What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

This run through Sawtooth Cauldron has been brought to you by Maliwan. Remember, boys and girls! Look for the SMG with the matching Maliwan barrel for even more elemental action! :laughing:


I’m just gonna confess this now… I have no idea how to identify gun parts

Maliwan SMG barrels are easy in that they have the little colored square in the front (xmngr has orange on his Hellfire, and you’ve got green on your Venom). I like these because the SMGs get unique names when they have matching barrels, and are slightly more rare for it.

I’ll just confess this now too… I copied the source code and files from my User Notes page from the old forum right before it went offline and have been actively maintaining and hosting it locally it as a convenient container for my various collections (Legendary Loot Midget variants, Ultimate Badass variants, promotion/loot hunt souvenirs among other things, which includes the rarest Maliwan SMGs with on-brand barrels that I find). I even fixed all the links (if they point to a functioning page in the archive, it’s updated accordingly; the rest are just bricked).

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Reached level 42 with Mike Irons while finishing off Splinter Group and Out of Body. The 1340 shield I got from Zed was better than the one I had (except for the absorb chance) but I had al evel 42 Grounded 1340 on a mule that beat them both (it pays to be a hoarder of gear sometimes… :slight_smile:)

Continued through TVHM with Krieg, and learned something new (on my 17th playthrough!) - MIRV grenades can destroy Ion Loaders behind their shields! I chucked my Longbow Bonus Package at one just for a laugh and (naturally) it stopped at the shield, but then the child grenades spread as normal through the shield - how did I not know this??

I then did a whole bunch of quest reward farming… 8 hours to get a L45 slag evisceration rubi (my numbers indicate around a 0.75% drop chance :scream:), and about a day getting a set of Heart Breakers so I could test them… still can’t decide between the Hyperion grip Practicable, and the Jacobs grip Critical.

Tired from that and looking for some mayhem, I revisited my L72 Siren to have a go at Bar Room Brawl #3 - at least 20 runs with no success… the enforcers just won’t spawn out their doors! I regularly go at least a minute before the first one shows up, and just now I actually went for the whole 2m 45s with no enforcers! It’s just nuts - I must have offed 30-40 regular dudes! :disappointed:

As @Adabiviak said, Mailwan barrels are actually pretty easy. There are links to the graphic posters in here:


When you’re running Dr. Zed’s Highlands mission, don’t forget to use the “local” fast travel stations to zip all over the map. It can help you save a bit of them as well.

That and use teleporting to vehicles through the catch a ride stations

Been doing quests and random mobbing with Zer0. I’ve put a total of 8 levels on him over the last couple of days and he is currently sitting at 60.

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I got a wild hair this morning and decided to spec into a Fastball Axton build and try to kill Invincible Craw with only an Incendiary Fastball, slag Omen, and Grog. Got him into phase 2 before I made a boo boo and went off the ledge. Soooooo, I just stared at the screen for a moment. Then, I let out a heavy exhale.

Got that out of my system.

Went back to my usual 26/15/26 and did a speed clear of the Dust, because I was on limited time this morning. Bekah and Incendiary Fastball as main weapons. The Fastball frequently one shots normal enemies, even without building around it. If Battlefront (4/5) is active, most slagged targets are down in 1. So… Throw turrets, Fastball a normal to get Onslaught up, Bekah everything. If badass enemies are half health or so at a point where I need to reload, I Fastball them to finish, then do the reload. That makes for a very fast pace of play.

Farming Bunker. Got bored of doing it without B0re so switched skill trees. Got a Bitch in about 10 runs. Still never seen a Sham…

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The Sham and the Norfleet are myths in my game.

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The only Sham I’ve ever gotten was from the Dragons.

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Ugh, I got so many shams when I was farming for heads.

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Never even tried for a Norfleet tbh! Not sure I could solo with my main anyway. Krieg + Bosses = not fun! :frowning:

//edit: TYPICAL! Go to track my plight with a carefully drawn out table and he drops a Sham on my 3rd try!

First one I’ve ever seen and only 81% so not brilliant but it’s checked off the list! Now to see King Mong for his Badaboom!


… So it is the “tree falls in the forest” dilemma?

If a legendary drops and nobody is recording it, has it really dropped? or conversely, If a legendary is not being recorded, will it actually drop?

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King Mong in 3, Mortar in about 5 or 6! I’m on a roll tonight! Or I was until Hunter Hellquist became a stingy SOB - about 30 goes but I have The Bee as well now!

Invader and then onwards to The Warrior and his many drops!

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To be fair, I’ve never really farmed Bunker much. But I have killed him far too many times playing through the story.

I do rhe Bee in The Forest. If you Save & Reload by the Orc camp it works best.

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Just jumped onto kill Handsome Sorcerer twice with Axton. After that, tried Vora again with Sal. 0-for-3 today. That fight is brutal, which I really enjoy. Since I was feeling masochistic, I took a swing at unlocking OP6 with Zero. The Bonehead room was especially easy today. I got into a good groove with the Lyuda and movement, and the Legendary Hunter was of some help with cool down. I was very happy coming out of that.

When I play as Maya or Axton, I’m very familiar with a style and pace. I can pretty much time everything by feel, and the game feels slow to me-- I can see everything that’s going on, consistently. I’m not there with Zero, yet. With him, I have to check my action skill cool down and shot timing deliberately, and I feel like I’m a half step behind.

This is how I kind of unraveled in the Doc Mercy room. I was fighting the enemy in front of me, rather than using my abilities to set up the next kill and plan ahead while I took each enemy out. So, I put myself in a bad spot and ate a grenade.

I’ll stick with it, though!

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