What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

Anarchy is better utilized in later play. (UVHM especially because who rejects a damage boost?)

Death Trap, for me, has always served best as a second set of hands to get me out of FFYL, thinning out a dense mob, or being a distraction in order to seek cover. I only invest in Strength of 5 Gorillas so he’s worth while when called upon.

For me, [Leveling to 30]
(http://bl2skills.com/mechromancer.html#553000100000050050100000000000000000) here’s how I started out.
In order:
Cooking Up Trouble
Strength of 5 Gorillas
Close Enough (This and So5G are interchangeable)
Fancy Mathematics
Upshot Robot
Shock and Aaauuuggghhh

Of course it changed multiple times, but these are some of my base skills in any build…

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Is it just me, but looking through her skills, all of her % boosts are all really low compared to other characters?

Probably due to the predicted use of Anarchy, would be my guess. Added damage, % boosts, class mod boosts plus more % boosts, relic boosts, etc…makes for a hard hitting 13yr old, who sawed off her own arm…


I just wish you could turn off their dialogue. Krieg, I want to hear it all. Gaige, I don’t want to hear any of her screeching :smiley:

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If it’s any indication, Gaige was the easiest to unlock OP8 for me ( vs Maya, Krieg and Axton ) - Anarchy capped at 250.

I had an idea of a 72 build using the Legendary Anarchist, I came up with this


Would this be a logical way to go?

I went strictly Legendary Catalyst OC/LBT and never came across a Leg Anar COM - so never built around it.
That looks like a perfectly viable build though (really, you have so long before you get there that you might find that you hate Anarchy and go strictly BFF/LBT ; or hate DT - like me - and go LBT/OC)

I already hate DT, but I can see already that Gaige only has one Capstone that you’d actually want, the shield one, so that allows more point spread in all three trees?

Make It Sparkle has its benefits. Elemental damage ON TOP of regular melee damage. Super helpful in areas that require elemental assistance.

I run a LBT/OC build for serious play with Legendary Catalyst in the mix. Gaige can wreck things with a proper shock and corrosive setup.

Fibbers and Kittens all day! Lock in either a Quasar or Storm Front, sprinkle in a dash of E-tech relics or Sheriff’s Badge, topping it off with either an Antagonist or Blockade - and voila!


Bringing this back on topic then, since this has become somewhat derailed (sorry!), Just taken Axton through Arid Nexus, met Saturn, and am now back at Sanctuary.


Queen Scream has no capstones in her build and does just fine…


Mr. Blasty and his stout little partner hit Opportunity like Mongolian invaders; ravaging and pillaging relentlessly. Took no time at all. So we hit up a few side quests for XP and farmable bosses. Didn’t really do much else and ended at the Where Angels Fear to Tread mission.

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Axton the Apathetic is now at the start of Hero’s Pass, and i’m decided if I can be bothered now, or if i’ll leave it for the morning.

Nope, I had precisely the same result as Vinterbris’s Axton. One completely failed attempt at the map at 46, then a second attempt after hitting 47 that was difficult but successful. If Krieg were the same level as the enemies in Sawtooth Cauldron (as he is in NVHM and UVHM), yes, it’s a very fun map. Anyone going in at the natural level (46-47) in TVHM is going to have a very bad time due to the enemies being at 49.

On topic - I took Sal through the Dam Fine Rescue. Surprisingly, it was a painful, death-filled, almost Axton-in-UVHM-like run of suck. :frowning: He hit 39 around the whirlpool (and did get the challenge, yay 0 fuse time slag singularities!) and side-graded his dps gun from the Casual SWORDSPLOSION!!! (33) to a purple Practicable Development (39). Eventually got to W4RD3N, and that fight went very smoothly just because it’s a set-piece where he could blast a rapid-fire quad into the crit spot and kill it before the adds could do much.

At first I thought the problem was Sal’s shield (level 35 Impaler, so 3-4 levels out of date for this run). But it’s no weaker than the random green shields dropping during the run. So I’m starting to think shotguns are not the all-purpose weapon for him that they have been so far - surviving out in the open getting close to enemies just isn’t working anymore. Using a Hyperion pistol (if I had any at this level, which I don’t…) from cover, and only switching to a shotgun when many of the enemies are dead seems like it might work better.


Challenge Accepted! :smiley:

I think I have a Krieg at that level and a trial by fire sounds fun! :smiley:


Level 50 Gravediggers at level 46… and level 49 Goliath Blasters and Heavy Nomads… shudders

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Still havent had a single Harold to drop. Im now level 22 lol

You’re probably underleveled for the mission :slight_smile:

No. That’s what we’ve been complaining about. Toil and Trouble is a level 47 quest in TVHM. Sawtooth Cauldron is level 49. For emphasis, I’ll also point out that Arid Nexus is level 48.

Entering Sawtooth Cauldron at 46 or 47 is underleveled for the map; to put it more precisely, the map is overleveled for the quests that take place there.