What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

Still gathering data about Hyperius and the Norfleet

43 more runs today. Got:
1 WTF (grounded)
2 Sledge’s Shotguns
1 Prudential Pyrophobia
1 Rabid Shredifier (Slag)
1 Kiss of Death (Corrosive)

Also of note a very nice Slag Splatgun

Still no Norfleet

It is interesting, after doing well over 250 runs, I had never laid hands on a pyrophobia before, now I have 2. And I’d been mildly wanting a Grounded WTF shield. The Slag Shredifier is pretty awesome actually, though only a 9% chance. This is also my first Kiss of Death.

This whole experience of gathering data is pretty fun. It makes grinding seem more…pleasant I guess.


I grimace and nod a bit with each of your Norfleet updates. With 1 in over 200 kills there, I’ve almost stopped trying. When I go there now, it’s just because I enjoy boss smashing. I’ll put him down 3-5 times, shrug, sell my Evolutions or Retchers, and move on to the next thing.

It kills me that my Norfleet is slag. Any of the other 3 would have been amazing.



You should join me in data gathering! I actually adds some fun to it.

And, may I present the newest addition to my family:

Got it on run 105!


Athena rolled Regolith Range and picked up the Last Requests mission. I love Overload… it’s fun to try to keep it “alive” as long as possible. This Rainbow Hologram COM provides +11 in that skill, so I’ve seen it jump like four times (usually the limiting factor is that the mob is dead by this time or it hops to a boss that I can’t drop in time.

Beautiful screenshot. Shield of rainbows!

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It is fun to try to get it loaded with one of each element, although I’ve only done it once. Here’s a shot from another thread with all elements on deck (image credit goes to @Feculator).

I did re-spec Gaige for shield buffs, grabbed a Grog Nozzle, and slugged it out with an Ultimate Badass Bullymong and two Bullyrotts at the same time. Damage from Shock and AAAGGHHH! kept me alive as they beat my shield senseless, so they weren’t really shield-only kills (and I did hit them with the Grog Nozzle). I don’t think I could tango like that with a softer Moxxi weapon (two Bullyrotts kept pretty constant corrosive DoT on me), but the process was like this:

  • Slag 'em with the Grog Nozzle on my way in
  • Let them hit me: they eat spike damage (and then some Electrical Burn), which keeps my health up.
  • Back away to let the shield get back up (unlike a nova shield, it doesn’t need to come back all the way to continue spiking); Fancy Mathematics and a Technophile COM help with this; Blood Soaked Shields and Unstoppable Force didn’t really help much since they’re kill skills, and these guys took a long time to kill.
  • If I’m eating DoT or I’m otherwise shieldless and hurting for health, fire Shock and AAAGGHHH! to stay alive.
  • Repeat for like ten minutes. It was actually pretty entertaining getting pummeled in a street fight like that without dying.
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I did not know that! I’ve used the stinging cacti to double-up on bullymongs and savage lee, but I hadn’t considered the EB potential.

I’m guessing you do a new mule for each alt account, so you get a new mule on the 360? Do you know if it’s possible to used the same intermediate on your primary account, then just rename on the XB1? Pondering the same activity myself, and not sure of the best approach.

9% per bullet doesn’t sound like much, but when you consider the number of shots you can land in a short interval, it doesn’t actually matter too much!

Exactly, and Rabid has a faster Fire Rate and more Accuracy, it should make a nice mob slagger when I don’t want to use PBFG.

Got my legendary hunting Zer0 to The Warrior and put him away with ease. No shiny weapons on the moonshot kill.

Killed him a bunch more times and got to level 37. Not a single Orange - I know he’s stingy but man this is a DRY spell! :frowning:

Figure I might move on to TVHM since I’ve got all I can realistically from this playthrough!


Dahl Commando rolled Claptrap’s Place, and he picked up Geary’s Quest. I cleared out this little nook to get my hands on the vending machines to make room for whatever the chests were going to drop, and got these two Caustic Goliaths to slug it out. They pretty much sat there and barfed on each other, completely ignoring me, so I threw on my WTF shield, and walked right between them, taking a bath in the slime. I immediately picked up a corrosive DoT and started throwing boosters, which I aimed at the two Goliaths. I think 80fps with a full count of Physx goop being sprayed around by a WTF booster is pretty good. Knuckledragger also threw a Hornet.


That’s some sick effect right there.

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At the moment I’m doing my best to reach level 50 on my first character, but struggling hard.

So I’ve been farming the bar brawl tier 3, it’s working. Just very slowly.

can anybody help me out?

Edit; im playing on Xbox one.

What character, build, and gear? I don’t mind helping out if we’re on at the same time (GT Alkymist96), but you may want to post in the appropriate character section as some tweaks to your build may help you out.

No,no- only the one alt account but it has mules on it for my primary account characters. Basically my alt account is my original Xbox GT (Zeromass BTW) but I’d long forgotten the password for it by the time I moved on to my 3rd or 4th 360 (classic RRoD issues). Therefore I created the new GT of Carlton Slayer (the underscore is only for here, not XBox Live). All of the mules on my primary account were moved over to the XBox One along with the Original 6 VH’s. Since the alt account doesn’t have Gold access or online connectivity I’m just transfering the loot they have onto the new mules on the primary account and uploading them to the XBox One. So that is what I spent most of yesterday doing. :smiley: BTW, the eridium farmer I use on my alt account is Maya, and after getting a Texas Striker, an 86% Sham, Expandified Madhous! and Sticky Lobbed Bouncing Bonny all from the AD at level 35, I also spent some time leveling her up to try the AD on TVHM (she’s level 58 with level 50 gear). Despite all the stuff I have on mules I don’t have a lot in the 55-60 range level- looks like I’ll have to start her in UVHM and hit the loot train…

Gear isn’t great. Im trying to get the most of my damage from amp damage from the Bee shield. I’m a gunzerker, wasn’t really trying for a build. I don’t actually like using the gunzerking so I just picked all the skills that weren’t gunzerking haha

I may be able to help with that… my characters and banks are completely overloaded on the ones still working through UVHM. Alkymist96, on either 360 or XB1. Should be on in a bit, but can also be on later (7+ eastern).

That I understand - got tired of constant gunzerking myself. I may still have some sub-level 50 gear kicking around. GT in the post above; send me a FR and I’ll try and connect with you.

Yeah I know right.
Already sent one!

I appreciate the offer but the Zeromass account doesn’t have online access- I couldn’t join you in a game if I wanted to. It’s the reason why when I do spit screen co-op with it and my primary account that my primary account shows as being off line. I’ve thought about sharing the Gold between it and the primary account (if that’s even possible) but after looking into it the hoops I’d have to jump thru just to bring it back to an online status didn’t seem worth it. Thanks for the offer though…:slight_smile:

Only had a few minutes to kill before dinner so slaughtered the Warrior a few more times for fun. Can kill him with < 24 rockets from the Mongel now :stuck_out_tongue:

Still no orange weapons which means no Flakker runs! :frowning:

Also did you know in his death throes the Warrior can still kill you?