What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

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Not what I experienced, if he’s there when you first go there I guess it could seem that way though. Besides, Mr. Miz is in Lair of Infinite Agony, not the Mines of Avarice.

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D’Oh! Haven’t had coffee yet today.

Mines of Avarice: threef claptrap missions, what else? Other than main story, I can’t think of anything immediately, and there’s nothing else listed on the wiki.

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Yeah, I don’t think anything apart from Claptrap’s stuff, and obviously the main story stuff that happens there.

I’m assuming it will be the Mr. Miz quest he’s missing, because it’s the only one that may not immediately be apparent, all the others are clearly marked out at all times.

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Mines of Avarice have the Crumpocolyptic(?) mission to get the crumpets (Moxxie gives the quest in Flamerock Refugee)- also, I think you have to turn in ‘The Beard Makes the Man’ mission to get to Claptrap’s second mission, meaning goodbye GN. And the entrance to the Winged Storm, location of the Ancient Dragons, is in the Lair of Infinite Agony…

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Yes, we found the dragons raid. My wife accidentally spent the 20 e to fight them. I figured we would try it since she opened it…we died!

So the Miz must be what we need. I’ll look it up when I get home.

Thx for your help…everyone!

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You’ll find the location marked on the loot hunt map. IIRC the quest marker only appears first time through the map. It’s fairly quick to run through though: FT to the starting location, take the first elevator up then sprint through to the hall (avoiding the mages, skeletons , etc along the way.). If Mr. Miz is not around the foot of the staircase, quit and restart.

There’s a link to the map in this awesome post:

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Speed this up even more, when you spawn in, open your map. If no exclamation mark on the map, reload. It will be there if Miz is there.

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Climbed my way through the BNK3R and decided to go back to the vendor as my backpack was full.

Everyone spawned back. Dont go back dudes, never ever go back.

The BNK3R wasnt hard at all, also got the trophy earned when you kill it without destroying the turrets.

Unfortunately, no good loot besides two Bones and one Skin. Need more on level guns! :disappointed:

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[quote=“VaultHunter101, post:6034, topic:580674, full:true”]
The Mines has two side quests in particular: Mr. Miz, who’s wondering around in one of the halls and will sell you a magical amulet; and the Ancient Dragons raid.[/quote]
@VaultHunter101, you silly goose, Ancient Dragons raid is accessed through Lair of Infinite Agony.

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Both of them are :stuck_out_tongue:

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What has not having coffee done to us all!?

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Hey, I don’t have that excuse (coffee is literally the first thing I do, even before turning the Xbox on!), and i’m still stupid most of the time. You guys are incredibly helpful once your caffeine intake has been kickstarted :smiley:

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Ran the second half of Data Mining in TVHM with BarNoneGaige. As expected, my level 46 nova shield really didn’t hold up well against the constant barrage of splash from all the rocket spam. Actually died three times tackling Saturn due to being very unlucky (bad timing on my part) and then three more times with the BA Constructor 2.0 and its cronies. Some good news though:

  • A random skag pile near the bus stop coughed up a shock infinity, perfect for a BFF/LBT Gaige with no points in the OC tree
  • Picked up an improved class mod which will boost shock damage even more
  • Levelled up to 49 on mission turn in, so in a good spot for Heroes Pass (with all the hand-me-down level 50 gear on board!)
  • Zed proffered a nice level 48 absorb shield, which will give me a bit more breathing room
  • Oh hey! Point into Fancy Mathematics!

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Farmed for a while trying to get Axton a Legendary Soldier COM at level 50, but no luck. Then hit up Knuckledragger and got him a Hornet, then farmed Old Slappy for a new Striker and also checked the red chest there. Got a Texas Striker, and a few other nice blue and purple things at level 50 that will help Axton start UVHM. Dumped it all to a mule since i’m doing this farm with Maya (for the speed).

Then finally grabbed him a new Hammer Buster from McNally, took 2 drops to get a level 50 (first was a 49), eventually got this

May try for a COM again before starting UVHM with him, but the midgets in TVHM are very tight with drops :confused:

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Well, in all honesty, coffee and energy drinks turn me into a 2yr old on crack. So I usually avoid them, unless I feel like subjecting my friends to harmless punishment because it usually has hilarious outcomes…albeit they are mostly crazy random happenstances that my hyped up state adds to…

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Last night I got some more Jakobs Sal in - Lynchwood, Dep’s Badge, etc.
However, I got a notification that I have achieved the Empathetic badge. I’m very chuffed with that - that’s a lot of :heart: 's in 6 months. I’m about to have a Sally Field moment.

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For round 2 today, I picked my Krieg (PsychoAnarchist) back up. He was sitting at level 27 waiting to go to Heroes Pass, but that felt a little low so I did a bunch of jobs for Zed and Scooter. Now level 28 and a bit, with a bunch of tasty level 30 gear all ready and waiting. I’ll probably do a bit more to get him to 29 before starting the run down the pass to the vault.

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Doing a tandem Krieg and Sal where I level them up doing the same missions and end them on the same level, then swap the appropriate gear afterward. Today was all about farming the dust before doing all the Lynchwood missions in the optimal order (which changes for me once I have Mcnally unlocked):

I start with the Bane: Horace’s Echo behind Ellie’s in Bug Gulch
Farm Mobley & Getty
Walk off of the ledge by the second cemetary plot at Boot Hill Church yard & get a car
Jump the low peak to the Red Buzzard Nest’s chest
Drop down in the car to Mcnally’s shack
Drive through the Dahl Oil wells to check for the Gwen’s Head if it’s not at Ellie’s en route to the Lynchwood train station
Kill the Zaffords, hope for a maggie, check for the Gwen’s Head if needed
In Lynchwood get the bounties from the board
run down & get Dukino freed
En route to getting through town to the stairs to get to the medicine, check the bank
Get the Laxatives, then get the medicine
Go get the skag bites to feed dukino and head up and get Gar’s Echo
Feed dukino the skag bites & head out to get skag tongues
Head up to blow up the train and get the Bomb From Mad Dog
Kill the three skags before the elevator and try and get crits so you have 3 of the five skag tongues needed.
Grab the bomb cart and put it in place.
Head up to Mad Dog’s area and kill him en route to the detonator.
Blow up the Train and head towards the drilling area and Kill Skag Riders for the remainder of skag tongues if possible
Feed the little skag the laxative and pick up the mixture when it puke-dookies
Crit that little skag for another tongue if you need it.
Head over to the grave across the drill yard to get the Bane.
Head down to the bank & blow it up. Run out of town *turn in the skag tongues if you have enough on the way out of town)
Hide the Loot from the bank robbery, and if needed kill Posse members and crit their skags to get tongues
On the way back into town (double back the way you came at the end of the tracks) get dukino and escort him to the Mine to complete his mission set.
Go to the bounty board and turn in all the missions to unlock the shoot out with the sheriff.
Head to main street and kill Nisha the sheriff and leave Lynchwood… for now.

That run went pretty quickly for me.

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Farmed midgets for what seemed like forever to get Axton a Legendary Soldier COM, but had no luck at all :confused:

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It never ends lol.