What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

Didn’t know he could be at Scooter’s and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him when I first got to Sanctuary.

A Ravager? My man!


Scooter’s, Marcus’, Zed’s, Moxxi’s, Raiders HQ, and generally just hanging out. I think there’s something like 10 possible spawn locations? Someone made this helpful map a while back:

There’s a text list here:


yah, Ravanger is better than the Madhouse strapped to his back. He has that a lot I’ve noticed.

had company and watched The Great Wall, so not a lot of game time. was able to squeeze in Sheriff v Bilbo:

@Handsome_Dad Thank you for the Youtube comment.


After rocking OP8 Maya for a long while I decided to try something new and started a new Gaige playthrough. Got a Hornet from Knuckledragger and did all Hammerlock’s missions, so ready to tackle Bewm Boom at L6.

First time ever with Gaige so any tips welcome!


Step 1: Regret your character choice
Step 2: Shoot things until they die



Gaige kicks ass. This is a great recommendation from @l_gabrielcruz from V’s thread :

Gaige Experts Wanted


Thanks for the mention :smile:
Im actually writing a guide to Gaige as I did for Axton, but it is far from finishing. My work is killing me right now.


1- Once you enter TVHM decide if you want Gaige to do the heavy lifting or DT and spec & gear appropriately
2- Neither Blood Soaked Shields nor Anarchy are required to play Gaige but will make certain builds better
3- Gaige may be the only VH that can thrive w/o any capstone skills but if you want DT to carry the load Sharing is Caring and Make It Sparkle are almost mandatory


And taking these two skills will turn DT into an absolute BEAST. You’ll never have trouble mobbing again.

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Thanks. Still early in NVHM yet so will keep that in mind!

Have you decided the tree you want to get down?
If you are going BFF get PaaP instead of UF and get Explosive Clap too. Main drawback is that the only DPS skill you have is TbH.
Sweetheart and Roboteer are the best COMs for this setup, Sweetheart against bosses where DT doesnt melee and Roboteer for mobbing.

LBT you should get Shock and “AAAGGGGHHH!”, Max out EB, EE and then you decide between IO and WDT. IO allows you to swap to a Maniac Technophile COM in boss fights. When mobbing, use the Catalyst for Max EB damage.
If you get IO, take a point from EE and put it into WDT for the COM boost.


Not yet, no. I’ve got Anarchy, as it seems to be the skill that everyone mentions for her. Once I’ve managed to train myself not to manually reload, I’m sure it will be useful. :grinning: It does take a bit of getting used to as once I get 150 stacks I may as well throw my sniper rifle away! I have to be practically standing next to someone in order to land a shot. I’ve also put a couple of points in Cooking Up Trouble, as health regen is a must for me. After that it’s a matter of guesswork!

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Anarchy early on is kind of pointless, and only really something to consider in UVHM. At least that’s what I got told when I asked for Gaige tips.

Wow, not a lot time last night, but was still able to get an hour. Summer is fast approaching here and other things start getting in the way of gaming :disappointed: You guys running into that?

OT…Had time to bring 51Axton to pick up the tera mod I got for him. I’m in UVHM and started running through frostburn. Getting hammered because my only slag source is the turret. Need to make some adjustments in skills and gear and I’ll be back on track. Stopped after I killed the 2 badasses that jump down. Died once because I got stuck by the pipe by the wall (didn’t make sense). Btw…haven’t used the terra mod yet.


Maybe jump back into TVHM and go and farm Mick Zaford (assuming you sided with the Hodunks) for a Slagga.

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Good idea, but at level 51 what level would the slagga drop at? 50? Or is it at a set level?

yes I’m not wholly sold on it, but I’ll give it time!

It should be level 50, although it could also drop up to two levels lower because GBX Math. It’ll last well as a slagging tool though. Slag chance is more important than outright damage. since (a) slag has a longer duration in UVHM and (b) you can switch to another weapon to finish. Even at-level greens and whites will get the job done if your target is slagged.


It’ll be 50 but it doesn’t matter, you’re using it primarily for slag :slight_smile:

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Sorry I got mixed up, I meant kill Tector for the Slagga assuming you sided with the Zafords.

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