What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

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well that didn’t take very long thank god. Maybe next character I’ll do it max. We’ll see. Coarse…bl3 is supposed to be right around the corner so that might just make all this not matter for awhile lol

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Shame on you! Borderlands is a lifestyle. It will always matter. :sunglasses:
That being said, having to split my time up among all the installments. It will take years to accomplish goals I’ve set for myself and the character I love. like finding a Nemesis. lol

I had a feeling this baby had a hidden critical damage buff. 200%! its just too OP when you’re hitting the crits.

Edit: So, I’m on the wiki checking out Aries and came across this, which I believe to be illegitimate:
I’m pretty sure you cannot get level 69 pearls. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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No you’re right. That’s fake as hell. Also…I believe that Aries is just showing the additional 100% all revolvers get. Plug in another common revolver

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I’m actually logged into the wiki and trying to find and admin to message about this travesty. lol I hate misinformation.

(Is this thing on?) #1206

That would be Warblade. You could try posting something on his talk page. Or talk to @Gulfwulf.

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I just uploaded my AX330 Pearl Aries to the wiki. trying to see if I can get it to the correct page. I’m a noob at this. Thanks for the advice VH. I’ll probably but Jac. :wink:

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LOL, you’re all so…honorable. Max backpack size is 9999, get out of here with your hard-earned 72 :rofl:

Seriously though, this was only for my Craw farming study. But I don’t farm 72 on regular characters either…ain’t nobody got time for that. Well…I don’t!

edit - haha, check out my $3 fortune. Farming Craw doesn’t pay well.

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Bwahahahahaha! :rofl:

I really don’t know why. I’m on PC now, so technically I can. I just don’t. and I don’t feel honorable. lmao :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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thank you @Gulfwulf for helping me with the Borderlands wiki

I am entry 11 for the pictures.

still working on getting the illegitimate level 69 Aries post removed from the wiki.


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So out of 10k guns that thanatos went to the top. Interesting.

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Before I go waste my time does anyone know if you can still get backpack space in the dlcs (robo&zombie) in 2.5? I believe the wiki says no but wasn’t sure if that was just vanilla game or what

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I think it depends on if you picked them up in Pt.1 or not? I know this was discussed here last year. Maybe @billthebetta knows?

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The wiki actually says not I guess. It says the only way is to join another host. So I could 2 player it? Never really used 2 players except to trade gear

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Finally found the relevant info:

So yes, no Pt.2.5 - has to be before Steele. I knew we’d had that discussion! What platform are you on?

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Ps3. I suppose I could host myself if I care to. Thanks for the response tho

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Sorted by rarity, it makes sense. It can’t have any higher rarity than this, I don’t think…unless some accessories have more points than others.

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When i discovered you can farm SDU’s. I went back to my OGlilith and got her more SDU’s and she was in playthru 2.5. I loaded PT1.5 and went to the zombie and robo DLC’s and got those gauranteed SDU’s.

I haven’t tested it to know for sure if you can do the same thing in PT2.5 cause I have been told that once you accept the Steele mission, all the SDU’s that were farmable are now unfarmable.

I’ll tell you what, I will fire up my console saves and get my very first character I ever played(Brick) and see if I can get him those SDU’s for sake of knowledge. :blush:

edit: I was unable to use my console over the weekend. Kiddos had it on lockdown. lol I’ll come back to this when I have the ability to use my console without my kiddos interrupting. its on my to-do list.

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Yeah pt1 always but not 2 when it becomes 2.5. I have no Idea what 1.5 is

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I assume he means after finding Steele/defeating the Destroyer first time through, then continuing to wrap up side quests and DLC.

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if you know what PT2.0 is and PT2.5, you can figure out what PT1.5 is.