What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

(odiscordia) #882

I hope to get wifi soon. I’d love to play with u guys. You don’t need any special account or anything do ya?

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #883


(Geomason) #884

If you want BL GOTY for less, check out cdkeys dot com, they are really cheap, like 8$ or something, would be cool if you could join someday!
But you’ll need a Steam account for it and you have to deposit at least 5$ to be able to fully use it.

(odiscordia) #885

I’m sorry my question was vague…you’re my talking about pc right? I’m using a ps3. Can I play with users on other systems? Ive barely played online at all…mostly just bl2 …and I’m ignorant.

(Geomason) #886

I don’t think so, you have to invest in PC to see Borderlands in full glory, and you don’t need a powerful PC to run it…

(odiscordia) #887

That’s what I figured. Yeah…I need one anyway. I’ve regressed technologically. Hell the goodwill up the street has a computer store in it and pretty nice stuff actually I’ve seen

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #888

good times over the weekend. I had to take a pic of this gorgeous Tsunami @Geomason is holding.

Finally have a decent Corrosive SMG. it performs very well. I test all elemental gear on Craw’s minions. If it can keep me up or get me out of FFYL, it’s a keeper. :blush:

(Geomason) #889

Nice caustic stinger there Kurt!

And I guess you had some catching up to do…Thanks!

(odiscordia) #890

DECENT MY ASS THAT’S MY GRAIL… ! Good week huh? I have that exact gun torgue steel…but the reload on the hypo would be much better…man…go kill stuff

(odiscordia) #891

So I’m cruising the flats, dropping ordinance on some shady ass looking bandits…there’s smoking chunks of steel and flesh flung into grotesque constellations that more or less show my path through the wastes…and then here comes another patrol. I do the most reasonable thing and nitrous boost strait into them. Our cars go vertical…almost dancing. Mine even does a nice little pirouette and actually flips over…which unfortunately for the bandits, locks them together. Having rolled out at an opportune moment, I was dazed but soon gained my feet. Still feeling reasonable, I raised my vladof sg10/V3 blast hammer and blew the lot of them someplace supposedly worse than Pandora. My car, which was in exponentially less pieces than our bandit friends, had survived. I flipped her over, holstered the hammer, and continued my very long day on Pandora.


(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #893

Finished this ^

(odiscordia) #894

I like how in all the arenas there’s never anyone In the seats. The closest thing are those bouncing claptrap in robolution

(Is this thing on?) #895

Necessary to avoid Spontaneous Console Combustion (SCC). TPS came very close to causing that on my 360…

(Geomason) #896

Need I say more?

(odiscordia) #897

On a whim I put tps in and went to fight eos again. Man. F&#× that guy f&#× that game. I thought bl1 was glitchy. After having his health regenerate several times and being stuck in some kind of ffyl limbo I put bl1 back in and am back to farming. I’m sorry bl1. She wasn’t even pretty.

(Is this thing on?) #898

You probably retreated too far to the edge of the map. I actually prefer that fight to Craw personally, but then I’ve probably done it more times.

(odiscordia) #899

I wasn’t at the edge at all. I think I was right in the middle. Idk that map is so disorienting with all the crap flying at you and the flames and the missles and the lasers and the hatred…maybe you could help me if I try again. I did it the first time the first fackin try…but I guess we are off topic so I’ll perhaps message you.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #900

I was bored of continually running through T-Bone junction and the like…

so I did stuff…

D-Fault… :laughing:
This guy reminds me of Piston from Campaign of Carnage DLC in BL2. just a little…

also checked out the level 69 loot chests. :wink:
try not to notice Frankensteins perched ass…

(odiscordia) #901

Hahaha. Nice. I forgot all about those robolution side quests. I actually did the Marcus string only very recently. Such a weird dlc. There’s so much you can explore that you don’t have to. Like 90% of scorched snake canyon. I really wish there were better reasons to come back. A unique or 2. Wth gearbox. Side note- that corrosive red stinger I found just bloodbathed the knoxx fight. I gotta give that thing to Roland and see what it’s like with 200 bullets and a 30 rof or whatever…