What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

(Geomason) #902

I was collecting some challenges with my Lil, killing stuff in many different ways, and I noticed that crimson lance soldiers are not counting as humans, but only as enemies…weird

(band) #903

Before or after the Robolution takes them over?

Either way, my guess is that they’re both considered machines.

(odiscordia) #904

I’m trying a new build for Lil. Tormentor/nemesis. Just the one gun. Corrosive Betties and corrosive phase blast. Maxed out phoenix/intuition/spark/mind games/girl power. And the usual gun buffs of coarse. Panelemental baby.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #905

Is that anything like Pimento loaf?

(odiscordia) #906

It’s exactly like that. Deadly AF!!!

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #907

AquaTeenHungerForce! lmao

and OT:

I keep tryting to improve my times on killing Craw with the Professional build. All Dahl weapons. I’m slowly, and I mean, SLOWLY getting better.


I landed on that shack in Deep Fathoms. perfect landing!

Turns out I can phaseDrive into walls with Lilith. :grin:

(odiscordia) #908

You ever mapglitch into the nowhere desert? It’s amusing for a couple minutes.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #909

I did that back on console, 360. it was interesting. but gets boring quick. Sometimes, and this tends to only happen when I coop, but phasesuicide off craws cliff sometimes leaves me walking around the bottom floor and eventually, I just die. lots of bones down there if you’ve never been.

(odiscordia) #910

So u need 2 players? That’s cool I’ll try it.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #911

its not consistent. RNG and stuff. lol But it’s only happened while cooping for me. Actually, it happened recently, I think i was gaming with @Stouty22 that time. I remember shouting out, I"m still down here, i didn’t die. lmao

(odiscordia) #912

I imagine those giant fish monster bones are just visual aren’t they. They don’t seem to show bullet hits

(band) #913

He probably meant for that to happen. He does it to me fairly often, it has to do with two players hitting the kill-floor at the same time. I think the second person to hit gets killed, while the first to land is left below until they hit another kill trigger.
Stouty once sacrificed(off the cliff) a fail that would’ve been an upgrade for me, so we used that to get the gun back off the floor.

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #914

chants sacrifice progressively louder

(band) #915


Ok, my COMs are safe.

To start, I’ve actually been playing lately. Not talking about guns, not looking at guns, yes, actually SHOOTING guns. I’ve done some Craw runs with Roland, getting used to the fight again. I’ve even got a few WEG runs in.

Which brings me back to the COMs. When I started the grind I turned my main Mordecai file into a WEG farm only file until I got the gun. It’s been a couple years now, I’ve only really killed Zilla with my Mord since then. In order to best do that, I’d need an empty backpack to slowly collect hundreds of WEGs with.
Thus, the mule “Zilla Farmin” was born. Moved all the stuff my Mord had into either his Moxxi bank, or into the mule’s backpack.
So I thought. Looks like I somehow screwed up something with most of my COMs.
We’re ok, I have a backup from September '16 that looks like it has all of them.

I just backed up all my characters. I’d like to reorder the .sav file’s index numbers, my save folder is a real mess right now. I’ve got my original 001-004 saves in order, but after that it’s a real mess. 005-009 is all over the place, and then there’s a strange space between 00B and 00E. It’d be nice to reorder those reference numbers so it doesn’t bother me anymore. Also, what did I do to make 008 and 00B duplicates? They’re the same file, plus or minus a couple minutes logged, but they have totally different references. Wut?

all that^ was booooooring

here’s a picktur

Looks like at one point I must’ve already screwed with the reference number for Zilla Farmin and set it to slot 5… Which is fine, cause I deleted whatever that random file was a long time ago, nothing was overwritten. Weird mistake to make though.


My babies are all… yeah, double backed up, and everybody is neatly organized! All I gotta do now is load up an older Mordecai save and get his COMs back!

(Geomason) #916

Hi all, I want to start a “one manufacturer run” with Brick, and want to choose between Tediore and Torgue…or Atlas?
Which should I choose?
EDIT: I’m going with Torgue

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #917

I think I’m holding a 660 Mordi pistol com on my Lilith, if you want it. :wink: has the ammo regen. :smirk:

(band) #918

Torgue sounds cool cause you get those +health shields, which Brick loves.

I think I’m good? Really, I’ll have to get back to you on that, depending o- actually nah. I’m good. What I really need is somebody to host a session and let me load in my old Mordecai that has the COMs, and then pick them up with one of my mules.

(Geomason) #919

So tonight MY UNCLE TORGUE started his adventures on Pandora…

Thank god he found his first weapon inside of the first red chest…

He introduced himself to locals at Fyrestone…
Dr.Zed couldn’t find him a decent torgue shield, so my uncle T had to finish his first missions without it, armed only with his lvl1 torgue repeater…
He took care of Nine Toes problem, only using his fists…

After that he decided to take care of the cash-flow problem…

And continued his adventures in Fyrestone…

At the end of the day he leveled up to lvl 11 and got himself some stuff at Moxxi’s Underdome…

To be continued…

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #920

I can do that for ya. :wink:

I’ll be home in 1.5 hours.

(odiscordia) #921

Just curious. Is this a have only one controller problem?