What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

Trying for a volcano

Quick question for the Krieg experts (@Enderborn1 maybe?) I always assumed the Slayer of Terra COMs are poor except for a specific use for Gaige, but I just looked at Krieg’s and on the face of it, it doesn’t look terrible. I’m not saying is it better than his others, I know it isn’t. But is it viable as a messing around COM?

Hey guys, I told you guys I was taking a little break, now it’s a mandatory break because I injured my hand at work a couple days ago and can’t grip the controller. Feeling better today. Its funny when you can’t play, makes you want to play more!! Gaming addiction is real!!

Now, I need to ask a Sal question. I notice sometimes moneyshot procing more than once. Sometimes it’s like 3 or 4 times. What’s causing this? This is a good thing I’m assuming so should my goal be trying to equip myself with gear that makes that happen more?

Question 2 , infinity pistol useless with Sal when spec’ed for money shot? I’m level 50, using a infinity on the left hand and lady fist on right hand.

Last one, where can I read about how to switch his guns properly, or even the thing about the left hand gets same damage as right…Idk, I’m all screwed up on this.

Might try to do something later today if my hand feels better, if not, hopefully tomorrow I can play a bit.

Have a great weekend folks!


Sorry to hear that, hope you have a speedy recovery

Inconceivable. The chains are you getting free shots at the end of your magazine.

Yes, you can’t use an infinity with money shot.

If it’s just basics you want, maybe this will help

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I believe it’s decent, but really not as good as the other COMs.

Although the UCP made it is absolutely insane :

If Inconceivable kicks in on the last bullet fired of your mag and stay active, you get a Money Shot Chain.

While it shouldn’t be possible to proc Money Shot with an Infinity for obvious reason, you can make it works through a glitch : Money Shot on Infinity Pistol.

Use your damage weapon on your main hand (right one when gunzerking) and put your utility gun, Grog Nozzle, Lady Fist on your off hand (the left one when gunzerking). Following this example it would give :

  • slot 1 : Harold
  • slot 2 : Grog Nozzle
  • slot 3 : Nothing
  • slot 4 : Lady Fist
    Hold the Harold when you want to start gunzerking and you will have the GN in your off hand. Then you can swap between your GN and your Lady Fist to get either heal or crit while shooting and doing damage with your Harold.

Some links you may find interesting :
The Community Salvador Guide - All you ever wanted to know
Things That Don’t Work on Offhand Guns
I Chain Money Shots while not Gunzerking
Salvador’s skills for dummies


Yeah, just in case @da6770 had difficulty reading the answer he already received, why not post it again.

Is that addressed to me?

Iron Wizardress finished off Opportunity and is now ready for the run up to Bunker. Reverend Pain finished off Hyperious with a last second MS chain while in FFL and got an Evolution for his troubles- up next, Master Gee :dizzy_face: Queen Scream finished off BA Rex (with the help of the Dahlminator) and then Piston, getting a slag Restructuring Slow Hand from him. On a whim she checked out the Torgue vendor and saw a SPUH with the same exact stats as the one she had except that it did slightly more damage. After turning in the mission to Moxxie she picked up the raid boss mission to face Pyro Pete and is now taking advantage of Pete’s Bar to stock up on Torgue tokens first, just in case a better DPUH becomes available. My friend and I continued our co-op trek thru normal, reaching level 19 and pausing at WEP for the moment…


I took OP8 Sal out for a spin last night. I started the Hammerlock DLC so I could farm a nice OP8 Rough Rider, eventually figuring out you need to at least meet Claptrap before ol’ Hammy will open that mission up for you.

After that, I went off to Tina’s DLC to look for a True Neutral Monk COM. I was only in the Mines, so I figured I would just play through and if I found one while going through, great, otherwise I would farm Dragon Keep once I got there. So basically, I managed to accomplish one of my two goals for yesterday in getting the Rough Rider.


I have one :slight_smile: It’s only a purple sadly, and only OP4, but it has a magazine boost of 80%, giving your Duuurp! the magical number of 12 in the magazine, the reason I assume you want one?

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My Maliwan Krieg didn’t have a decent rocket launcher so I decided to go and speed farm Hyperius with Axton. A fool’s errand no doubt but then what do I get on the 2nd try? This sexy thing:

Hellborn Krieg and a Norfleet is pretty hilarious… it’s quite tricky not to empty all of my ammo in one go :stuck_out_tongue: Working on doing the Badass Magic Slaughter with him now. Not easy at the best of times but I’ll get there.


ah, well, I’ve already done that, thanks. I based my new build on the one you posted in the Gaige thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Level 64 is kinda no-man’s land. I’m just killing time until I get to L72 and don’t want to get quest weapons until then

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Explosive Clap seems pretty decent so far. Deathtrap seems to kill quite well with it. I do have one capstone because I like to give DT the extra melee damage from a roid shield

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Everything i’ve read about DT is all of his game changers (apart from Robot Rampage and Upshot) are pretty terrible?

That’s not good news man, but you know what? I’m willing to play a bit extra on your behalf ok, so rest up and we’ll see you back on Pandora soon alright :head_bandage::point_right::smile:


I haven’t measured it, to be honest. But I do see things dying when he uses it. Maybe at later (or OP) levels it tails off?

huh, maybe. I’ve just avoided them because of it, he seems to do enough with RR, kills pretty effectively :slight_smile:

Are you asking a question also?

Do you mean “No” you can’t … or “Yes” you can?


Sorry man but are you having a couple as you had me a bit lost with those responses.

I trust this will stay civil :ok_hand:


I remember reading about @Adabiviak using Explosive Clap a while ago in this thread and he seemed to like it and was getting good results so he may be able to shed some wisdom on this for you.

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