What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

Decided to farm the WEP LLMs for a shock Bone of the Ancients with my lvl.72 Gaige. Got a fire one, so… OTOH I must have run into some characters I didn’t recognise on the way (due to the sheer volume of fx on scream, er screen) as on my way in I got a Deliverance and Transformer. Also got a leg. Hunter, a Skin-OTA, couple of Heart-OTA, and a homing Storm Front. Am currently checking my Zer0 to see if he’ll need that Hunter or not.

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Finally found a way to solo the Dragons OP8 using the flakker/ahab swap. My earlier attempts were thwarted by either taking too much elemental damage, while being set up to deal damage, or not being able to do enough damage while set up to endure damage. The swap technique allows me to use my evolution and elemental resistance relic to tank the dragons’ attacks (with plenty of flakker/grog swapping healing still needed), and still do (rather massive) damage to each landed dragon. Very very doable this way. Will get it wired. Next I must solo voracidous.

Did side missions in the Highlands with Krieg in NVHM, and was very surprised to have to fight a Baddass Pyre Thresher up in the pond where one of the Hidden Journals is. This was my fifth time doing that quest, and every other time that thresher had just popped up for a second to say hi, then permanently disappeared. I guess it liked the look of Krieg more than Axton or Maya… It almost doubled Krieg’s lifetime total of deaths, to use oxymoronic phrasing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Weirdly inconsistent behavior though. I have no idea if I got lucky on Axton & Maya, or if I was unlucky on Krieg.

Dusted off OP8 Gaige (aka Boom Boom Jacks) and finished Hatred’s Shadow and made it to the Lair of Infinite Agony. Hopped back to Flamerock Refuge to turn in a few side quests before returning to the Lair. @Worblehat- I’ve had that thresher only show a single tentacle on some occasions, especially when I drive a vehicle up there…

Had this yesterday while running around as Krieg. I was ready to destroy him and he just wanted to “wave hello” to me as I was passing through. Smart Thresher.

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Joined noraki71 to take out OP8 Terramorphous. Upon joining, I saw Terra’s HP bar in the lower 25%, and raced in to assist in the event that noraki was KO’d and Terra’s bar reset. We finished him off…and Terra drops him a Hide! As I was there mainly for cash and currency, I backed out and let him have the rest…and then realized that my spec had reset upon joining him. (Told him it happens if I reset UVHM, but rarely/never if simply joining a session.)

Incidentally, I was also reminded about a joke comment I made recently: 101 for Tediore Avenger/Deliverance/Gunerang reloads

Spent the first 30 minutes playing Santa Krieg handing out gifts to all my other characters through that tiny 4 slot stash. After that I hit some Loot Midgets in Thousand Cuts, killed Terra and did some Tubby Farming. Dinged level 72 with Krieg today, which marks my second level 72 character (the other is Gaige) on the PS4. It’s time to give Krieg the Invincible a well deserved rest while I focus on other characters (who are all in UVHM and ready to go).

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That has happened to me a LOT in TPS, and was a known bug in BL2 that never really got properly identified or fixed. I think it happens if the connection to the host is on the slower side, and the host is either in inventory/vendor or in very heavy combat (lots of effects firing) when you arrive.

Tried to take on Terra with Zer0 solo, but unfortunately didn’t win this one. Only put a few tries into it before moving on for now. Shifted gears and did the Hammerlock HH pack. Dropped son of Craw, and did the sparky flint mission for the first time ever (comical as I have been playing this game for years). Got an under-leveled thunderball fists for my effort, but the mission cracked my up.

Next up: finish a few side quests in the Captain Scarlet DLC while I debate if I want to start my solo peak runs with Zer0 Yet or move to a different DLC.

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I’ve started the process of rebuilding my Raid Killer on the PS4. Put some time into Sal today who is currently level 54. Just the usual stuff at this point, nothing exciting.

Also happened to me in UVHM yesterday. Actually, it happened in NVHM and TVHM on this character as well. I’m not sure if killing the tentacle before the whole thresher shows up has anything to do with it disappearing. It happened to me once in the Creature Slaughter as well. When it happens during Hidden Journals it’s a blessing. When it happens during the Creature Slaughter, not so much. You can’t complete the round after that, cause you need to kill the thresher to complete it. You have to start over when that happens.

[quote=“Gut0nez, post:1335, topic:580674”]
When it happens during the Creature Slaughter, not so much. You can’t complete the round after that, cause you need to kill the thresher to complete it. You have to start over when that happens.

Found myself inexplicably lagging during online co-op…until I realized the problem was my friend’s Bloodsplosion Krieg with a Norfleet. I informed him of the problem – “the game can’t handle how awesome it is” and the effects of the resultant freezing – after which he toned it down. Given his displayed love for it, however, I didn’t want to completely leave him out of an ETRL for online, so I offered to drop a Topneaa on a later run:

"None of the fallout, all of the fun." -- POTUS (=Zartan), "G.I. Joe: Retaliation"

Yeah, that’s pretty much the face I made when I realized what had happened and why the thresher was taking so long to come out of the ground.

I got my Grenade Axton to level 50 and immediately jumped into UVHM and… ouchies. My gear isn’t very good, but The Warrior did drop me a Flakker. I’m going to try it out! (yes I read the thread and I know it doesn’t get grenade bonus)

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I absolutely love the Flakker and it has huge damage potential, but you have to be aware that it’s kinda hard to use. I wouldn’t advise trying it out for the first time at early UVHM, as it has a sweet spot and a fairly steep learning curve, but if you can figure it out it will most definitely help you out a lot. Remember that you need to aim a little lower with it and that it won’t work at point blank. It’s pretty much useless against enemies that will rush you, unless you can distract them or pin them down with your turrets. The best way to use it is against grouped up enemies and big enemies. For that reason, singularity grenades have great synergy with it.

Yup, I’ve watched some videos of it at least, so I have an idea of the ragefest I’m getting into. If all else fails, I’ll go farm Torgue tokens and get a kerblaster.

I should probably go post in the Axton thread, but I find the Torgue ARs really underwhelming and difficult to use :frowning: (Kerblaster notwithstanding)

Really? They’re my favorites on Axton. Torgue Spitters are great. Try Dahl ARs instead. They don’t get any grenade damage bonus, but they’re usually pretty good on Axton. The Dahl Miniguns are awesome.

But I get what you’re saying. I remember an early KerBlaster from Midgemong and a corrosive Plasma Caster making my life a whole lot easier when I started UVHM with Axton for the first time.

Yeah I don’t know what I’m doing wrong with the Torgue ARs. I read that if they have the wrong barrel, they don’t get grenade damage bonus, but I’ve tried a few.

I got through TVHM with a level 42 corrosive plasma caster… this thing is nuts, haha. Too bad it’s old now.

I could farm for a level 50 Hornet as well! Just too bad it’s not great until the bots start showing up.

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The Torgue barrel is the only one that doesn’t get grenade damage. This one:


Ironically, it’s the one on the KerBlaster. For that reason, only the child grenades deployed by the main projectile will get grenade damage. The actual projectile doesn’t.

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Ahhh thanks. I’ll try a spitter!

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