What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #842

Sweet! That would be awesome. :blush:

Correct. :acmaffirmative:

Edit: Last night didn’t go well for me on Pandora, PT1. :sweat:
it’s really my own fault for not paying attention, which makes it sting a bit more. :persevere:
I had two button to push for the armory assault and I pushed the center. Big Mu Steak! [Arnold’s Terminator Voice].

Now I"ll have to get the Christmas mission going and get to that part to be able to finish the armory assault. Geo mentioned helping which would be very cool and a huge time saver for me. I had to walk away for a bit after that…and I had a really “colorful” post typed up that I edited the crap out of before posting it. Good thing I did, cause I was a bit perturbed and I for one, don’t like negativity. so I try not to spread it around. :hugs:

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #843

Started a Roland today. RolandInMy64 ran through the beginning of the game. Met TK, got the Catch-a-ride up and running, met Shep, did the flock of Rakk and wind turbine missions, completed the first circle of death round, kicked 9-Toes in his third ball, collected Tannis’s first set of journals, and stopped in the Arid Hills.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #844

Craw was pretty stingy last night. And the night before. lol :sweat_smile:

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #845

RolandInMy64 scavenged some sniper rifle parts and then dashboarded for an improvement over something he was already carrying. Level 14, and rather than head straight to Sledge’s Safe House he went to do the Shock crystal harvest. Almost to level 15 by the time he had 10 crystals. We’ll see if he gets a chance to go further later.

(Geomason) #846

Craw is trolling…


After my last session, I was organizing screenshots of legendaries acquired from Skagzilla when I noticed something mildly interesting about these two Equalizers.

Despite being otherwise identical, the sight on the second Equalizer is bumping its rarity high enough to qualify for the “Brutal” quality prefix, giving it extra damage. Neat.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #848

RolandInMy64 did finish the shock crystal harvest, rescued the claptrap in the Lost Cave, got the mine key and rescued that claptrap, scavenged a combat rifle, and shot some fecal matter off of a fan. Went to the mine and checked the vendor for a com (not one for me :confused:) and stopped there for the night. Will hammer Sledge next time.

(odiscordia) #849

It’s little things like that …that remind me how much I enjoy the weapon generation system bl1 uses. I had no Idea a scope could do that.

(Rumplebunny) #850

Pickup Roland continues his way through Knoxx-land…

On my way to pay a visit to Mr. Shank when a Lance pyro dropped this on the road trip out there: (I was wondering what in the literal hell he was firing at me)

First time I’ve ever seen one of these! I knew they were out there but they were pretty much a unicorn to me.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #851

RolandInMy64 hammered Sledge this morning. After that he did the Titan’s End skull and toxic cigar roundup, sabotaged the mine, and then rescued Lucky so Scooter could leave him in a shallow grave later. Will power up the Fast Travel and hunt Skagzilla as the opening ceremony when we start up again.

(odiscordia) #852

I shot a whole lotta bullets really fast.

(Geomason) #853

That is a killer combo for Roland…

(odiscordia) #854

It kinda freaks out my ps3s processor when MS hits sometimes. Its…actually too many bullets lol

(odiscordia) #855

I shot so many bullets out of that havoc in 2 hours it changed my background…it’s been s+s for years

(odiscordia) #856

I finally did the super jump into the armory. .didn’t take too long either. .maybe my jackal awaits

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #857

RolandInMy64 stomped through to Crazy Earl and did every sidequest on the way. Got an upgraded shock artifact from a spiderant, a Guardian combat rifle from a locker, a power booster from Wee Wee, and a Cracked Sash from Rakkinshu. Will pick up in Earl’s Scrapyard next time.

Update. RolandInMy64 put in some work today. Did a bunch of jobs for Eccentric Earlameyer, rescued a Claptrap that I had forgotten was there in the scrapyard, and then did every side on the way to Krom’s Canyon, and every side except for Old Haven, on the way to the Trash Coast. Got a Crux during my time in the Scrapyard and a Caustic Cyclops from a vendor in New Haven. Next stop Trash Coast.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #858

Thank you to @Geomason for helping me fix my PT1 armory glitch. I was able to kill Craw in PT1 after that. Craw’s health has a considerable amount less than PT2 Craw. Each limb was a single shot. The face taking 2. PT2 Craw takes almost twice as much. That was a shock to witness. Drops were still meh, but imo i noticed the majority of items being level 66. Were as PT2 has a pretty good mix of 66-68.

Thank you to @Iggybuggydo for allowing me to occupy your game for farming a good specter com. Spent most of the evening doing that. I have a good com, not perfect. 90% crit 3slayer 3enforcer 4high velocity +19 ammo regen. I also have one with max stats w/out ammo regen. Just to test dmg numbers.

Update: having this com has added roughly 2k more in damage. I get 8k now. The next thing would be to upgrade my Bessie to pump out some serious numbers in damage. And i no longer have to purchase sniper ammo. :sunglasses:

Edit: I’d like to add that using the Specter com, when I’m taking out Craw, I would normally have 3 shots on her face. I still have 3 shots, but now, after my 2nd face shot, I no longer need to shave down her health to a mere sliver. I actually used an explosive Penetrator to finish her when kiting her around the map to not have the loot drop on top of each other.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #859

RolandInMy64 tore ass today. Trash Coast sightseeing, check. Old Haven Relay race, check. Deposed Baron Flynt, check. Crimson Fastness depopulated, check. 100 yard dash through the Descent and Eridian Promontory, check. Big ugly tentacle monster straight out of a hentai squished, check. All of the stuff in between, check. RolandInMy64 back at New Haven deciding what to do next, check. It certainly felt like a workout.

Up on the date: RolandInMy64 started Knoxx today. Got a corrosive Revolution from a Badass Engineer first time out on the Crimson tollway. Survived 3 attempts by classics inspired Assassins, collected some cores, snagged three different vehicles, and started in on the sunken sea sides. I’ve only heard Knoxx once and I already think he’s great. I’ll probably feel a little bad when I get to him. I didn’t think this game could tug on my heartstrings this efficiently. Can’t wait. :grin:

(Is this thing on?) #860

Dusted off my own Roland, who was sitting at level 55. Apparently, he was supposed to go turn power back on for the Tartarus Station lift bridges, so off to Sanders Gorge - one of my least favourite maps in BL1. Died way more than I would have liked after being so out of practice with Borderlands (major Skyrim & Fallout binge the last while), but eventually got back into the swing of things. Knoxx-trap was fine, but I forgot all about the stupid rakk on the way out…

Anyway, did find some stuff along the, and even remembered to grab some photos:

Also picked up an Equalizer from a random locker, but forget to grab a picture (something to do with being shot at at the time.)

(odiscordia) #861

Sanders gorge is kinda a bizarre map but I enjoy it even if I always get lost haha. I like the whole dlc really. And scorched snakes fight music is the best in the whole series. That’s the one at the end credit of knoxx and the Highlands in bl2