What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

[quote=“SomeRandomGuy11, post:8123, topic:580674”]If it makes it somewhat harder and keeps you on your toes so to speak i might give this a go for some fun.[/quote]As @nombre said, get the filter tool so you can enable/disable what you want. I think I’m only using about half of it myself?

[quote=“SomeRandomGuy11, post:8123, topic:580674”]The thing i didn’t think was very balanced were the 250% increase to DOT damage as i think that is just too much[/quote]Same here: I turned that right off with the filter tool. :thumbsup:

[quote=“SomeRandomGuy11, post:8123, topic:580674”]Lastly it’s just a normal txt you add like the others?[/quote]Yeah, but it’s seriously worth using the filter tool, and incorporating the text of the extra alterations that way. Basically what the tool does is two things. First, it uses a special type of formatting for the text in the patch file so a) it can organize things and keep them together, and b) turn them off and on. When you look at the text file, you can see the formatting (it’s got a simple set of markup headers).

When you open the filter tool, and open the patch.txt file, it presents all the changes with check boxes next to them. When you uncheck a box to disable that feature, it adds an “off” switch to the markup for that piece of code in the text file (so you don’t have to go in and manually pull things out, plus if you want it later, you can just re-check the box).

This extra text file comes pre-formatted for use with the filter tool, so you really just paste it into the patch.txt file (within the overall patch header), and it’ll show up in the filter tool, ready for filtration.

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@Adabiviak @nombre cheers for that, i’ll look at that then.

I think i said yesterday it had kind of run it’s course with me but i wont rule it out just for a bit of fun here and there. I didn’t like it for my melee Zero but was told about this for the same reasons. I can’t use the FotFh because i have mild epilepsy and when @the_Nocturni made a version without the nova i was very thankful just to try it but can’t use it without the patch so i’m torn down the middle with the patch but thanks for your input as i’m always looking for new ways to enjoy this game, and whilst i know some people are dead against it, and i fully respect that as there are a lot of things i don’t like just in vanilla BL2 that happen at times, i’m will to take the time to appreciate what some rather crafty people are able to do for the sake of variety, and maybe some of the little things like auto pickup Eridium will make there way into BL3.

Thanks again for the response =)

You can use the “less blinding firehawk” patch without running the main community patch, just save it as a seperate file and execute that file only.

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I’d not even considered that as i was thinking it would need the main patch to function correctly, but i’m new to this so thanks for pointing that out man.

There is the other side of me that says “But that’s not fair” when it comes to my vanilla BL2 stuff, which probably sounds odd, but this won’t change the effect of the shield with DOT’s, only the nova he removed. I only use the RR and used it all the way through the peak to OP8, but it would be nice for the Assassin’s and stuff i wont lie.

Thanks again, much appreciated :thumbsup:

Happy birthday hattieinduni!

For once I can be on topic. I took Sal out again to see if his new level 44 gear (Striker, perfect slag transfusion grenade) would make him do any better. Answer: no. I’m getting to be about as unhappy with him as I am with Axton and Zero. He’s more effective than Axton and less squishy than Zero, but dies a lot. And as I’ve said in other posts, this is with a slag Rubi in hand; how people like Jefe can stay up so well without any Moxxi at all utterly baffles me (and yes, I have as many skill points as I can in Brawn - 9/5 Hard to Kill, 1/5 AGTTB, Leg. Berserker COM). The grenade does help, but there are only three uses and they’re delayed burst heals. I’m remembering why I found transfusions unreliable with Axton back in the day.

Sal made three attempts at Opportunity. First time, got the surveyor lures, died in the first plaza trying to place them. Loaders dropped him then jumped away to hide behind railings and/or ION loader shield bubbles. Second attempt, died around the time the first constructor dropped - not to the constructor, just to the engineers running around not dying fast enough or taking enough damage for the Rubi to keep Sal up. Third attempt, barely beat the constructor, got the beacon, waited for the big constructor to show up, killed its minions, got it down to ~10% health, took a knee, died.

