What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

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I ran the Armory most of yesterday. it’s so disheartening to get literally nothing out of my farming attempts. the Lance chests have been full of white and green mostly. I sometimes get blues and purples. But not much legendary let alone a pearl. the legendaries I"ve been seeing are crappy Volcanoes. At the end of my session, I just deleted the screenshots out of frustration, cause all and all, none were that great. I have been settling cause the loot I’ve been seeing in my game are pretty mediocre. :unamused:

So, this has brought about a rather interesting test I’m doing…
So, I have a glitch with my game which makes my money spin and never land on an amount. This means I cannot buy ammo unless I sell something. I ended up losing all my money upon respawning from a suicide to get me to a save point instead of running there. So, at zero amount of money I noticed my loot a bit better. which I found odd. Then, I did some runs after selling a couple items bringing my dollar amount to max 9’s. the loot was better than normal, kinda like my zero dollars run.

The point I’m trying to get at or find out for myself is if that glitch with my money continually spinning and not being able to purchase anything due to that plays a role in loot rarity? Kinda like AL stuff. could my spinning money make my loot typically subpar? more testing is needed.

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yep Kurt I think you maybe right there, cause I’ve experienced almost the same thing you did. So now when I get that glitch I just die and start with zeros and my loot is definitely getting better. By the way never had that issue on any of the consoles…

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correct, this never happened on console in my experience.

I was feeling disparaged for lack of a better word. It felt like I was wasting my time. pointless to farm when everything was crap. I used to be able to pull a pearl out of the Armory almost daily on Console. I’d do roughly 10 runs or so and I’d get a pearl. sometimes multiple in a single run. And sometimes back to back to back runs. With all the time I’ve poured into this game now on Steam, I should have more to show for it. Seriously frustrating.

Thanks for the confirmation @Geomason

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Brick headed to T-Bone junction and did enough of the Knoxx DLC to get the SDU in Lockdown Palace. So, storage is up to 48, and I’ve maxed all the ammo slots. The only SDU left in Pt.1 is the Robolution one, but I’m also now pretty over-levelled for the beginning of Pt.2, so I might just start that instead.

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Having recently finished the Dark Tower series again, I started a Gunslinger Mordecai today, intent being to focus on revolvers, use Gunslinger coms, and just be a badass in general.

So today, Moland son of Phteven got off of Marcus’s bus with only a sniper rifle and went to work in Fyrestone doing some pretty basic good trying to earn the right to carry his father’s guns. At level 5 he let David tag along for increased quality of carnage. Did many mitzvahs for the good folks of Fyrestone, including helping a blind codger named TK collect food and avenge his leg and dearly departed wife. Took out 9 Toes, he of the 3 nads, got the Catch-a-ride up and running, and then headed off to meet Mr Sanders. Picked up all those juicy sides and then put his feet up for a while, that much closer to the big sandalwood grips at level 11 than he was when the sun rose on Pandora today. (He’s got a Jakobs sniper, a Maliwan fire sniper and repeater, TK’s Wave, and a Panacea shield, in case y’all are curious.)
Around what level do revolvers start showing up again?

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Generally you’ll see your first revolver (and com) at headstone mine. I do believe ive seen one either in the machine or as a reward for the circle of death area tho…hell I found a corrosive shotgun in the shack with the cigar guy awhile back so who knows.

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I had a feeling it would be around then. The last couple of playthroughs I cleared all the sides before I went to the mine, maybe I’ll get lucky. :crossed_fingers:

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Moland, son of Phteven, from the city of Pilead, did some more general do-goodery in the Badlands. Collected some lost audio diaries, exterminated a flock of flying pests, completed a round in the skag fight arena, and helped out a Claptrap while collecting some shock crystals to get David some electric claws. Got a decent Bloody Justice from the vendor by the arena, so we’ve got our training iron locked down. Level 16 and itching to take a shot at Sledge.

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Do not forget, maggot, you do not kill with your Bloody justice. He who kills with his Bloody justice has forgotten the face of his father.

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I do not aim with my analog stick; he who aims with his analog stick has forgotten the face of his father.
I aim with my eye.

I do not shoot with my R2 button; he who shoots with his R2 button has forgotten the face of his father.
I shoot with my mind.

I do not kill with my Bloody Justice; he who kills with his Bloody Justice has forgotten the face of his father.
I kill with my heart.
(And possibly with my thirst for XP :smirk:)

I will be not be sent west (except for the Rust Commons) when my time comes.

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It has ever been so.

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Moland headed to the Arid Hills to collect sniper rifle parts and hunt Moe and Marley. That went very smoothly. The sniper rifle parts became an Atlas Pearl sniper, and bringing trophies back to the bounty board garnered flame claws for David. Back into the hills to find Sledge’s Safehouse, and then smacking down the Roid Rage Psycho for a set of keys. More scavenging, for combat rifle parts this time, and clearing feces off of the air mover followed. Now sitting in the entrance of the mine to rest and reinvigorate before spelunking in Sledge’s direction.

Update: Moland set off to rid the Badlands of that brutish harrier, Sledge. With the aid of a static speed shooter one of them was carrying he removed Sledge’s shield and then filled him with lead until he was unable to move. A couple of parting gifts for the good people of the Badlands, finding a lost person and getting rid of the tainted cigars that ended him, followed by removing some grisly reminders of the harrier group’s misadventures (also got a decent explosive sniper and an upgraded fire sniper. Nothing clears the road ahead like custom loads), and blowing up Citgo. Met Ernest Whitting, will save a Zaford in distress, open up the fast travel, and hunt Skagzilla in the next session.

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Moland hit the Dahl Headlands today to rescue a sniveling business man from some of the rowdier local folk. After that went to turn on the fast travel and farmed for extra cash. Found a possibly better Justice in the vending machine, but he can’t hold it just yet. Will get the lay of the land tomorrow while he searches for proper gunna.

Moland took and completed all of the jobs in Dahl Headlands in the quest for his birthright. Nothing particularly interesting happened, except that Cuthbert (in the form of @shill368 about 16 levels over Moland and dropping a Hellfire, Savior, and Volcano in the early 30s, thanks dude :grin:) dropped in during Mad Mel (the bandit leader, not the Australian actor) fight. Made it to New Haven, and then headed out to check on TK and swat Mothrakk. More pottering about in New Haven and the Rust Commons West before continuing the Quest for the Dark Vault.

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The quest for the Dark Vault continued today. Moland ventured into the tunnels beneath New Haven to collect acid Crystal’s, helped out one of the many Sheemie-traps that litter Mid-Pandora, but instead of Gasher and Tick Tock found King Wee Wee. Got a Super Booster that was an improvement over the Panacea, and then went West so our reputation could grow a beard. Met a would be sorceress, collected her recorded rantings, got some scrap parts for the town stable master, sorted out a trade disagreement for Marcus, scavenged a speed shooter to sell for cash, and then headed for the Scrapyard. We’ll set out to meet Eccentric Earl and play with high explosives tomorrow. Oh, and we got some custom load Maliwan revolvers. Still looking for a good Gunslinger com, but our apprentice Survivor garb is still pulling its weight.

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Thought I had better start Brick on Pt.2. Very over-levelled right now - started at level 41 after doing two of the DLCs. Got off the bus and did all the missions/side quests up to fixing the Catch-a-Ride, which won’t let me interact with it at all. (I know there’s some thing you’re supposed to do to get the mission to advance to ‘find the parts’, but I cannot remember what it is!). So I went back to do stuff for TK and shoot skags. Still level 41, because I think the most XP from a kill so far was 9…

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This might not be it, I remember that catch a ride pole has a really slim window to be interact with. Maybe jiggle back and forth to see if you can find the sweet spot.

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Ironically, after finishing off the Skag Gully quests and turning them in, running straight up to the Catch-a-Ride the panel came up immediately. That one always seems a bit flaky though; don’t know why.

Next day: Took out Bone Head with the Bone Shredder I got from one of the DLCs in Pt.1. And he dropped… an absolutely identical Bone Shredder. And I mean identical!

Next Brick ran through the Zephyr Station and Lost Cave missions. Decided not to farm for an extra SDU on Pt.2 because too many spawns!

Edit: Mine key removed from Sledge’s Safe House. Onwards!

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I’m sensing some Dark Tower references here. lol

that or a cool western movie.
I fired up the Xbone to let @laggyj55 farm for a perfect specter com. All i did was get my butt over to CoD and just sat there. I created an xbox 360 party for Laggy to join and rejoin as needed. that was his idea. he wasn’t sure how he would be able to rejoin everytime without me inviting him every time. The answer was to host a 360 party and invite him. Then he was able to pop in and out as needed. I ended up chaging my TV over to the movie my Son was watching and allowed Laggy to do his thing. :blush:

Sorry @VaultHunter101 as tempting as it was to entertain your offer, I had this set up prior to you reaching out. Hopefully next time. :wink: