What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

I’m curious to see how everyone else approaches the game, which activities people enjoy, etc. I’m hoping this will be an ongoing discussion where people can casually talk about what they’ve been up to.

Getting it started…

I had a lot of time yesterday because of the holiday.

  • facerolled Sal from OP5 to OP8 in 2 hours.
  • farmed Infinities, which went quickly
  • did some loot train runs with Sal at OP8 and Maya at OP6
  • cleared the Forest and Southpaw with Maya for fun
  • got froggy and went into Digistruct with Maya, got shockballed to death by Dukino’s Mom
  • popped over to kill the heinous daughter and then the Handsome Sorcerer with Maya

That didn’t take as long as the list makes it look. I got out for lunch, snuggle time with the kiddo, and 2 bike rides.


Well since I haven’t played Borderlands 2 in at least 5 months or so.
I enjoyed trying to remember how everything works, come to find out I kept dying to OP8 enemies cause my shield was level 21.
Then I got on my Gunzerker out of embarrassment as I needed a badass to solo bosses, made the mistake to go to Terra first, he kept trolling me and I kept dying.
Then I went through all my low level characters wondering why I created them and then just ended up deleting them.
Then I noticed I didn’t have a max level Zer0 so I started one.
And that’s it so far. :slight_smile:


Got some Anarchy stacks.
Stopped playing 5 minutes later…


Farming butt-stallion, after farming the Warrior.

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farmed Gettle and Mobley for maybe 15-20 runs, ( got 2 lyudas and a veruc )

had to kick a level 72 from my game, I was 65 playing with a 64 and a 66…he raised the enemies up to 72-74 so we couldn’t reasonably kill anything or by/use anything that dropped plus he was running way ahead of everyone leaving us hanging…sigh

found a new purple nurse com so respec a couple times then tried it out

finished up a couple crap side missions so I could farm for certain drops

yeah, didn’t hafta work either… :grinning:

Continued doing Loot Train runs. Did another 10. It was a terrible set or runs too.
Farmed Hyperius for seraph crystals because my daughter wanted a new Florentine for her Gaige.
Levelled my Psycho a bit more by running Bug Gulch.

Digistruct Peak farming with three friends. 6 runs and 4 worthwhile legendaries ( and the pearls, but we don’t count the pearls).

Good times.

Edit …5 legendaries. Hellfire, Bitch, Nukem & 2 Infinities.

I just rolled my Bandit Mechromancer in the Highlands. All the side missions are done, and most of the challenges, so I’m going on a full-map purge (gonna take a few) before I roll again.

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This evening I ran through and unlocked OP5 on my Maya with a friend who got disconnected right after the assassins and I had to take out three Ultimate Baddass Loaders alone (which was unexpected but thrilling). Then got an OP3 DPUH on my fourth Lee kill, killed three Treants and got an OP5 Bee, and logged off. Friday I plan to upgrade my Chain Lightning and give OP5 Peak my first attempt.

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Measuring e-peen, hooray

I one-shotted Teramivorous with my OP11 Sal and then rampaged through Thousand-Cuts with a lvl. 15 Slagga
Then I farmed Tubbies in Sanctuary until OP72
Those bandit hoards in Opportunity didn’t stand a chance against my Stormfront while I was completing Doctor’s Orders

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It’s actually not about e-peen. I am genuine interested in the ways in which people enjoy the game, whether that’s repeatedly rolling through play through 1, doing Digistruct runs with friends online, taking level72 characters to smash raid bosses in TVHM, or whatever else they may enjoy.

This kind of curiosity bubbles up in my head in part because of BL3 speculation. When I think about ‘what BL3 needs’, the first thought that follows is, “I wonder what people are actually doing, or what they would like more of?”

So, I ask.

All answers are equally interesting to me.


I was farming tubbies, Gettle and Mobley until last week, looking for a Bekah, a level 72 Legendary Engineer, a fire White Death and a corrosive Veruc. I only got the Legendary Engineer and then I went back to farming the loot train. Other than that, I’m currently working on finishing all of the DLCs in UVHM. I still haven’t done Big Game Hunt, Assault on Dragon Keep or the other Headhunter packs after reaching level 72 with my commando. That’s probably what I’ll be doing after I get bored with the loot train. I also need to playtest my Torgue and Tediore allegiance commando builds, but I can do that and play the DLC at the same time.


my most recent session was to farm level 50 pimpernel’s and try to get one of each element, spent better then an hour just getting to the point where i could farm for the pimp, my fav. character was always sal but recently been watching videos of a zero character taken from level 1 to OP8 and ive loved seeing it progress, so ive started doing the same, a sniper zero is badass, always thought his melee build was the way to go until now…

edit… shoutout to MOLMF (man of low moral fiber) for his recent series taking zero from level 1 to OP8 in a legit playthrough

Recently started UVHM, and after acquiring a new bee in the forest, tonight I went back to finish out liar’s berg and go after Flynt. Fought my way all the way up there and took him on (not easy for a uvhm rookie), and in the midst of the battle I setup what would’ve been a massive chain reaction hit on him with the pimp, might’ve put him down… and then the game completely locked up! Can’t quit or anything, had to power off. Sooooo after about 20 minutes of disc checking and fixing corrupted files I got back to desktop only to realize… dammit now I have to do that entire map all over again :angry:


Did you go back and whoop that [posterior]?

The last time I played was three days ago. I remember farming the BNK3R as Axton with a variety of new corrosive weapons, such as a PRAZMA CANON, Development and Weisenheimer. It is my go-to source for corrosive weapon testing and it is a fun boss battle in it’s own right. Still, I can’t remember the last time he dropped any of his legendaries.

Try saying that to someone who killed that glitchy ■■■■■■■ over a billion times. :smile:

Played Krieg on his all OP8 play thru and just reached Sanctuary. After this I’ll do Axton and Zero- the others have finished their OP8 runs and are now doing the dlc/HH packs…

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I started a new play through with Axton the other day. No farming and just playing through. Anyway, I was lucky enough to pick up a longbow Pandemic from Mortor. Its ridiculous how powerful that thing is on normal. I can run around Sawtooth and aggro everyone, throw out a turret for aggro and toss six grenades and it clear everything. because it spits out so many seeking child grenades. It makes me think they should fix the grenade scaling on UVHM because its alot of fun to spam grenades and end game grenades are really just utilities for slag, health region or singularity.

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Got my first Infinity, 310 hours into playing the game.

(for me, that’s a lot of time to spend on a video game. BL2 tops my Steam played list)

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