What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

(band) #822

yup, pic away

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #823

If I can stay awake past my wife I’ll do it later. If not (which is more likely in my experience) tomorrow morning.
Edited to add pic of possibly sweet Hellfire. @billthebetta, I know it’s a keeper, but is it sweet?

(band) #824

Mmmmmmmmmmm nah. Well, it’s meh if I was at max level with higher overall loot, for a low-level find any Hellfire will carry you for a long time. Parts-wise it’s pretty much all base/standard parts.

It is still a Hellfire though, it will melt any and every thing out there.

(odiscordia) #825

Seriously. The worst td thumper barrel1 hell fire will murder the world on pt1

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #826

the skin looks like Torgue lol

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #827

Yeah, I’m beating PT1 into the ground RN, so this’ll do for a spell. I’m already level 38 in the Robolution, so I expect I’ll come awfully close to just walking through PT2 when I finally get around to it. Is there a good place for me to research weapon parts and their effects? I’ve found lots of stuff for BL2, but not so much for BL1.

(odiscordia) #828

Yes indeed. Just google ‘borderlands smg parts’ or whichever gun type. Scroll past the scavenger mission stuff and you should see it. Lays out every piece of every gun and exactly what it plusses or minuses to the overall gun.there’s also the ‘borderlands best’ page so u can basically have a context. As close to whatever is shown as u can find

(odiscordia) #829

Man…if u could do that thing we don’t speak of…and put the roasters skin on the hell fire. .I’LL TAKE 2!! Haha

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(odiscordia) #831

Maybe in that user created dlc thing somebody could make a “super hell fire”…make It black and beat up looking…call It the maliwan “nine”. (9th level of hell). Sorry I get carried away easily

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #832

I think it’s super enough, personally. it’s almost a game breaker as is. anything further is just making the game easier, which I don’t care for.

But in the sake of imagination fun, I hear what you’re saying. :smirk:

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@Kurtdawg13 @odiscordia

Thanks for the links. It looks like this is a tad more complex than in BL2, but that’s how you get legendaries with more than one effect, right? Plus the lack of an inspect option. I almost wish I didn’t know about it and could just keep whatever works or is shinier again. Oh, how I miss the naivete of Borderlands noobishnes. :wink:

(odiscordia) #834

Indeed. Bl2 fans call it “streamlined”. I call it “dumbed down”. Way down

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #835

agreed, which is why I tend to “get addicted” all over again. I have to re-learn cause it is different from BL2. the intricacies and the possibility of hybrids, makes this game all the more special, imo. :heart_eyes:

(odiscordia) #836

Well it would be for suicide mode or whatever it is. Way way harder than anything the real game has. I wish there was a traditional difficulty slider I could use on ps3. Other than playing split screen which I kinda hate. For a bunch of smart guys gearbox sure is stupid sometimes

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Took TigerLily through the rest of the robolution today. I haven’t done Knox ever, so fighting KnoxxTrap was interesting. Got a Caustic Equalizer from a locker on the way to Power Plant, a NE Equalizer from a red chest on the way to MINAC, and another NE in a chest at the gift shop. And a caustic Gasher from one of the chests in the Badlands. RNGSUS was smirking at me today, but sarcastic good luck is better than no luck at all.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #838

Man this game!

The game glitched me out from completing the expose munitions part. And it allowed me to complete marcus sweep instead. Wtf?! This game! Needless to say I can’t get to Craw in PT1. :unamused: at least not in a timely manner. Ah, I’ll just take your alls word for it.

(odiscordia) #839

I’ll check it out. I know his arms have 10.3k points on pt2. The hp should be divided accordingly among the spots

(odiscordia) #840

Well that’s odd…I was under the impression a regular massacre could only go up to ×2. And that is clearly not a draco. Learn something every day.

(Geomason) #841

We can finish this mission together, if I’m hosting, let me know. It’s like Christmas PT1 right?