points.


I’d take points out of RR and put them in out for blood and ariel impact if I were you. Bloodwing can easily manage your health needs without it and the daze will improve your offense as well


Continued with my playthrough as planned and played Knoxx DLC until I killed Knoxx & Ajax. Did it only for the Knoxx’s Gold (sadly a bad one) and didn’t even bother with the armory itself. Farmed the Lockdown Palace SDU in 7 runs and killed Kyros and the Truxican Wrestler on the way. The wrestler dropped some nice weapon upgrades and most importantly a better Scavenger COM with +3 in “scavenge extra items” instead of +1 in “find rare items”.

Played Robolution/Zombie DLC of PT 1 and 2 back to back to the point where you get the backpack SDUs. PT2 Knoxx-Trap dropped a pretty dope incendiary Thanatos that was perfect for zombie island.

Farmed the wereskags for level 5 artifacts and noticed this line in the mission text for the first time, lol.

Started PT2 very overleveled at level 46. I’m running through the main story and just arrived at Trash Coast. The only side missions were the Claptrap rescues for the full 72 inventory slots. And the effect of “+3 scavenge extra items” is very noticeable. It feels like every third skag pile contains some loot. Since the new scavenger COM I got the already mentioned Thanatos, 2 Equalizers, an Anaconda, a Protector, and a Crux as enemy drops. And because I’m so overleveled I’m not even killing everyone. Latest legendary: I really wondered how that brute could kill me with one rocket – oh, Redemption.


Finished PT2 and started Knoxx DLC at level 52. This “scavenge extra items” thing is definitely working: cleared the 3 road blocks and got a Defender from a pile at Moxxi’s Bar, a Defiler and a Raven were dropped by Lance soldiers in less than an hour.

Things got a bit more difficult at Lockdown Palace: I was so very overleveled during most of PT2 that I didn’t need to farm any weapon upgrades. Most of my guns were still level 35-40ish and felt really weak now. The Truxican Wrestler was already hard to kill and the level 55 Badass Brutes were almost impossible to kill. The PT1 Kyros’ Power was my best sniper rifle and it took 15 head shots until they were finally dead. No fun at all. So I stopped it there because I didn’t want to farm level 50 guns just for the DLC. Went to the Eridian Promontory instead and farmed the Guardians for XP till level 69. Found an Unforgiven and a Crux that were both pretty fun while leveling.

Most useful drop was a level 68 Panacea during the last run.

First thing I did at max level was going back to New Haven to start the One-Eyed Jack missions and get my beloved Madjack. Fast traveled to Earl’s scrapyard by accident and found a perfect Scavenger COM in one of the piles there. Pretty good healing in combination with the Panacea shield.

Currently playing the rest of Robolution DLC to get my skill point and hopefully some useful weapons. Think I’ll farm some of the Uniques with this character (Lady Finger, Spy, Reaver’s Edge, Kyros’ Power, Elephant gun), I finally want an AX Madjack and the goal is beating Craw.


Good luck on the (M)Ax Madjack :slightly_smiling_face: fastest wheelgun in BL1 :star_struck:. Wish the hit detection wasn’t so janky tho


Currently farming a purple elephant gun for scavenger Mordecai. Got a first one after about 70 runs – sadly only level 66. I want better.

Usually I’m not using the Gearbox legendaries because I find them pretty boring, but for some mindless Skagzilla farming the Silent Night is good. I experimented with different class mods for max damage and noticed a strange behavior: unlike a normal sniper rifle, the damage of the Silent Night gets boosted the most by a Ranger COM. Compared it to a Vladof sniper rifle with similar base damage.

COM none Sniper Survivor Ranger
Effect +95% sniper crit +23% team damage +72% team crit
Vladof 13039 17504 14785 15820
Silent Night 23946 25656 27153 34763

No idea why it’s this way, but good to know.


I started a Roland playthrough, and I’m enjoying it so far. Mainly using ARs since I seem to be finding good ones consistently. I’d like to use shotguns more, but most of the ones I find are some combination of horrible accuracy, low fire rate, and long reload times.

First legendary of the run:


My Bloodwing-build Mordecai started his way through the Prove Yourself mission on PT1. Knocked out Hellburbia and the Angelic Ruins last night. May try to go for the Gully tonight and then knock out the small challenges on PT2 as well. Skill points, gotta catch 'em all!

Roly Poly also took a couple tours through the Trash Coast, working on getting those last few proficiencies up to 50. Shotguns are at 47 (currently using a Crux/Plague combination for the crab worms, bandits, and spiderants) and snipers are sitting at 28 (whittle Rakk Hive down with a Hellfire, then use the Volcano for the last bit of damage). After that, it’ll be just ARs left to level up.


Continuing on with Roland…

On the way to killing Jaynis Kobb, a Draco dropped from a random mob:

No scope and low fire rate, but the damage and accuracy made up for that.

The Green Thumb quest gave me this (and I wasn’t even trying to farm for anything):

Before heading to up the elevator to Flynt, I farmed the Scavenger: Machine Gun reward. I was just trying to get something elemental with good accuracy, and an Ogre popped up! Again no scope and low fire rate:

I died once when I got cornered and double-teamed by Flynt and a badass bruiser with a rocket launcher. Other than that, the Ogre tore through every enemy like paper.

I finished up the base game and all side missions. Now running through the Claptrap DLC mainly to get some better class mods and some ARs with friggin’ sights for a change. I’ll probably rush through Zombie Island and Knoxx DLCs just for the backpack upgrades before moving on to PT2.


Roland continues…

Finished up Robolution and Zombie Island and started running through Knoxx.

On my way to the armory, Ajax gave me a nice gift:

Lower damage my Ogre, but higher fire rate and explosive modifier.

On the 2nd farmory run I got another Draco:

Still low fire rate and no scope, but an upgrade it is.

I did a couple more farmory and gift shop runs for some minor upgrades (including some nice purple scoped Vladof machine guns), and now it’s time to move on to PT2.


The vitriolic crux is one of my mainstay weapons for my lilith to this day. Combine that with a hellfire, switch between the 2 and proc the ish out of enemies, melting and burning them down.


Yeah, the Maliwan Crux is probably my favorite shotgun. I’m also a fan of the Dahl Bulldog.

Roland blasted through PT2. I did very few side missions since I was overleveled for about half of it. I went in to PT2 at level 44 and finished at 53. By the time I got to killing Taylor Kobb I was about the right level.

Not much out of the ordinary happened in PT2 except that Flynt dropped the Boom Stick / Friendly Fire hybrid!

And here is a little illustration of how important parts are:

In spite of the bottom one being 13 levels higher, it is worse in every way.

Anyway, I’m off to do side quests to hit max level before heading to the DLCs.