What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

(odiscordia) #962

Well that’s all bl2 is. This manufacturer with this barrel. And depending on the barrel…is what the gun is named. Like…a hyperion corrosive smg with the Maliwan barrel is…whatever…boring

(Lord of Meat, Lover of Explosions) #963

Huh. Well, that doesn’t totally make it better… Just gives it an edge in loot diversity. In my experience, borderlands 1 has some simple but fun level design but pales to all the improvement of pacing and character design… Sadly, Axton is just a funner VH than Roland to me… that’s my own problem.

(odiscordia) #964

I have wondered whether the creators of bl1 realized that hybrids would generate themselves from the program they wrote…I kinda like the idea that it was a happy accident

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #965

You made me laugh with that reference. Good job! Good job! :laughing:

(Lord of Meat, Lover of Explosions) #966

His reference is really dry and I can’t believe I remember where it comes from.

(odiscordia) #967

I aim to please. If only I could remember what the hell that gun was called…

(odiscordia) #968

Oh I got it. Just woke up

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #969

Weisenheimer. The gun that was once praised as the rarest in BL 2.

Btw. Guys. Don’t you think we are derailing the thread a bit? Not to further go on with this, I’ll present you my showcase of my only Ajax’s Ogre which happens to be one of the worst possible. Heavy Gunner com makes it work very well still, Roland is a god-tier weapons platform.

(Lord of Meat, Lover of Explosions) #970

I don’t think that’s the movie…
Can we all agree Tannis is better in bl1 tho. She is.

(odiscordia) #971

I found several weisenheimers. It was the diamond one from Tina that was so rare. Also…I don’t remember which thread this is anyway lol

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #972

You can always look upwards to see the name. :laughing:

(Lord of Meat, Lover of Explosions) #973

I punched craw for more damage than that

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #974

Yup. But Bricc can’t deliver his damage as fast and as precise. :stuck_out_tongue: Maylay Bricc, I mean.

(Lord of Meat, Lover of Explosions) #975

What would happen if 3 maylay Bricks went into Berzerk mode after crawmerax appears

Would ANYTHING happen?

(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #976

Idk. Never thought of smth like that, to be honest. And I’m not into BL 1 this much either, tbh (2). LOL.

(odiscordia) #977

I imagine 3 bricks would die horrible deaths, reeking of lobster claw

(Lord of Meat, Lover of Explosions) #978

Very sad

(Ensign Rook) #979

I’ll get this back on track by showing off the two pearls I found seven minutes apart in my last session:

Shame that the first Pearls I’ve found in months were a Jackal (Never had one before, but it seems terrible) and an unfortunately parted Bessie. I’m mostly looking for a solid Aries, Nemesis, or Rose these days.

But I certainly had a good time with this run!


(band) #981

Wanted to farm Craw, but didn’t feel like going up against PT2 Craw like I usually do.
Turns out I hadn’t completed the DLC in PT1, soooooooo

Pulled my Lv69 Roland through PT1 General Knoxx’s DLC. Got the Monster and Racer, visited Moxxi, and dropped by the prison. Ran through the Armory and blew up.
I thought the end credit song sounded familiar.