What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

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Dang! And I only popped BL1 in instead of FO4 because I saw you had the game running! Ah well, Brick did need a little love (and I still have Roland to get to max level too.)

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Oh are you talking about Moland? Yes. Slightly DT

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it was the quotes Paulo was laying down that reminded me of that scene where he is describing what he does and how he does it to a young boy. I haven’t seen the movie all the way thru. I have caught bits and pieces.

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I have purposely not seen that travesty of a film and will not. Those ■■■■■ forgot the faces of all their fathers

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did you read the book first?! I thought I warned you about that. Never read the book first. NEVER.

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I read all of them multiple times. Reading 4 atm

Thread derailment posts here please!
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Yeah, it’s sort of a themed thing because I just finished my 4th reading that takes certain equipment related liberties. And there is definitely more than a little cool western movie in those books. I’ve got to get back to that, I think Moland is about to meet Earl of the Scrapyard and find a Sheemie Trap that needs help there with some newly acquired custom load revolvers. Maybe next time…

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Oh, hey, missed this thread. Due to enforced couch time (kidney anguish still hanging about) I got Roland into PT2 on the Xbone. I’m still really REALLY crap with a controller, though. Lots of walking into things and wasting ammo missing everything and failing to open chests by jumping instead. Fun times.

Still an awesome game. But you all know that, right.

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What level is your Roland? At the very least, I may be able to pass on some nice gear. Won’t be on today, but should have some time Friday/Saturday if you’re up (figuratively) for it!

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Peeaitch is currently lvl 37 matey. Any gear much appeciated!

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If you didn’t already, drop me a message at Alkymist96 on XBL, and I’ll see what I have.

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Well, that was hilarious. @VaultHunter101 wrecked everything including the frame rate. Got through safe house and headstone mine, with many revives and mistakes and the usual chaotic joy. E.g. We get sledge down and are both then smacked about by a single maniac. Brilliant.

And picked up a nice Raven, too, along with the gear from VH.

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You also got the “And they’ll tell two friends” achievement. You’re welcome!

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I did not know that! Excellent!

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To you Paul…I started a new profile and a new Lilith. Her name is Blaine and she specializes in shock and chemical death. the bandit saw Blaine approach and claimed she didn’t want none of that…She slew him with blue fire…obviously

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I continued my second playthrough with Lilith. Finished off Dr. Ned again.

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This is what I did last night and will most likely continue keeping the thread I created about it going in the process.

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How did I never notice there’s a chest here? I’m gonna be sad the day I go thru a PT and don’t notice anything new any more

anyway another PT down. That Spy I found murderlized the Destroyer in like 1 minute

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I was testing difrent skills and class mods on my eridian Lilith build and noticed that free shot from phoenix skill does’t work for eridian weapons.