What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

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I found a red chest in the safe house I never noticed before… and roid rage dropped some orange…that’s a first

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This just feels like a Serpens fail. :unamused:

and more of this crap.

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Next morning…3/13/2019:

Crimson Shorty was introduced to my new AX330 Pearl Aries…spectacular! I’m loving this beauty.

watching this thing in action is so pretty.

A big thank you to @Geomason for the com. :grin:

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This thing breaks thru dimensional barriers. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m having a lot of fun just capturing images while destroying everything in my path. I’m having a blast with this beauty. :star_struck:

I think I see an eyeball and brain flying thru the air. :joy:


Showing no mercy!

This is really annoying…this happens so often for Roland. I thought it was more prevalent when playing as Lilith. Seems to be this way for Roland too. :unamused:

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That…is why I hate the armory.

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Ot…I’m trying to get pt2 backpack sdus. I read the wiki and realized that zombie and robo were guaranteed so I grabbed those 1st…and I know the 1st 5 in vanilla have a chance. I know over stuffing ur pack is supposed to increase the chance but does it matter how overstuffed it is? Questions. Also I don’t do lock down palace. I’m not a masochist.

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I don’t think I’ve heard that the overstuffing superstition mention how much your backpack is overstuffed. If you’re into it, something like a 40/39 type situation should be fine.

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I’ve tried over-stuffing by about 5 or so (pretty easy to do if you’ve left side quests open) but it didn’t work for me. Then again, maybe I was expecting the farming to be a whole lot easier than it really is - it was my first time ever playing through the game. If the odds of the second SDUs from those missions are typical world drop legendary rate, the over-stuffing thing might well be little more than confirmation bias.

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Thanks for the quick answer guys. I guess it’s just another grind. Luckily the first 5 are pretty close to the save point. Update…well alright then! New Haven gave it up! About 7 tries.

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Also Kurt …I think that Aries is fackin hot. I love that 3 mag. I don’t believe the Aries gets any special tech bonus so that and barrel4 is what’s getting that x3. The only thing that’s not perfect is the level. Even I could overlook that. I remember I was doing this Aries/ shock trooper build thing for a while…using grenadier…idr exactly. Panacea shield. Corrosive betties all over the place…corrosive turret… Pretty much mob invinvible. It was very colorful.

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you’re reading my mind! :smiley::laughing:
That’s exactly where I’m going next with this. Curious how much “pop” the x3 proc will sound/see with an additional 60% shock damage applied.

I hear ya. and I’m on the same page with you on this. I absolutely love this gun. I never really used it cause I never really had a good one. This thing is GAWDLY :drooling_face: in my opinion. the shock proc is quite often too. really loving this thing way too much. I have been taking more pics of mobbing due to all the colors splashing around. it’s a audio/visual orgasm for me. love it!

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I tried this and it didn’t work for me. I tried this when farming the Lockdown palace SDU cause it was taking a while. And that is a loooooong drive. I ended up giving up on the overstuffed method and got it normally. Cause I’m tenacious like that. :wink:

Wuss! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Everytime you look at your inventory and see 69 slots, you’re gonna wish you grinded out another 3 slots. Just saying… :smirk:

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Update…tetanus Warrens is a go after 5 tries and lost cave 1ST try…of coarse I’m leaving them in my backpack to stuff it. Couldn’t hurt. It may be coincidence of coarse but thats 7 tries…5 tries…1 try…just sayin :)…and honestly I don’t plan on using this space for anything but clearing craws field. It’s annoying to me to have that much crap. If u need more than 3 guns you’re not doing it right.

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That sounds about right. A couple were like 5-7 runs. A couple took 3 runs and my new haven was 1 run. No overstuffing and I’ve done this sdu farm now on about 4 characters on two different platforms. I tried overstuffing when iirc, @billthebetta or @Stouty22 told me about it so i tried it for about 8 runs and gave up on that strategy. Sold some crap and continued with the sdu farm and got it.

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Safe house…1st try

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Don’t give up Odi. Get that 72! Especially since you’re a long time vet. You’ll be playing that Character for years to come. Don’t sell yourself short. :wink:

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I think I already did the mission in pt1. 69 is good. As long as nobody makes any jokes about Lilith being a 69 kind of girl :zipper_mouth_face:

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Well now you’ve gone and done it… she’s all embarrassed! :blembarrass:

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Yes, agreed. but the perfectionists we seem to be with this game…“max stat/max cap” or bust! :wink: