What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

(odiscordia) #982

My favorite track in all BL. Completely wasted in scorched snake canyon.

(band) #983

Huh, didn’t know it played in there.

I mean, DLC4 doesn’t get a lot of time from me.

Is it strange that there’s like…one. I think only one side-mission in there? That’s strange, right?
I dunno, DLC4, phew.

(odiscordia) #984

It’s the fight music there. There’s the marcus string. .the tannis string…and the bounty board

(Geomason) #985

Today I killed The Destroyer with a Hyperion Destroyer…Big calamari got some of his own medicine…Karma!

(odiscordia) #986

Well…really…the destroyer never did anything. …it was just chilling in dimension X when all of a sudden it was puked out onto some cold ass mountain and this dick vault hunter was spraying bullets into its soft parts…poor destroyer…

(Is this thing on?) #987

Took Roland out to Skag Gully to farm weapon proficiencies and Eridian Artefacts. First run netted a shock artefact and a blue rarity fire launcher which is very nice - high velocity and straight path. So then it all became like shooting, well, skags in a gully. Ended up with a corrosive and fire relic (plus two for Mordecai) and Bad Violater non-elemental repeater. Final run gave me nothing, but I did grind up a couple levels of Eridian and Launcher proficiencies, as well as one more character level.


(Jack of all trades, master of one.) #989

Understandable, have a nice day. :laughing:


imo the hyperion destroyer is awful weapon to use. i tried it on so many enemies, destroyer too. one or 2 mags and that recoil making me swap to next weapon . it can’t score multiple critical hits. always prefer a intense raven. rare with the accessory but smooth and deadly =D


i have lost -the last drifter clambered in circuit around my racer. no chance :laughing:

(Geomason) #992

No way, for me a good Hyperion Destroyer is the one of the most fun weapons to use…I love it. It crits like crazy…

This thing and the assassin mod took me through all of PT2 and some…

(odiscordia) #993

Try it with mordy. Use blood wing to daze and then it’s critical heaven

(Is this thing on?) #994

Fired the game up to find Roland still in Skag Gully, so I made one more attempt to get the level 6 explosive relic I’m still missing. Got one, but for the wrong character :angry: Oh well, onwards… Headed to the Hyperion dump for Claptrap parts farming purposes. Dinged level 60 in the process, and found another Equalizer that’s slightly better than the one I had before.

(band) #995

Ran around Old Haven as Brick.

And did my first Farmory run in who knows how long. Found some pretty decent stuff too, probably best loot/time I’ve had in awhile. Got a perfect Draco, minus scope.

(Geomason) #996

Even with that twisted barrel his odds to survive were zero…

(odiscordia) #997

I was looking thru some mules for a mat2 ogre that I’ve lost somewhere…and accidentally went to pt2…well I figured id just do the first couple missions to get the fast travel going and head to the underdome. Has anyone ever noticed that during the little movie where the VHs are fighting bandits, the machine gun Roland is using? It appears to have barrel1…with barrel5 stuck on the end of it lol. It also has a very large scope like sight5. Just thought that was kinda bizarre

(band) #998

Wow, good eye. Yeah, looks like machine gun barrel2 stuck over barrel4. The scope looks like a combat rifle scope. I don’t even know what’s going on with the accessory.

There’s also the starting guns for each character, they’re effectively uniques with illegal parts. Not all of them, but I’m pretty sure Roland’s Machine Gun has a Combat Rifle exclusive body and barrel.

(odiscordia) #999

My bad barrel2 yes. I’m pretty sure it was 5 stuck on the end tho. Idk it happened pretty fast. And yes…the vladof CR gun. How did u go see that in 3 minutes ? Lol

(odiscordia) #1000

Oh…YouTube duh…whew I am not awake.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #1001

the garage came down and caught he tail of my vehicle. pinned it there, I couldn’t move. lol

This is just the kinda Vault Hunter that I am. Reviving right beneath Craw’s belly. :innocent: