What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

Finally got something fast shooting

Pretty cool havoc, after that find gone to robolution and completed it. Minac was a little pain, but otherwise I was pleased with how everything went. Died only a few times.
Now on to Mad Mel.

By the way that was like literally 5th Atlas gun in the game.


So far I would say that 4-player Brick is easier than Mordecai: he’s a big healthy boy that can run fast and heal himself. This will probably change later, especially because the Tediore class mods for Brick aren’t that great. Why make a launcher COM and no launchers?

Farmed the Fyrestone gun vendor for a bit. Nothing too crazy, but always nice to have an Anarchy.

Pretty sure Marcus withheld this gun from @Geomason .

Now on to Bone Head.


Really. I’ve always considered Brick Hard Mode. Like his character model is so huge he gets shot twice as much, which more than makes up for any amount of health he has. Probably I just don’t play him right. I’ve never liked tankers. I do firmly believe that the best defense is a strong offense, despite what Marcus says

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I find Brick easier as well, Mordy is most difficult as @lemqualdo said.
And I like Brick also because of the speed glitch, he is fast moving and can dodge bullets better.

My Atlas champ Roland is in New Heaven, doing the usual stuff.
Got this nice repeater from Marcus…allegiance starting to work?


This is only my third Brick ever and I haven’t done much endgame with him, so I can’t really say how easy or difficult he is. Just noticed that the early game feels as easy as with Lilith, and definitely easier than Mordecai.

But once revolvers, especially mashers, start to drop around level 13, Mordecai is pretty much unstoppable. He may not be fast and weak on paper, but I think a Survivor COM in combination with a Panacea shield has the highest constant health regen in the game, which is IMHO very useful.

In the end I like all the toons. :slightly_smiling_face: OT: why is there a level 1 bandit behind the gate? Is this normal?

And I don’t know what happened here, but I love this screenshot. Why is his hand so big? Maybe Bone Head is half truxican wrestler?

Always nice when the bandits do most of the work, easy XP for me.

Was level 12 after some more side missions and the next tier of Tediore weapons starts at level 13. Farming Bone Head with level 4 guns wasn’t fun and so I went to T-Bone Junction for some fast XP.

And you wanna know what the best change in the remaster is? Here, this step on the way to the 3 lockers is gone. So much better if you don’t need to jump there.

Killed the Lance Assassins with a car (tried the gunless glitch but it didn’t work this time, who knows why) and got my level up.

Farmed at the Underdome for upgrades and got a starter pack that will do for now.

I’m not using the bank very much, so I haven’t noticed yet: who approved this color scheme? How are you supposed to read the purple text?

And whenever I find an Atlas gun, I have to think of @Geomason . Okay, body fail, but so much better than my Tedicrap. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I haven’t seen any Atlas revolvers at all yet. I farmed gift room still nothing.
And yeah that bridge in T-BoneJ, I run through there so many times, I just autojump. It’s programmed in my brain.


You’re not wrong . That is top of the mark as far as “improvement” goes on that remaster :roll_eyes::poop: