What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #1022

Well, I started another one-life Lilith. It’s been about a year since the last one passed in PT2 Dahl Headlands.

I can’t remember getting a Lady Finger with an accessory before, definitely not in PT1. It’s double.

Shortly after - this is a damn good start.

(odiscordia) #1023

Be careful using mules to start new playthrus. I started one and when I went to get my 1st shield I sold a couple level 68 guns and the challenges leveled me from 2 to 9. The vendor also gave me a panacea shield lol so now I’m way OP.

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #1024

Got a couple more hours tonight on One-Life Lilly…made it through the Safehouse, Headstone Mine, and all the Arid Badlands sidequests with no trouble. Into Dahl Headlands…where the bandits can’t drive and I’m not much better.

I was able to clear all the quests with no drama - never even lost a vehicle this time. Now comes the farming to get an appropriately awesome weapon for the toughest spot in the playthrough: Mad Mel. The ideal weapon would be a 2-shot Defiler, but a few potential winners popped up along the way.

Not bad…but I don’t think it’s gonna cut it.

A possibility, since explosive snipers always proc. I’ll hold on to it but I’m not stoked about this one.

Thanks, but dang it, this isn’t going to help me!


Here we go!

This fight was a fuster cluck from the get go. Because I suck at driving, I got stuck on the fire pillar right at the beginning and lost most of my vehicle’s health right away. Then i set up as normal - put the car about 25 feet in front of the entrance ramp, hop out, hide behind it, and start picking them off.

The bandits had other plans, and bashed my runner off to the side and against a wall…I cam within a hair of getting flattened, and now was exposed! A tense minute later…victory! Piece of cake from here on out…right?

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #1025

Played a few more hours on Lilith - got through Earl’s Scrapyard and ready to face Krom. So far I’ve gone into FFYL once…not bad! First legendary is in a trash bin, because it’s trash:

(odiscordia) #1026

That’s still pretty cool for a level 19 legendary to be in a trash bin

(Geomason) #1027

Completing some challenges…

(odiscordia) #1028

I’ve been having fun with revolver Roland and shotgun mordecai

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #1029

I went after a pearl hard this weekend. From Fiday-Sunday. Farm Farm Farm…no pearl. Craw at least 5 times then off to the Armory. Did this routine endlessly over the weekend. I was getting Burnt out of Craw dropping 1 to no legendaries and then dismal armory runs. I have never been on such a drought before. in all my years of farming this game. I have ALWAYS been able to pull a pearl from the armory. ALWAYS, if given enough time. 2 entire days and 3 evenings would have yielded me several pearls if I was till on console. Seriously…i actually went to BL2 to see some legendaries. @Stouty22 was listening to me wine about it Saturday.
edit: I spent so much time farming BL1 this weekend that my Fiancee was showing me Tshirts that said, “I paused my game to be here” crap. lmao
it’s funny cause it’s true.

(I can win! I feel great! I CAN DO THIS!!) #1030

If I notice luck being trash I restart the game. I rinse and repeat until I start getting better gear lol.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #1031

I have thought about this. resetting the “seed” I think it’s called. I did not do this however. only reset my game after each Armory run. So, I think i did the Armory roughly 25 times, which means Craw was killed over 100. I might be off on the Armory runs. Maybe 18. which would still be more than 100 craw kills for me, as I did a lot of 7 and 6 kill runs instead of just 5.

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #1032

Lost my one-life Lilith in the stupidest possible way - ran off the edge of the narrow bridge near the end of The Descent.

I farking hate this game.

(Geomason) #1033

Yep , happened to me as well once…

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #1034

Here we go again with the never-dying. Last time (for 2018) I swear!

So far, it’s looking to be a world filled with amazing things I can’t afford. Just like real life.

When I complete this run (2 playthroughs, all DLC, naturally) I will be as happy as this guy looks

(Bryanswpaulsen) #1035

How do you approach hardcore playthroughs? Rules self-imposed, or ones written elsewhere? What’s your approach?

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #1036

I guess you could do it however you want.

For me there are no special rules - a death is a death is a death, and I immediately save/quit and delete the character. I don’t have any restrictions on gear, chest or vendor farming, etc. The reason I use a Mercenary Lilith is because I think that’s the easiest way to play the game. Others’ opinions may vary! I think the Phasewalk panic button is very helpful but honestly I could probably manage without it if I played a bit more carefully.

I don’t do the common exploit of traveling to T-bone Junction and farming level 30-ish weapons there for cash at the beginning. It just feels like cheating to me, but if someone else did it I wouldn’t care…well I might feel a bit smug but wouldn’t give them a hard time about it. Really, the beginning of the game isn’t hard and that Anarchy and shield above wouldn’t give me an edge that matters. I could probably kill Nine-Toes before the skags spawn…but that won’t help me in the difficult areas. Once you get past the first couple hours, since you aren’t paying respawn fees you have enough money to buy anything that pops up.

Most of the game is a cake-walk. The hard areas are generally anything with limited space and difficult enemies. So - the Circle of Slaughter (if you get an elemental badass skag) and Circle of Death (with rocket-wielding badass bruisers), the Sledge fight, Baron Flynt and friends, etc. The Destroyer fight is tough because the purple spikes can kill you behind the rocks, and you can’t crawl in FFYL! MINAC and Knoxx-trap are tough because of the exploding claptraps.

As I’ve mentioned a few times now, the worst fight is Mad Mel. I wish it didn’t take place almost halfway through the game…it’s so cheap. Anything involving vehicles sucks. I haven’t ever gotten far enough that a spiderant can pop up in front of me and instantly wreck my runner, but I’m afraid of that too.

Anyway, just rambling now. If you decide to try it please post how it goes!

(Is this thing on?) #1037

I don’t think I have EVER completed that fight without being on foot and shooting from outside the arena!

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #1038

Ran through my old posts to see how many times I’ve done this…here’s what has killed me.

  • PT1 roasted by Moe and Marley (got cocky and tried to fight them pre-safehouse)
  • PT1 Run over by bandits in Dahl Headland
  • PT1 Mad Mel, tried to fight in a vehicle, got blown up and flattened.
  • PT1 Mad Mel again, tried to fight on foot but got run over.
  • PT1 Jakobs fuel tank explosion in Jaynistown. Cleared the whole thing then blew myself up.
  • PT1 Rakk in Arid Badlands…seriously? Come on, dude.
  • PT1 Destroyer (stupid purple spikes). I was pissed about this one.
  • PT1 Circle of Slaughter Fire Skag
  • PT2 Run over by bandits in Dahl Headland
  • PT1 Ran off the edge in the Descent (damn it all!)

Looks like Mad Mel actually hasn’t killed me once since I started using the current strategy…it still feels like the Headlands are impossible, but it’s actually been a while since I died there. It’s a pretty good mix of stuff since then. Watch your footing, folks.

(Bryanswpaulsen) #1039

Go up to Mad Mel’s arena in a Runner. Instead of taking the Runner over the ramp, park it with the front two wheels hanging over the edge of the ramp. Jump out, and skirt the left side of the arena on foot. Eventually, as you approach the back gate it will slam shut and the fight will start. Immediately turn around, running, and skirt the same way you ran in. As you come to your vehicle you can jump up and enter the vehicle. Simply exit the vehicle and you will be on the ramp. Move away from your vehicle so it doesn’t get blown up next to you, use the ramp for cover, and destroy the Bandit Runners and Mad Mel at your leisure. Keep in mind Psychos can still hit you with thrown axes and rockets from Bandit Runners and Mad Mel can still hit you while you are taking potshots at them.

An exploit? Perhaps, but no more than using the ability to open and close doors when fighting Sledge is. However, being on foot you risk getting splatted if you are too slow and rockets from Bandit Runners will hit you for serious damage until you can make it to your vehicle. Obviously Lilith can do this the easiest, but I have successfully done it with Brick every time and I never use his speed glitch. I don’t like the way the fight is “supposed” to be done. Vehicles might as well be made of tissue paper.

For me, a death is a death and quitting to escape FFYL, or when you get stuck in a place you cannot leave without dying, is cheating the spirit of the challenge. I don’t do the T-Bone Junction thing either. It leaves a foul taste in my mouth mainly due to completely breaking the storyline. Also, for similar reasons I simply do all of the DLC in order, others can do as they please. I don’t do gear restrictions.

I have seen some people put in farming restrictions for their runs. About the only restriction I have is enemies cannot be attacking me when I save/quit a farming run, or in general gameplay. If there is a red dot on the compass, then I wait for a bit to see if any attack is coming. If not, then it is safe to save/quit. Other than that, I see no reason to limit farming of any kind, whether it be for gear or experience. If others feel the need to, then more power to them.

Nine-Toes can be easily solved with any Sniper Rifle (Lady Finger if the game has not dropped a Sniper Rifle yet) and jumping up on the rocks on the right side of the arena where the white chest is at the beginning of the fight. There is enough cover to give your shield time to recharge and his skags cannot reach you if you are positioned away from the ledge as their leaping attacks will just hit the wall.

Baron Flynt can be made easier by knowing the area behind the elevator is about as close to safe from enemies as you can get. Also, if you kill all of his minions on the ground, then drop his shield while he is upstairs, then he will come down to fight you in the larger area. You can continually circle around a large pillar, doing damage to him between his reloads of the Boomstick.

With the Destroyer I have seen some people claim the far left side of the arena is safe from his attacks, where a tentacle grips a rock. I only had one experience, ever, where I did not get hit while there, and that is because, for some reason, he quit launching the purple spikes altogether. The purple spikes can still hit Brick. What I do is make use of that general area as it limits his effective attacks to the purple spikes, but stay on the move whenever I see those spikes get in the air.

For Knoxx, Knoxx-Trap, and MINAC I keep an eye on the compass. Once there are multiple red dots I know to shift my attention away from the boss. Other than that, simply using cover works (pillars/crates for Knoxx, a large rock near where the bus gets knocked over for MINAC).

The Circles are serious business. The Skag Circle one never bothered me much, because jumping is seriously useful against them. The Bandit Circle one can range from trivial to very difficult based on what weapons they have. It took me some time to learn what tactics and locations were best for each round of that one, and now my main challenge with that one is just never entering FFYL. The Lance Circle, well, the iron pipes at the rear of the arena on the ride side provide fantastic cover for the vast majority of each wave.

I take Crawmerax head on with Titan Brick. If your gear and tactics are right, then it usually takes some kind of fluke for you to actually die. The ledge where Crawmerax cannot attack you at all is the kind of thing I actually feel is an exploit.

Good luck with your run! I have been getting nostalgic about the challenge, and will be starting what I hope will be my third successful no-death run with Brick on New Year’s Day. The challenge is not very difficult, especially the way I do it, but I always enjoy it.

(Bryanswpaulsen) #1040

If there is a particular area you would like tactical advice for, then it is possible I could help. For example, with Dahl Headlands it is easy to avoid a significant majority of vehicle-to-vehicle combat.

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #1041

Thanks - I’d rather not exploit the Mad Mel fight, even though it’s such ■■■■■■■■. My skill and care has gotten much better since the first few runs…being diligent and careful is a learned discipline, especially if you switch BL2 into the mix sometimes!

With the exception of the slightly-intoxicated loss to the fire skag, my last few runs have lasted quite a long time.

I am interested to hear how you avoid the vehicle combat in the Headlands. I usually get impatient trying to get them to spawn and kill them from a distance…stupid, I know. Haven’t quite reached that level of care and diligence yet!