What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?


(Is this thing on?) #1083

So exactly how many attempts did it take you to successfully park there? I had a couple of driving fails today, but nothing quite that spectacular.

Anyway, Brick continued through Pt.1, handily clearing Crazy Earl’s Scrapyard (although I have a nagging suspicion I missed something - is there a Claptrap unit on that map?) Also did the first run through Treacher’s, and helped boost Marcus’ Munitions share price through some, um, strategic investments. Yeah, that was it.

Currently sitting just shy of level 27, with some good gear in hand. Next up: Krom’s Canyon.


it took me so long … i knew it someday i’m gonna make it …

(odiscordia) #1085

There is indeed a claptrap there. Take a left after earls shack and follow the path around

(Is this thing on?) #1086

I knew I’d forgotten something! I’ll go back and get it next time.

Edit: next day, and the first thing I did was go back to Crazy Earl’s and grab that Claptrap mission. Then it was off to New Haven to pick up a couple more side quests before heading to Krom’s Canyon.

Completed one side of the map (food cans, Claptrap rescue, and Reaver), getting to make good use the Whitting’s Elephant Gun along the way. Dinged a couple of levels as well, so that’s nice. Finished off heading to the Middle of Nowhere to check on Mr. Johns and the bounty board, which is where I left off for the day.

One thing I noticed looking through my weapon proficiencies: this is the deepest I’ve ever got in a single play-through without finding at least one Eridian weapon. Odd, that!

(Geomason) #1087

(Is this thing on?) #1088

Took a break from Skyrim to get Brick through a bit more of Pt.1. Here’s where he was when I started this morning:

Finished off Krom’s Canyon and did about 6 of the Middle of Nowhere side quests. I’ve got the first part off the Janis Town missions, and the Circle of Death is now open, so there’s still much to keep busy.

Also trying to learn a bit more about BL1 mechanics. So I had these two guns available, and I’m definitely preferring the Equalizer over the Madjack, despite the latter seemingly having better stats:

So what’s going on here - is it just the weird firing pattern of the Madjack, or is there something about the equalizer that just makes it feel like a better gun (even for just a single drum of bullets)?

(band) #1089

The Madjack is more of a up-close spam cannon than a traditional revolver. If you’re further than, say, 10 feet away from an enemy you’re not getting the full use out of the Madjack.

It has no range, but it will chew up most anything up close.

(odiscordia) #1090

I have the best mad jack you can get. Level 68 with the AX body. I never use it haha. It is tough to hit anything predictably

(Is this thing on?) #1091

Brick continues pushing through side quests in Pt. 1. Finally levelled up enough to use this little item of vendor trash :stuck_out_tongue: :

And this popped out of one of the light grey weapon crates while turning beacons back on for Pierce:

Should be good for Old Haven now - picked up lots of other corrosive weaponry along the way. Also piling up the Launcher proficiency now I finally have a decent one.

(odiscordia) #1092

After going thru a new pt1 and collecting all 48 backpack spaces I realized one of my main farmers only had 39…I missed the trash coast and now I’m zipping thru robolution to get that one. The other is…Jakobs cove maybe? guess I missed the pt2 ones.

(Is this thing on?) #1093

Ran Brick Pt.1 through Trash Coast, clearing all the side quests too. Amazing how a Double Anarchy (x4) and a Thanatos chew through things. The only real hazard was running out of bullets, but I already have all the purple ammo SDUs, so that’s out.

Two things here I hadn’t really noticed before: when Scrappy leaves to go back to Earl, he’s actually a re-skinned Claptrap unit - you can tell by the wheel noise; and when craw maggots do their death roll, the make a crunching sound like when you crack a lobster or crab claw.

Then I ran Old Haven, which was a little more challenging just because So. Many. Lance. I always forget to grab that bandit mission right at the beginning of the map, then wonder why I can’t interact with any of the corpses.

Anyway, that’s it for tonight - pretty good run, two level ups, and two backpack SDUs.

Anyone else feel that the x4 Double Anarchy is the DPUH of BL1? :blhappy:

(band) #1094

That or the Hellfire, yeah.

(odiscordia) #1095

I’d say top tier mashers were a closer match and just as OP, personally. But I luv me some anarchy. Also…

is that snake eyes working for hyperion? Lol. Also… that’s actually a pretty cool design, from the chest up anyway. Shame it’s only used here in this one tiny little spot

(Is this thing on?) #1096

Brick picked up the side quest related to Salt Flats, then set out to defeat Baron Flynt and recover the last part of the key. Both the Salt Flats and Back Door/Fastness Claptraps rescued, and another level up or 2. I pushed through everything right up to starting the hunt for the three echo stations, picking up a level 3 explosive relic on the way and a corrosive one right outside the fast travel/spawn point. Too many explodey things at that point, so time to give my brain a rest.

Day the next: Brick powered through the Crimson Enclave and restored the Echo Net. Now that everyone can resume reading their spam, he’s ready to go track down Steele and end this.

Question: do folks generally run that and then do the Pt.1 DLCs or do the DLCs and then run down to the Vault?

(Geomason) #1097

Started a new game today, maliwan only Lilith.

I was running armed with my fists only till level 7, I knew where I will find my first Maliwan weapon…
Red chest in Skag Gully, skags were furious and I forgot to take a screenshot…

From there it was fun…

I’m level 21 now and ready to take on Mad Mel…New Heaven here I come!

(Is this thing on?) #1098

Brick polished off Descent, Promontory, and Vault in Pt.1. Somewhat over-levelled at the end, but I don’t mind that so much since the Destroyer can be a bit tedious and doesn’t really drop anything of much at all. I did manage to pick up a Volcano along the way, though, so that was nice.

(Geomason) #1099

My maliwan only Lilly finished PT1.
No major problems except that she was not able to regen ammo at the end of the game, but The destroyer was dropping ammo like crazy so now she has to deal with Knoxx…

(Is this thing on?) #1100

Brick ran the main story of Dr. Ned just to get another SDU. I had a hard time with getting to the repair kit - I could not get Brick up on the inclined log. Fortunately, my daughter volunteered to help and she got it on the third try! Got a Pestilent Defiler and Crux along the way, so should be good to go for Knoxx.

(Geomason) #1101

it could be annoying I know, get yourself a low level longbow grenade and use it to jump…