What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

There, fixed. Oh, and congrats @hattieinduni - you have progressed much further than I would have done!


Glorious procrastination :stuck_out_tongue:

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I shudder to think what would have happened if I’d had Borderlands available while working on my thesis…

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Honestly even though it’s a distraction I’m really glad I have it. It keeps me sane. When I was at school I used to just read in my spare time but I can’t do that these days… it’s wonderful to have something so absorbing and fun that I can escape into.

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Took Zer0 to OP4 Frostburn Canyon and tried farming for a Neogenator with a side of Scorch and tubby checking. I got one in a few tries and then went and farmed a new ROM for Sal. 3rd try! Jacobs grip too. Not having to spend time on quest item farming always makes me happy.

Ran Sal into the peak for a go at unlocking OP5. Switched my RR to the Neogenator. I got through but the shield was definitely a worse choise than I would’ve thought. I got knocked to FFYL a lot. Maybe I’ll try an Antagonist on him and keep running RR until I muster the energy to go get one.

EDIT: Out of all the possible loot sources in the peak, I just got a legendary from a cardboard Jack (homing fire Leech).

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Quick tip in case you didn’t know : fire is the single weakest element on the Peak. Corrosive is the most consistent while shock is best on all spiderants. Here’s a good post

This was tested afterwards in another thread to confirm.

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I mean fire dot for healing, “elemental empathy”. “For each point invested in this skill, Krieg will heal himself with 5% of the damage he causes with Elemental Status Effects on enemies.”

I’m used to turtle shields, but since with my build I keep setting myself on fire it keeps interrupting shield recharge. I use a smaller OP*1 inflamable nova shield I found and it isn’t enough to hold off occasional lethal damage.

I guess I’ll have to respec to get “Thrill of The Kill” skill if I don’t want to keep dying on future OP runs.

edit: Oh, sorry, my bad. You know what, I didn’t realize that elemental empathy applies on any elemental damage, I assumed that it’s only for fire…

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Congrats Hattie! Nice work.


Geige&Salvador->OP2. Now all 6 characters ready to take OP3 challenge.

Managed to get Sal up to OP7. I tried for OP8 but Scorches got me and at that point I thought I’ve been here enough for today, at least with this guy.

Back to Zer0, I made some changes to my build to try for a hybrid between sniping and melee. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to this or because I’ve just spent hours playing an almost immortal tank but it’s suddenly very hard for me to get anything done. I went mobbing in a few places and tried to hit multiple minibosses too to get used to the feeling of the new setup and I kept taking knees and dying a lot.

Still, the build is really fun to play and there’s been a similar build earlier that has been used to beat OP8 peak so I guess it’s just a matter of “get good”. And so I will (hopefully).

Dahl Commando rolled Wurmwater, picked up the Just Desserts for Desert Deserters. Dahl gear is, for the most part, pretty sketchy at close range, and some Anchorman had my number tonight. He’d pull me into a mob, I’d take a knee, get a Second Wind and make a run for it only to be leashed back in, over and over until the timer was too short. I came back with a vengeance and punked him with my turrets. I didn’t even shoot him other than to keep him slagged - just dual Nuked him into a corner and let them pound him.

Maliwan Mechromancer rolled Murderlin’s Temple and did all five rounds of the Magic Slaughter. She died once getting through round 5 when a halfling knocked me into a pit. :rolling_eyes: The weird thing is that there was a crystal on deck when I died, and Deathtrap had a lot of timer left too. When I came back, he was still in the arena, trying to zap the now parked crystal. I could shoot and damage the parked crystal, so I finished it off and started the next attempt. I’m not sure what’s more odd: that Deathtrap was still there when I respawned, or that the parked crystal was killable. She otherwise got through it without a hitch, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sweating through some parts.

edit - Tediore Siren rolled Wurmwater and picked up the Smells Like Victory mission. Highlights include killing an enemy and immediately Phaselocking a nearby one, so I could roast him with Blight Phoenix. It wrecked but didn’t kill him, but when he dropped out, he took a single shot at me, Kinetic Reflection bounced it back, Cloud Kill triggered, and he melted in front of me. It happened hilariously quickly.


Goofing around while farming Old Slappy… went up that long ladder to the red chest, and a Hyperion engineer jumped up from way down below to greet me. I casually shot him once in the face and he immediately jumped back down while saying “why didn’t they give me FACE armor!?” For some reason I almost died laughing. :slight_smile:


Story is here!

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Ha ha! That’s funny. I play King of the Hill up there sometimes, but unless a lot of Engineers swarm and try to get up there at once (or an EXP Loader :grimacing:) it’s more of a sniper nest.

Finished off Bandit Slaughter with Ultimate Krieg!! while switching between the FotF and the RR. After nearly a dozen attempts got the Hot Hail I wanted and after a short trip to test it out on Tinder Snowflake will now head to Tannis and see about “an unknown creature of immense power” (if I got her quote right). To quote Fink, “This- could get ugly!”


I practiced my new Zer0 build a bit again and did a minor tweak to it and tried to get Zer0 to OP6. Scorches and BA Surveyors were a lot better this time and I got to the Black Queens area. “So it’s basically business as usual until assassins now” I thought to myself as I got an easy spawn and then I proceeded to somehow Execute beside a Black Queen from directly behind her, missing her completely and then I didn’t manage to jump over a low obstacle to get behind a corner. Terrain seems to be both my best friend and worst enemy.


Played a 2 hour co-op set with the friend. He was still OP2, I was OP5 but we went for the peak. It took a few tries to execute everything well enough to make it through but in the end we did.

I used Execute on only 1 or 2 enemies during the entire run so just throwing the sniper class mod on would have been way beneficial for my damage but whatever, it’s done now. So Zer0 is now OP6.

And while I already knew that, I’ll just say that damn if having a Siren backing you up isn’t beneficial and fun. BA Surveyors? Caught in a position perfect for Pimp shots. Rabid or BA Slag skags? Expose their crit while phaselocked. Make a mistake on a non-healing Zer0? Res. I probably could’ve switched my slag Pimpernel for a Rubi for healing since I didn’t have to worry about slagging much either. This team is good (well, anything with a Siren is good).

Finally started playing again after several months of inactivity.


Been off the board for a few days, and have played a lot.

Spawned OOO as Maya and got my 5th Twister. Got a fun bug (?) causing the BA Savages to respawn somehow. Took advantage, spawning OOO a second time. No good drops on that kill. Went ahead and killed Dexi. L Berzerker, and a Chopper.

Recorded a little Zero run in Lynchwood with Pimps and Fastballs. That is easily my favorite way to play Zero.

Another OP8 Peak run as Maya. Got easy spawns in every room, so it was relaxing. No good drops. The Pearl was another Tunguska.

After that, lots of tries at getting around the 5 minute mark on Southpaw clears as Maya. Best time was 6:21, so I’m pretty far off. Deadpledge pulled 5:11 as Axton, and Demonite got 4:57 as Axton. Not sure if I can touch that as Maya. I think I’d have to work in Fastballs, and never miss or get a squirrelly Sub-Sequence.

Also gave Bloodshots a few tries after deadpledge got a great time (I forget the specifics). I think I made 3 runs at it, and got within a minute or so of his time. That was a fun run to experiment with. I tried it once each, with L Siren, L Binder, and L Cat. L Binder is definitely the way to go there.


I’m having more fun now than ever before. A lot of this comes from having times to chase for zone clears. Mobbing is my favorite aspect of this game, whether I’m watching or playing. Having guys like deadpledge and @DemoniteBL throwing down times for Southpaw, Bloodshots, etc gets me fired up to keep fine tuning and tightening up my own play.

And here, @Adabiviak and @hattieinduni keep providing these quirky ideas, a lot of which cause me to do silly things, like killing Pyro Pete as Zero with shock Fastballs, or Bearcat kiting OMG for laughs.

I love this game. I love this community. You are all awesome.


At work today a guy comes in to get his air bags replaced under a recall (obv I work at a dealer) and announced he was in to get his explosive devices replaced. So I said:


He responded by unzipping his jacket to reveal a Vladof T-shirt