What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

(odiscordia) #862

I made a new mule today. “Junkcyan”. Man there’s alot.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #863

RolandInMy64 finished off the sunken sea sides and then proceeded into Lockdown Palace to rescue Athena, as well as a wrongfully imprisoned Claptrap. Got a Hellfire from a chest, an Equalizer from a locker, and got ambushed by three different midgets. (Are the Truxican Wrestler, Meat Popsicle, and Mini Steve fixed spawns, or are they RNG party favors?). Back to Tbone to meet Athena, and stopped to rest there. Definitely gonna feel bad about whacking Knoxx. Definitely didn’t feel bad about Shank, even though Moxxi felt some kind of way about it. More dead Atlas personnel, coming up at 11.

(band) #864

The loot midgets are guaranteed to spawn in certain areas. I think they have 2-4 boxes they can pop out of but they’ll all be in the same general area.

(Is this thing on?) #865

Roland continued pushing through Robolution Pt.2/2.5. First off, I compared & kept or sold a whole bunch of weaponry from yesterday’s activities. Then off to the Robot Factory to shut down the army. I find it vastly amusing that one of the Claptrap types looks like Mr. T. Also, “Resistance is fubared!” - don’t remember hearing that one before. The white chest beside one of the pumps coughed up some orange:

The Vicious Invader I picked up yesterday also proved very useful in getting my SR proficiency to 20, while all those Claptraps got my shotgun proficiency up to 18 and advanced the Tannis parts quest part something. Next up: another 75 parts while chasing down the WIRED thingy.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #866

RolandInMy64 took out Kyros and Typhon, and then went after the code for the armory (so now I’ve finally heard Ice Cream Day and can concur, some of the greatest dialogue in the game. And what’s with the door by the Worlds largest bullet? Do you ever get to open it?), grabbed the detonator, and then headed out to pick up sidequests from Moxxi and Thirsty the midget. I’ll tidy up the sidequests before committing to officially meet Knoxx.

(odiscordia) #867

The door by the WLB? You mean the cash box?

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #868

Yeah, that one. I’m screaming like Fry “Shut up and take my money!!!”, and nothing is happening except my wife yelling at me for waking the baby. :confused:

(odiscordia) #869

I think it has to be a certain amount. It’s just for the challenge or trophy or whatever

(odiscordia) #870

Anyhoo…I’ve started a new play thru today with Lil. And I’m gonna do It right this time. No power leveling .no looting tbone…and I’ll do the dlcs in the right order.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #871

Thanks. I was hoping there would be red/Lance chest in there, but it’s just a case of trolling on Pandora. Oh well. :man_shrugging:

(Rumplebunny) #872

According to the wiki I think you have to have at least 8 million dollars and it just gives you a trophy/achievement, nothing more. I was just there about a week ago and had forgotten all about it. Which leads me to: it will keep taking your money if you have enough, if you keep pressing the button. Oops! My considerable savings dried up to almost nothing because I was spamming the button like an idiot, forgetting what it actually did. :slight_smile:

(Wasn’t too concerned really, at first I thought about just hard quitting out of the game but it’s easy enough to rebuild your cash with a bunch of trash gear sales…)

(Is this thing on?) #873

Sorted through yesterday’s loot then off to get some more, this time from Scorched Snake Canyon. This map is better in some ways than Sanders Gorge - not as confusing, and more enemy variety, for two things. I despise the turrets though! Got an upgrade to the Friendly Fire I picked up yesterday, an Eridian Lightning, and this:

I actually think that could be the first ever Bitch I’ve found in this game, so yay me! Also got a double Double Anarchy drop (both purple), one of which is nice. Oh, and a Hunter relic. Now what on earth am I going to do with that?

(odiscordia) #874

That’s a really cool bitch. I’d Keep that one and pass is down to other characters

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #875

RolandInMy64 demolished a Skyscraper, turned on some purple juice, and then got rid of a cybernetic incarnation of Sledge. Next stop, Road’s End for some quest cleaning before having a play date with our downtrodden friend, Mr. Knoxx.

(Rumplebunny) #876

Took a break from Roland to farm Craw a little with Lilith (no noteworthy drops) and then fired up an old, mostly-pistol Mordy and retooled and respecced him for sniping, since he has a few nice snipers and a good sniper com on him, including a Penetrator, a couple Cobras (one with bad accuracy that I’m probably just gonna vendor), a decent Volcano, and one of the very few pearls I have: a Bessie. I went mobbing around with him on a few different maps, enjoying some nice satisfying head popping with that Bessie, exploding critters with a Cobra, and Penetrator-ing things that got a little too close. Yum yum.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #877

RolandInMy64 finished all of the sidequests in Road’s End, and then went to have a little tete a tete with General Knoxx. I felt kinda bad for the guy, but I wanted to see the armory, so I showed him the business end of my arsenal. Nothing particularly special in my 3 minutes, 2 equalizers and a bunch of purple. I think I’ll look into glitching in so I can have a look around next time. I’ll roll the dice to see what adventures await me next time.
Update: glitched into the farmory today. That was productive. Got a Raven, a Bulldog, a Hammer, a new Guardian, a new Defender, and some other stuff. On the way to the Armory on the first run found this chest.

That’s another Equalizer on the left, and a Firehawk on the right. With a full backpack I went to the underdome to set up my bank account. I might try the underdome next time.




(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #879

Anyone have a guide for the backpack sdu’s? I’d rather ask here then anywhere else


The section “Backpack SDU” on this page sums it up well, I think.

Basically, complete each of the available Claptrap Rescue missions that give SDUs, then read-only/dashboard farm them until you get the SDU. Make sure to get them all before reaching Steele at The Vault in playthrough 2. Apparently you can’t get the SDUs as mission rewards after completing playthrough 2.

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #881

Actually managed to get a 4 man party going in bl1 for the first time in years (for me anyways). It was really interesting taking on the burnt lobster with 4 player difficulty and half of us being drunk. I am still surprised we got no pearls lol. @Arsonist @billthebetta @Kurtdawg13

also farmed with @Geomason for the first time ever so that was pretty cool.