The recurring problem is that I cannot get second winds with Sal. If I put a Topneaa in slot 4 as a FFYL gun, that means no swap set of long range guns, just Striker/Rubi or Hyperion pistol/Rubi pairings available while gunzerking. If I have a Chinook in #4 to pair with the Hyperion pistol at long range, none of the four pack enough punch to get a second wind. And Sal takes a knee a lot. :slight_frown: Down Not Out would be a great help, but that’s 20 levels away. Which isn’t looking likely right now.

On the plus side, the Stinger, I mean Striker is as nice as it looked! Gaige should have fun with it someday, assuming she doesn’t crash and burn in TVHM too.

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This little bomb dropped on another thread sending at least 2 of us scrambling to our OP8’s to go tubby farming. In my case, I’ve dredged up Cinco d’Maya - still looking as stunning as ever ( with her Dr. Crazy head - of course ). It’s been at least 6 months since I’ve played her.

I run a SS build almost identical to Slif’s - and well, she’s incredible. Antagonist + Kinetic Reflection + Cloud Kill = no shots fired deaths…at OP8 :astonished: ( and by the way, Blight Phoenix really is stupendous ).

So, Blockhead in hand, off to Hallowed Hollow…nothing…so off to the Dust…one freaking tubby…no pearl.

Then checked the status of Creature Slaughter : still open!
I kept repeating round one - quitting before actually completing it - and got several. So far, I’ve gotten one pearl - an Unforgiven ( which is obviously over-leveled for OP4 Sal - I’d really love to get him a second one ).

I shall persist. I got “the eye-roll” from the wife as she went off to bed.

Edit : Ahhhh!! 3 Tubbies in one round!


I don’t really no why, perhaps i’ve heard it somewhere else but always thought this was the case, and an incentive to get to OP8 and “hopefully” be rewarded for it.

About the “eye-roll”, just show her the new shiny when it drops and that should turn things around … “Hopefully” :grin:

Even though a lot of people don’t like them there special to me as this was the first Pearl my young son ever got when we did co-op together, so thats why i like them, even with rubbish scopes.

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I can assure you it wouldn’t help. You should have seen her face when I told her I made some videos :no_mouth:

It’s ok though.


@Worblehat your not the only one. I’ve struggled like hell with Sal.
Even though I’ve learnt alot here , I can only manage about 30mins at a time with him.
I should get to 72 by the time BL3 comes out!

@Jefe ha! , as soon as I read that I was like , ohh I’ll just have a quick mooch with OP8 Maya.
No tubbies. :angry:


I tell ya, round one of the Creature Slaughter is the best! I’m still on it.

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How does it work with the creature dome?
Do you do all the waves from round 1 then exit without turning it in?

There are four waves : skags near the elevator ; spiderants at the other end ; third one is mixed ; then spiderants again.

If no tubbies show by the middle of the last wave just die or quit so that it registers a “fail”.

Make sure you don’t kill them all or it’ll register “complete” and you’re onto round two.

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Are you using the Pandemonium mod with the UVHM+ ?

After playing with the mod made by Aaron000 it also randomize guns for mobs. It was a big surprise the first time I ran the mod.

“I’m back bitches!” -some hot chick with tattoos on Pandora

So, took my young Salvador out for some more get-to-know-you, and it’s been paying off HUGELY. :wink: It’s so good, so good, you just won’t believe how good… And so on.

So HERE is the build I’m using at the moment. That’s right, 6 levels tonight. Now a level 47 Gunzerker. More on the build in a minute.

