What did you do in BL1 during your most recent session?

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Several CoDuty runs with the venerable @Kurtdawg13.

I attempted to do my Die Hard thing with Brick, actually died three times.

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And we had this drop from a BadAss

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I don’t think that’s the stun setting bro…

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Beautiful! Shocker! :metal:t2:

Edit: I tried out the HG com @Geomason gave me. I’ve been down this road before, and I vaguely recall coming to the conclusion that mat2 HG was superior to mat3. mat2 having the fire rate buff and mat3 having the damage buff. I can’t live without that extra fire rate. I felt less effective when mobbing and murdering my way to Knoxx’s armory. I’ll keep it for Craw farming.

edit2: Did a Circle of Duty run with @Stouty22 and @billthebetta with all 5 rounds coming at you in succession without stopping. 3 person team turned out to be very difficult. I faired better when just Stouty and I did it 2 person team. 3 player difficulty was no joke. Roland took a knee way too often during that run for my liking. I ended up being a burden instead of helping. Sorry @Stouty22 I was unable to chat while gaming so I couldn’t yell out “I can’t shoot again. damn co-op glitch” which happened A LOT during that run. I started off great. able to get myself up when taking a knee, then I had a long stretch where I couldn’t shoot everytime I took a knee. Then the ability to shoot came back again.

I started wondering if internet speed/connection has anything to do with this? Cause shortly after having those shooting issues while in FFYL, I ended up disconnecting and having to reset my router to get back on. That may have had something to do with it. Never-the-less I felt bad cause I wasn’t holding my own this time around. :sweat:

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That generally seems to be the case that more bullets> stronger bullets.

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my test was Knoxx. Equipped that mat3 HG and ran at him. I felt that my mat2 performed better in that fight. with the devastators and medics that spawn it was a good mobbing sesh to test.

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I’m a sucker for rof too. 15 rof atlas havoc…660HG…9 points in MS…heavenly

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I’m starting a thread for Roland.

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So it looks like if you cleare cache on xbox you can not download this 4mb update cause game crash my console, so now I cant acces any dlc, I’m realy sad about that, anyway started 1live Lili, red chest in New Haven - here I come again lol

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Is that the same problem as this thread?

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Yeah, I saw that thread.

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i cant play on my 360 anymore either. sucks. I still have friends that play console and the 360 was the better option in playing the original. I don’t like the simulation experience thru xbox1.

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Yeah that realy sucks, If I knew about that thread before, I would never conect my xbox to network.

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So u can’t farm tbone anymore because you downloaded a patch?

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What’s the difference on xb1?

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Basically yes. It looks like Microsoft did something to the title update patch that causes it to crash the game on 360. (I say MS must have done it since it wasn’t GBX; I’m assuming it had something to do with the b/c version). Unfortunately, the title update adds the locations for the DLC so without it…

There’s something a little odd about the stick sensitivity scaling between the two versions - I had to change the look sensitivity quite a bit for playing on XB1. Otherwise, I haven’t noticed any particular difference (although personally I think the game looks better.)

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it’s extremely sloppy after playing on PC. I can’t put up with it actually. I crash trying to drive to CoD. it’s pretty bad. The movement however, is better. at 60 frames on xb1, even tho it plays in a simulator for the 360, your movement and pace are quicker than the 360. I’ve seen a side by side comparison back when it was new to the xbone. it was always sloppy, but I was used to it. After moving to PC, the movement and control are so much more detailed and allows for more subtlety if that makes sense. better precision basically.




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