What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

(Bryanswpaulsen) #1042

The only reason I don’t find it to be an exploit is the enemies still can, and will, damage you. Much like with Sledge and the doors. Other than that, if you thought your vehicle was fragile when fighting him in Playthrough 1, then just wait for Playthrough 2 where your vehicle is now wet tissue paper on top of just being tissue paper. You can expect to finish that fight on foot. Of course, it is very possible to finish on foot (Rocket Launchers are the easiest suggestion, while the Cobra and Volcano are pretty reliable for one-shot kills).

With the mission to kill 8 vehicles just park at the top of the hill where the Revolver pieces are collected. If you look in the direction where there are two garages for Bandit Runners (otherwise known as next to a small bandit camp with 2 red chests and a fuel tank for another mission) you can snipe all enemy runners from there, if you have a high elemental multiplier Sniper Rifle it is a one-shot kill in a lot of cases.

Let’s assume you have bad gear. If you hit an enemy runner, then it will come towards you, but they will never drive up that hill. You can simply man your vehicle’s turret, lead your shots, and very few of their attacks (machine gun or rocket) will actually hit you. You should never, ever die doing it this way. Once 8 have been destroyed no additional enemy runners will spawn. There may still be some stragglers running around, but you can always use that same hill to kill them by leading them there if need be.

Once that mission is over, and before you kill Mad Mel, no more runners will spawn in the area.

That just leaves the very few you deal with prior to that mission. When you first drive into the area there are 2. One of them usually parks further away, the first one. The second one comes more up the road toward you. It is possible to simply lock on to the second one and destroy him in a few rocket blasts before he does serious damage. The one further away usually will not get on top of you until the first one is dead. This might actually be the most difficult vehicle-to-vehicle combat in the area.

The next vehicle of interest is after you hit the 2nd electrical switch for the Fast Travel. Always have your car parked very close to the rock you jump on to reach so you can quickly jump in. The enemy will frequently get distracted by the Scythid, making this an easy fight.

After you activate the Fast Travel two more Bandit Runners spawn. Rarely, they will get stuck around the garage they spawn from. More commonly they will drive circles around a very large rock where the 2nd electrical switch is. My advice is when one of them circles around the backside of the rock you quickly destroy it, which is easy because for some reason this one usually just rams into the rock when you shoot it the first time. Instead of attacking you the second one circling the rock just parks itself on the other side. Once you destroy the first one, simply start nailing the parked Bandit Runner on the other side.

After that one is destroyed there are no other Bandit Runners to address until you fight Mad Mel.

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #1043

Thanks - the tip about Revolver Hill is gold! It’s the “kill 8 runners” mission that killed me those 2 times I got run over.

My strategy for Mad Mel works well (4 straight victories so far). Start the battle, park the runner right in front of the ramp you jumped in on. You want to be just far enough forward that rocket splash from behind doesn’t reach you. Hop out and hide behind the runner, shoot from there. The runner will take a few hits before exploding (which won’t hurt you), but still blocks bullet and rockets even when it’s a burned husk. Psychos will occasionally need attention as they run in close.

Right about here:

(Bryanswpaulsen) #1044

Very cool strategy for Mad Mel. I can definitely envision that one having a very high success chance.

Also, for Devil’s Gate Hill (I think that is what the checkpoint for the game calls Revolver Hill), while you are dealing with the Bandit Runners they have a tendency to use the same driving path once you have their attention. Once you notice it, it makes leading your shots from the turret easier. Whenever you do kill one a fresh Bandit Runner will spawn from one of the two garages and park itself. On the off chance a Bandit Runner does not spawn from those two, then it spawns from the garage on the other side of Devil’s Gate Hill. Just wait a little bit and it will come around to where you are, and proceed to drive in circles in front of you. It just makes the whole mission incredibly easy.

(odiscordia) #1045

Instead of fighting, Krom and I sat down and talked it out over a glass of Dixie and some skagchops. Ahhhhhhhh I’m kidding. I killed him. With fire.

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #1046

Got my last one-life Lilith through all the Arid Badlands missions, and started farming weapons for the Mad Mel fight at Lucky’s. I think if I try this again next year I’ll give Brick a shot, after @bryanswpaulsen’s writeup.

First legendary, grabbed from a locker without really looking. I’m level 18 so just sold it…I don’t really like Firehawks anyway.

This is nice…

I wish it was a better body but this is really good. I think I’m going to have this gun for a while, but I can’t hang around til level 24 before fighting Mad Mel. The farm continues.