Started where I left off last night, with Sal about 5% short of level 42, at the train station in Lynchwood. Went back up on the roof to play crazed gunman (“One’s a profession, and the other’s mental sickness.”) with that Dahl sniper. Back downstairs to gunzerk a bit and fry some bandits. That was fun. Crossed the 42 line. Moving on…

Decided to go ahead and take the dive on WEP; even if I didn’t feel too ready for it, I needed to get Mordecai back to Sanctuary so I could take the Rakkaholics Anonymous quest for a slag Rubi. Had little trouble getting through there. Having a fresh-ish Heartbreaker, lobbed shock Singularity ‘nade, and a level 31 Thrusting Unkempt Harold, Close enough I figure. Also brought Tannis’ quest Doctors Orders with me, so the midgets would be plentiful. Had the last one in the midget room dropped me THIS little gem. That’s been handy. Did the Bloodwing thing, back to Sanctuary…

Took Rakkaholics Anonymous, and on my third dashboard farming attempt I got a slag Rubi. Don’t even care what the parts were. I wanted Rubi, and I wanted her in slag. That’s all. Done.

Moving on, did the quest for the Slab King, and then the one for Jack’s body double. Both went almost too smoothly, as though something were up and baddies weren’t spawning as much as I remember. Never saw the Constructor, for instance, at the one voice sampling spot. Weird.

Up Thousand Cuts we went. Caught a little Hell at the very beginning on the Hyperion side, with two UBA loaders and some architects spamming turrets. Also the BA constructor up the hill gave me a hard time spamming missiles and nukes, but then I remembered “This is SALVADOR; he’s not a sit-back-and-plink kind of character, he’s a f***ing meat tank!” Gunzerk, face tank, win. Again, no notable loot happening, and didn’t see a single midget in the whole of Thousand Cuts (I checked the Slab side before starting up the hill). Bummer.

Did the thing, killed BNK3R. Got a nice Callipeen (as nice as a Callipeen can be, anyhow) from ol’ Stingy. Went inside, did the thing with Control Core Angel. Moving on.

With Sanctuary now leveled-up again, I went ahead and did the Perfectly Peaceful side quest. Now, threshers never really scared me with Maya per se, but HOLY NUTBALLS (“What happened to your frickin’ face?!”) do they melt before Salvador, even with an underleveled Rubi and more-underleveled Heartbreaker! To quote Dr. Peter Venkman, PhD (Psychology AND Parapsychology), “Mother Pusbucket!”

Crystalisks are still a little iffy in the mid 40s with a 31 non-DP UH. That 40 CC did alright. As farming another UH is out of the question right now, I’m open to suggestions. Figure Lady Fist is coming around again soon enough, though.

So, took the story quest to head to the Hyperion Info Stockade. You know the deal. Headed to Sawtooth Cauldron, and am surrounded by level 48 (+/- 1) bandit mobs. I can hang, but I think I’d like to get a little more powerful fire shotty before I make this run. And maybe something better than my green level 40-ish Vladof AR for a corrosive damage dealer (just for Mortar’s flying friends, and a couple turrets). Beat up the Golden Chest in Pierce Station a bit, but nothing too good so far has dropped. One time, it was just two Krieg class mods.

I keep getting relatively good green Bandit RLs, so that’s fortunate. Randomly encountered King Mong at level 49, and fried him pretty easily with the Rubi/HB combo.

Really, I wasn’t sure how well I’d adjust to not having the Phaselock AS for a crutch. Having that with Ruin and Converge, I feared, had spoiled me. And for 38-ish levels of Sal, I was starting to believe it was true. Nope. I don’t miss it at all now. Okay, maybe a little. But seriously, Sal is a freaking BEAST.

It’s funny, getting back to the skill build, that even a couple levels ago in Caustic Caverns I was having Gunzerk come off of cooldown within 1 second of it ending. I can damned near just stay in constant gunzerk now while mobbing, and it’s NUTS.

So the build. Not sure if Huckleberry is the right call at the moment. Between UH and Rubi, I figured the reload speed at least would be helpful. The extra damage can’t hurt, but UH is about to be sold (as it’s 16 levels behind now, even if it DID save my bacon a couple levels ago against a BA Pyre Thresher) and I don’t NEED the damage for Rubi. I have some other pistols, but I don’t really use them that much. I’m wondering what everyone else thinks about that compared to the other two options in left tree at tier 1/2. I mean, once I have a fresh updated DPUH, Huckleberry seems pretty obvious. ESPECIALLY if I’m gonna just spam Grog/Harold like so many others to cheese it through the Peak. But at the moment, and for some periods, it’s just not really doing THAT much for me. Thoughts?

