What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

(Master of Eeveelution) #5120

Found every vault symbol in the game (Opportunity was a nightmare and Hatred’s Shadow has probably the most well hidden one in the game) save for the Lair of Infinite Agony, I’m waiting to do that one with a friend along with The Winged Storm (though I know that one, got it on a different character), once they’re done I’ll have every area challenge in the game complete except for “Grenade fishing” which I still have not figured out.

(Vault Hunter "Farming what can't be grown" ) #5121

I enjoyed some coop RAID boss runs with a friend last night. Ended up farming Vorac for Practicable prefix for the interfacer. after roughly 25 kills, we decided to call it a night. didn’t get what we were looking for. Fun, never-the-less. Before Vorac we were crushing the Ancient Dragons. I ended up upgrading my Blockade which was nice. :smile:

(El Hombre de la Mancha) #5122

Hint : it’s almost exactly the same as the quest at Treacher’s Landing in BL1 if you’ve played it.

(LunaticOne) #5123

started the last 4 nights off by PL’ing some randoms and helping a couple other randoms gain a couple OP levels ending last night with helping a couple Friends a couple friends get from 72 to OP 8, thinking I might relax a little for a few days just pushing my BAR higher and going on a few random killing sprees.

(Master of Eeveelution) #5124

I only went back to BL1 for Crawmerax (after being told that he was harder than Terramorphous) and don’t think I even did any side quests :open_mouth: I’ll figure this one out without google I swear it, I just need a coop partner or two to split the workload with, the other challenges at Hunter’s Grotto took long enough so I just abandoned the last one.

(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #5125

Don’t know how much you want to figure things out for yourself or not, but @CountKarloff’s Loot Maps are amazing resources for things like this!

(Master of Eeveelution) #5126

Cheers, I may have to concede this one and dabble in some cheat sheets if I can’t figure it out, the next time I get to play with my coop partner we’ll check it out after the Lair’s vault symbols but at this point I think that link you posted will be my go-to. Thanks mate.

(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #5127

Just find any spot with a fishing rod in it, toss a grenade at it, and pick up the fish. I’ll warn you now that one of the areas is technically outside the map, so you’ll have one of the border turrets aiming at you if you take too long. Fortunately, there’s cover you can back into, which resets the timer before you get insta-gibbed.

(Master of Eeveelution) #5128

Cheers for the spoiler text, I wont read it just yet :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll return here in a few days if I haven’t figured it out by the weekend.

(Jakobs, now and forever.) #5129

After about half an hour to forty minutes of wrist-numbing button mashing I killed an OP8 Iron God using the Deputy Salvador build. Video is uploading as of right now.

(brendonkeister) #5130

Dying, dying, and dying more. Took a break from Kreig to try and unlock OP8 with Maya but I just. Can’t. Do it. Maybe I will have to start up TTAoDK for a grog so I can healthgate more efficiently because her healing skills aren’t quite cutting it.

(Heed the call of the Ninja Manatee!) #5131

Spent some time in both Lv. 72 and lv. 50 trying to farm for some new Quasars for my up and coming characters. No luck so far–mostly due to the lack of Ultimates I was getting to spawn. (Maybe like three total?) So I took a break from that and turned my sights onto a couple of bosses.

Started with Madame Von Bartlesby (the stingy witch) and only made out with two Baby Makers total after about thirty runs–neither of which I needed. So I turned to the Assassins for a couple of Emperors, but again, still didn’t get ones I wanted.

Finally farmed for some tubbies, but didn’t turn up any so I called it a night.

(Nissanzaxima) #5132

Finally made it to OP8 solo with Maya! My OP7-OP8 run I died in the very first part to a stupid slagged Spiderant but my next run I cleared it with only 1 close call in the part right before the OMGWTF fight with the Ultimate Badass Sruveyors and Loader (my fault though I didn’t do it properly though as I was getting a bit nervous).

Feels really good to finally get to OP8 solo for the first time. Maya is amazing at the peak at being able to control the chaos with Quasar+Converge combo. What feels even better is I farmed all my gear throughout the run and didn’t get gifted anything. The only thing I did was add a 2P for certain story mode gear (Sandhawk, Ladyfist etc) and luckily on my only Sandhawk run at OP6 I was gifted a Corrosive Sandhawk which made life so much easier. A tubby in the dust also gifted me a OP7 legendary cat Mod with +123% SMG damage after only 20 minutes of farming tubbies for one (first tubby I found!).

I’m really excited to try more solo Digi runs with the other characters but not having Phaselock scares me lol.

But yea I was pretty much able to clear it with

OP6 Corrosive Sandhawk
OP5 Skorry Fire Lyuda
OP6 Lady Fist (nothing special)
Grog (obviously)
Longbow Quasar (TERRIBLE 2.2 fuse time though)
OP6 Chain Lightning
OP7 Bee

Up until my OP6-OP7 run I pretty much only used the Hornet/Blockhead combo since they are easy to farm. I really didn’t have any trouble at all until I got to Dukinos mom and realized I needed something with a little more DPS. Although I did beat her once with a regular lady fist but I died to the constructor right after where Saturn spawns… and I didn’t want to have to grind that Mom fight again. I didn’t even need the Grog until my Op6->OP7 run.

As someone who has put about 700 hours in the game I hadn’t played the Siren until this playthrough and I have to say she is AWESOME! Easily my 2nd favorite character behind Zer0.

(Wh-?! A mask?! This is tooootally my face! I... uh... ) #5133

Well done! OP8 is my favorite level to play at. Since you stop outleveling your gear, you can build up a lot of different sets and toys. I frequently do runs through the Peak, switching up spec and gear. Thought Lock, Sub-Sequence (w/o TL), Twisted Pimp, Blurred Trickster, pistols only, Etc.

(Nissanzaxima) #5134

I tried farming OOO for a twisted pimp build. Two hours no spawn. I spawned about 7 total over 20 hours on my XB1 and still have never gotten that damn gun.

(brendonkeister) #5135

Getting shafted by the 4 assassins has become the most infuriating thing I’ve experienced in Borderlands 2, and I’ve had some pretty maddening moments. I’m always half a second too late switching to the grog for healthgate… Dear GOD this is awful.

(El Hombre de la Mancha) #5136

You’ll get it. This is making you a better player. My experience was the same.

(brendonkeister) #5137

I know it is haha, just was venting my frustration here because if I do it out loud my gf will kill me :stuck_out_tongue: is there some strategy I don’t know of here? I’m not using a Bee because for one, its entirely too squishy/weak in that close of range and two- i wouldn’t be able to keep it up anyway. Not to mention I’m having a lot of fun not using it all the time like I used to. I have a big boom blaster, but its literally my only at-level shield. The capacity is great, plus the chance of a 25% booster has proven helpful a couple times.

(El Hombre de la Mancha) #5138

The BBB is a great shield. As grenades are your best friend in the Assassin battle, it’s a very good choice. You might want to necro your “rate my build” thread if you need more specific help but I can say that singularities - specifically Quasars - completely saved me on that fight - especially when you get all 4 of them. Toss one every 10 seconds if you need to to control the field. Also pretty sure you’re still packing a L Siren & L Binder, but I go Binder there every time.

Also, glad you’re not actually ready to end it all. :grin:

(brendonkeister) #5139

I was hoping you wouldn’t say Quasars :sweat_smile: I’ve had abysmal luck in getting them (0 drops to be specific), not to mention just getting the buggers to spawn! Maybe I will try some more then… I can’t deny they seem to be an integral part in a LOT of builds. Side note- how would I “necro” a thread as you say? I’m actually fairly new here on the gbx forums!