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #1047

Beat Mad Mel on One-Life Lilith, for the 5th straight time I guess. Not sure when I’ll stop being scared of him…it’s an intense fight. I got to level 24 by farming Skagzilla 3 or 4 times…not bad. I wanted a Defiler but it just wasn’t happening.

I bought this but didn’t expect it to work…too slow and doesn’t proc much, plus my shotgun proficiency was…1? I also didn’t want to deliberately over-level too much…seems cheap. I ended up using the Hyperion double SMG in the post above, which worked really well.

I also bought that Crux in the shop. Then I found this - seems I should be using Brick.

Here’s an in-game shot of the spot I use to stand and fight. The sheet metal on the ground is the ramp that raises up as soon as Mad Mel is dead. I park the vehicle (facing sideways) right in front of that ramp-to-be, then fight behind it. Ignore everything except Mad Mel, then as soon as he’s gone I back up the ramp and shoot everything else from outside the arena.

(Bryanswpaulsen) #1048

A barrel 4 Vladof Hammer like that would certainly get good mileage on Brick. Not a bad find at all while leveling up.

On a different note, that sheet metal raising itself after defeating Mad Mel makes no sense at all. It’s one of those times you are not supposed to think about how the game works versus being impossible in real life.

Also, instead of jumping up and into your car for the method I use for Mad Mel, grenade jumping works too. It is also possible to get rocket boosted out by enemy Bandit Runners if you just keep jumping near the ramp. If Gearbox wanted the fight to be done in the arena, then they definitely underestimated the ways to escape! Heh.

You should have easy sailing for awhile. Maybe this is the time you complete the challenge! I’d suggest keeping at it with Lilith even if it is not, it’d be a shame to try so many times with her and not get it done. You can definitely do it.

(Is this thing on?) #1049

Pulled Brick out and beat up on Sledge. Level 19 and a purple Sledge’s Shotgun later, and I’m feeling fine. Right on, brother!

(odiscordia) #1050

I was back in fyrestone with a new character…just picked up tks wave. I was over in the gun shop and was tossing shotguns on the ground trying to figure out the parts on the wave…and the wave just disappeared into the ground. I actually saw the gun card shrink into nothing and vanish…

(Is this thing on?) #1051

This game is Unreal… Did you abort and reclaim your wave on the relaunch?

(odiscordia) #1052

No. Hehe. That gun is awful.

(Is this thing on?) #1053

You obviously haven’t seen the discussion of why everyone should be using it over in BL2, then! (Although strictly speaking it’s not exactly the same gun…)

(odiscordia) #1054

I have actually. .gawww I just…cant…I want to love bl2…I Do. But I don’t lol

(odiscordia) #1055

So I’m still in the badlands…and I went to go check the machine in the basement of the shack where the dead cigar guy is…and to my surprise it had a corrosive tediore shotgun. Level 13. Is that weird? IDr ever seeing a corrosive gun this early

(band) #1056

Yeah, usually they start showing up somewhere in the Dahl Headlands.

(odiscordia) #1057

That’s what I thought. I didn’t even get the “youve found a” speech from claptrap.

(Is this thing on?) #1058

Decided to take Brick back out for a gentle stroll through Pt.1. He was level 19 when I picked him up in Fyrestone with about 3-4 side quests in the area. He’s now level 21 and started into the Dahl Headlands side quests. Found this will looking for a missing salesman:

About half the gear I’ve found in chests so far has been over-levelled (up to level 24), so I’m well set. Right now, I’m murdering a lot of stuff with Sledge’s Shotgun.

(band) #1059

Just about all gear up to Lv50 is locked to one tier of level. So you’ll get only Lv24 weapons for awhile, then Lv32(or whatever).
I think once you get past Lv50 it’s all one tier but the items scale to your level, so it works as you’d assume. Not sure if it’s Lv50 or a PT2.5 thing, just assuming it’s Lv50 since that’s the vanilla max.

(Is this thing on?) #1060

Does that include the usual +/- range you get in BL2? Getting quite an odd mix, but since it’s BL1 weapon level isn’t really a good guide anyway!

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #1061

Killed my one-life Lilith (again), this time by being careless with Mothrakk. Killed her/him, then started looking for loot…forgetting that the fireballs take a while to reach the ground.

Then I started another and got killed by a grenade psycho in the Arid Hills. At least I didn’t get very far that time. It might be the first time I’ve died by simply getting downed in combat and not being able to get up. I had a barrel2 Atlas MG, a barrel2 fire SMG, and a fire sniper equipped…not accurate enough to take down a bruiser. Oh well.

See y’all in a year or so.

I had some super cool guns…just not good FFYL weapons.

Couldn’t use this one yet. It might have saved me.