What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

Just nearing the later stages of our full 0-72 Siren run, so as it was my birthday yesterday i thought i’d see if the mighty god would make an appearance, and I was treated without much time spent at all. Dropped the Siren skin which @idlephantom didn’t have so that was cool.

Been farming varkids a lot which is great fun, good for XP, lots of eridium, and have landed a couple of very nice quasars in the process. This is my 5th Siren though on the PS4, and the game still feels great fun to play after all this time.


Pushed on to face Pistons Blimp which suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked until I remember I have a Bee in my pack which turned everything around. For the record I died 4 times fighting that stupid thing!

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A belated Happy Birthday!:birthday:

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I’ve seen this mentioned a few times lately but what in the world is this?

I might be weird but I kind of like that fight simply because of how different it is from every other boss. I do hate the Buzzards in there and the fight can be frustrating af but still… I guess it’s mostly the consept that I like now that I think about it.

Check the Krieg subforum - @Handsome_Dad wants to see how quickly we can kill BARex :stuck_out_tongue:

I think most of my problem with the Blimp fight was using a Hellborn build and setting myself on fire all the time! :smiley:

Here’s the OP :

As @Psymonkee says, I asked the Krieg vets to see what they could come up with for fighting BA Rex straight up (inside the arena). I’ve found ways to do it with Axton, Maya, and of course Sal and Zero. Krieg is one of my favorite classes to watch on video, so I put out a request. Still excited to see how people tackle it.

I’ve got 999 Torgue Tokens now so it’s all about grinding the machines I guess. Also got 4 or 5 Moxxi pictures tonight - I might even get the achievement one day! :smiley:

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? What’s this? How have I missed this?

There’s an achievement for collecting 10(?) Moxxi pictures in the Torgue DLC. It’s a bit bugged and might not trigger once you have collected 10 but just keep grabbing them as they appear and you should get it. On both PS3 and PC I’ve got it while clearing the DLC on NVHM and TVHM and then hitting the bar for some tokens.


It’s the ‘Obsessed’ Achievement (1 of 6 I don’t have!) and that’s the most pictures I’ve seen ever!

Might need a little help to get some of the last achievements though!

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What with? The only one that requires multiplayer is challenge accepted because of revivals, duels and trades.

I’ve been just grabbing them…cuz why wouldn’t I? Good to know my efforts get me a whole 5 points :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Most likely raid bosses - I can deal with Pete no bother but barely scratched the surface of Gee, Hyperius and Vora!

I still only have a Psycho at 72 so I can always cheese them with Sal when I finally drag him up there I guess?

If it’s just for the achievements go bonk them on NVHM for them. Terra is level 50 and the rest are 30-35.

That just feels cheap though :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have been entirely too excited about going through the Peak with a new class, again. I’d intended to do a bit of playthrough before diving back in to go for OP2, but I pulled a Refill Baby Maker out of the loot train and got a 72 Homing Storm Front early in my progress. Sooooo…

I just HAD to try out the Baby Maker. Where better than the Peak?!

Got OP2 unlocked. My main Surveyor gun was the purple 72 Spitter from before. I used that for as much as possible to save DPUH and chucking ammunition. When I got multiples, I used terrain to make them path close to each other to pursue me, tossed the Storm Front, slagged, and used the Baby Maker to set off Bloodsplosion.

When I got to the Assassins, I was shocked at how well the BM worked on them.

I recorded each section after the area that eventually becomes home to Dukino’s Mom. May start a Krieg journal in the Gameplay subforum. Part of that is just to help me recall the spawns in the early runs down the road.


…first time with a Baby Maker, or just using an on-level one in the peak?

First time with Krieg using a Baby Maker. He was level 52 4 days ago, and he’s my first Krieg. It has been a very interesting experience. I basically play without a kill skill, which is apparently normal for Hellborn Krieg. Still a strange concept to me, despite having been doing it all along his journey.

There is so much to manage and set up. It’s a fun and different kind of problem solving. I may go ahead and work up Gaige after Krieg is done. That would be all 6 (I have a copy of my daughter’s OP8 Gaige, but haven’t worked her up, myself).

Post 5000… wow!

Did more farming. I’m off tomorrow, so I wanted to set up APPEALING SAW DUMMY for a run to OP3 and then OP4, if possible. Going to try to get a Harold with any prefix other than Double Penetrating, and a non-Twin Hornet. Got my first and second Legendary Psycho mods off the loot train. Upgraded my Adaptive shield substantially.

That said…

Thank you all for your contributions to this ongoing share of fun and experience in this game. I appreciate the way this community treats its members, whether long time regulars, new additions, or drop-ins.