What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

(band) #922

I can’t think of a way to play two sessions of BL on the same PC. Maybe if you had a disc copy and a steam copy, managed to connect them via a LAN connection, and then set it up switching between the games.

It’d be weird. There are ways to do it by yourself on PC, but I prefer doing it this way if I can.

Thanks Kurt!

(odiscordia) #923

Pc doesn’t splitscreen I guess? Just wondering. I do a lot with split

(band) #924

Nah, it doesn’t.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #925

You’re welcome Bill. Anytime! :blush:

(Is this thing on?) #926

Ran through a few side quests with Roland, getting him to level 58. So. Many. Dead. Claptraps. Only 100 more to go (for now…)

Question: is there a good place to find relics? I have level 5 shock and explosive, but I’d like to get the others as well (still only have level 1 or 2 for those).

(odiscordia) #927

On pt2 scar drops those pretty often, if you’re not up for craw yet

(band) #928

Yeah, most big Skags are good for relics. Alphas and Badasses.

(Geomason) #929

MY UNCLE TORGUE was pretty busy last night in Fyrestone…
And he noticed how very difficult is to find a Totgue weapon at this stage of the game…
But then this happened…

UNCLE T was jumping so happy he was, this two took him all the way to Lucky…

Some of the fights he did not survive…

Double badass spawn at arena, lvl19 ?!

Some fights were easy…

(odiscordia) #930

Shoot that anarchy will be good for most of pt1.

(Geomason) #931

I really hope so, and every time smg levels up it does more damage obviously…very happy about it indeed!

(odiscordia) #932

I’ve never found an anarchy that low. I always find mine around luckys

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #933

not that you need too, but if you wanted to find one that low, this is how I did it:
load game, travel to Tartarus Station and go pop the chests that are in the beginning of that map. There are a couple behind Tannis and one that is hidden around the bend, so-to-speak. That is how I come up on cash early on, I loot those chests and sell them so that when I’m cruising along the story line and get the opportunity to purchase a purple or better, I’ll be able to do so. This is also how I get my upgrades on ammo over with early on.

(odiscordia) #934

Yeah I do that but in tbone. Idr is tartarus level 30ish also? Just avoid the area where the assassins land and u can grab all the chest there and a couple gear lockers. Even the little boxes have a few hundred bucks usually. But actually, I mean I’ve never seen one that low at all. The lowest I think was 22 and that was in the “secret” high level (22-25ish) chest in the badlands. I remember that one too…it was a pretty nice purple dahl urban

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #935

no, it’s like level 10-15 iirc. I’m talking from the get go. level 1 or whatever it is that you start at. Once you make it to the travel station, that is when I start farming it. and I do the same thing with Tbone and Underdome. Underdome is more for the machines yielding good items of the day. :slight_smile:

(odiscordia) #936

Yeah its right after you do the “buy a shield” mission iirc. You can go to all 4 dlcs. You can also use this trick to get back to fyrestone faster by going to tbone first and then fyrestone will be available on the travel list, from any other fast travel stations. And the gear in tbone is high enough to set u up financially for several maps at a time

(odiscordia) #937

So I was trying some new mob tactics and I realized something. Lilz skill ‘venom’.or as I like to call it “slagfist”…)…I’ve never really gave it a chance or researched it. I was just wondering if u guys had ever really used it. I’m not interested in the full melee build.I’m Interested in having another option to corrode enemies for the slagging effect. It seems to have an equal Chance with only one point. It’s just the dmg that increases. So does a tormentor Com increase the Chance? Sounds perfect for my nemesis/tormentor build. Nemesis/betties/ phase blast/slagfist.

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #938

Decided to run BL 1 once again. Was talking with my friend about the guns I had on my chars, he doubted that Dahl Raven is any good. And I decided to make a showcase of it on my Roland. This thing wrecks: good damage/firerate and basically no recoil.

(odiscordia) #939

I just kinda hate combat rifles in general. My red destroyer is kinda amusing…unloading 52 bullets into the same hole at med-long range. I also can’t stand the raven because of that 21 shot mag. Uhmm.25? Hello?

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #940

I have 1 point in venom for exactly this reason:

It will always hit with corrosive but rarely coats the enemy. My merc build is up close and personal. So I usually throw a melee while delivering a wall of lead. Anarchy… :wink:

(Lord of Meat, Lover of Explosions) #941

Did the farmory and craw with some Lilith player like about a year ago on my laptop. Got all the legendaries, was done.