Tomorrow, hopefully, gonna find a good fire shotty and corrosive something, and fight through Sawtooth Cauldron. Hopefully move on to Arid Nexus. If I don’t get too slowed-down, I hope to have a Lady Fist in-hand before I call it a night.

Like I’m doing right now.



Well, a couple days later…


Hello there little buddy :smiley::gift::rat:

[quote=“SixelA, post:8137, topic:580674”]Are you using the Pandemonium mod with the UVHM+ ?[/quote]I haven’t heard of it. What does it do?

I was just wondering, do any of you Xbox One players have any 55-60 gear going spare? This Twister is still useful but I think in a couple of levels I may need to let it go.

I started a new Zer0 together with my bro’s new Sal… and found these guys on the way to Flynt.

Look at those dank RARE guns they have. Makes me wonder if they were the real masterminds of Flynt’s bandits, taking an occasional stroll to the outside, which was very unfortunate since apparently a pair of Vault Hunters just decided to visit their camp, and made them meet their ends…


Well the reading continues and i’m nearly 3000 in with a good 5000 to go and the way we keep adding to this i may never catch up to the end, but i’ll keep pressing on anyhow :grin:

Psymonkee returned to Pandora today and the world of “all things must die at the hands of a Ninja” :jp:

Handsome_Dad was getting some real “Practicable Face to Face Time” with Maya and a few days later bagged his first ever OP8 Lyuda, NE of cause, after racking up over 100 runs (and i’m not talking Cricket :stuck_out_tongue:) trying :thumbsup:

Lammas had this to say after a recent trip back to Sanctuary


Carlton_Slayer also had a lucrative day on the loot scene with this handy score [quote=“Carlton_Slayer, post:2774, topic:580674”]
Speaking of farming runs, I got all but the Bee during missions: a LLM dropped a level 65 Banbury Storm while I was rolling thru Sawtooth Cauldron, Mortar dropped a level 69 Rubberized Pandemic, a treant gave me a level 68 Bee, Spycho dropped a level 68 Neogenator and some random bandit dropped a level 67 Intense Unkempt Harold as I was leaving Frostburn Canyon…


FunkJunkie was on community service duties ridding Pandora and one young gent of his “questionable” gear and educating him on the rights and wrongs that govern the lands of Pandora :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

VaultHunter101 had us in stitches, literally bent over in pain with laughter, hacking our guts up with this stuff


And we can’t forget this little beauty now can we


Oh … i just about sh*t myself with that last one :grin:

And my special mention of the day has to go to @Kurtdawg13 … Firstly for reading this drivel :poop:

And secondly because “Where are you man?” … I’m guessing you’d been workin’ hard or something and just not around for me to read about your antics hey :smiley:

My day was spent donating heavily to the “Re-spawn for Life Foundation” because i like to give back, and not at all because i died a lot at the hands of Ultimate Badass Skeleton’s and the Ghost King’s with my under geared Kreig as i started the TTaoDK dlc today and had never faced any of these enemies with Kreig, but it was very challenging and perhaps i should have gone before i got to OP8, but where’s the fun in that hey :stuck_out_tongue:

So it was a lot of fun figuring out these particular enemies and no doubt many to come a long the way as we make our way deeper on to Dragon’s Keep to meet Buttstallion :unicorn: and one day the Dragon’s themselves.

On the loot front we did very well i think with these quest rewards before starting, allthough had to wait for this

Couldn’t have asked for much better here with the HB, maybe a Bandit grip but this was on the fourth go


And i only found out today these come in elements, or maybe i just choose the shield a lot.


And the “Whitizzel Nightizzel” looking rizzel hot for shizzel :stuck_out_tongue:


Mines of Avarice tomorrow, and 'Maya"be some white and green Minty Fresh Maya tomorrow :upside_down: