What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

I bet it was “fun”?


Kinda. Roland’s fun to farm with.


Because why not, the ogre in bl2 is pretty much a homage to the original ajax ogre, not the nilla Atlas Ogre. Check the colors, bullet speed, wind time, and massive DPS.
it’s not that white Ford POS that’s for sure.

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Sorry I’m just a bit curious about this one…you mean the ogre in bl2 is an homage? And the “white ford pos” is just a regular atlas ogre?

Yeah, it’s brown and has similar stats. Edited the post when I saw that.
And it’s a joke from Men in Black. Ogre is a good but mediocre gun in comparison to the Butcher or it’s hybrid twin. Sort of like the old Ford from Men in Black. It was cheap, and reliable, but not as good as the Cadillac version.

The ogre in bl1 is inferior to the butcher in bl1?

Sure thought so. I play Roland/Brick only. Lilith is too op for me. Mordy is boring. Roland gets multiple bonuses with the Butcher, and more DPS related ones I thought, though there is a Combat Rifle COM and no shotty one.

Im not a great critic on powerful guns in that game, I tried to punch crawmerax in the face. I also love the Wee Wee Super Booster, wish that was a unique in bl2.

Uhmm…no. no offense to you but I wonder how much you know about bl1s weapon generation. It is vastly, hugely different from bl2. An ogre with mediocre weapon parts (and that’s body…barrel…magazine…stock…material…etc…) is going to be well, mediocre. A perfect ar590 glorious ogre with barrel5 is obscenely overpowered and will mow thru anything on Pandora with any character. I have ogres that are much better than the few Ajax ogres I’ve found because the ajaxs have bad parts. Everything i have i farmed myself. The combat rifles of bl1 in general are superior to bl2s as well in most people’s opinions. And the butcher kinda sucks actually. A perfect Death blows them away


Oh yeah, this is BL1. Things are way more complex than just stocks and grips.
Well, ■■■■ it, I’m out. Not beating em, never joined em.

Haha no worries. Once you get into the whole parts things it’s rather addictive.

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It is really awesome to get a bone shredder savior, I have to admit.

Also…commando com. It’s the shotgun one. Also brick has the ogre com


I hate bl2. I want to not but I do. I never play it. Although I am rather knowledgeable on the parts system. (Not that there’s much to learn)

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Does this game have legendary style coms even? I know there’s the Marine, if that isn’t just a mod.

No. It has coms that were introduced in the Knoxx dlc…marine for roland… (which makes him a halfass brick) ogre for brick (for shotguns) specter for Lil (sniperz) and truxican wrestler for mordy (melee). There’s also manufacturer coms. Lil gets Maliwan and Dahl. .roland gets vladof atlas and s+s…mordy gets hyperion and jakobs and brick gets tediore and tourge. And the shield manufacturers too for brick and mordy.

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Thats exactly what I meant. Ill be honest, bl3 should have hybrids to some extent. More cool legendary hybrids. More cool hybrid part guns like bl2 does… (Which are a weird category of weapon build, guns with different parts than normal I thought, and the Creamer and Ogre are included in. Creamer has a maliwan barrel and Ogre has some other companies barrel, possibly vladov, maybe Dahl?)

What makes bl1 amazing is exactly that. Hybrids. The fact that under certain circumstances a gun could be 2 guns because legendary/unique/pearlescent parts are spread around the gun…not just the barrel like stupid bl2. That right there sums up the superiority of bl1.

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