What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

Tried L72 Gaige with a shiny pair of Fibbers (both barrel 2, one fire one NE) and, my word, it’s like she’s just bought herself a cape and a spandex outfit! Tore through the Hammerlock DLC in record time. Everything just, well, melts. It’s like having a permanent Bee, except you have to point at the ground. Now off to Scylla’s Grove to see if I can spawn me an OOO!


Holy crap on a crust.

I have just witnessed RNG sorcery. This is…by far the weirdest thing to ever happen to me.

I’m farming Doc Mercy because I’m a sucker for punishment. And I had just saved and quit, then loaded back in. I paused the game and had to take care of something for a few moments. But when I returned, having simply loaded the game and left her standing still


I looked around a second and discovered that the pile behind her had been disturbed somehow and can only assume it popped from there?

But how!?

It has to sorcery.


I recently did this myself, then went Hellborn Mania, then back and forth a few more times after making it through the Peak and ended up asking a prominent Meat Man expert and he just told me to “tinker”.

I had asked about gear he used and combinations, builds etc, and he kind of told me all i needed to know in the end. Kreig is flexible really and to play him with gear your familiar with or not can both work. He’s just an outright beast, so finding out how you would like to play him as opposed to trying to play him they way someone else would might just be the thing that makes him click for you.

It would seem at a glance that your a motorsport fan? I would liken Kreig to a big diesel, with a bigarse turbo that takes a little bit to spool up but when he’s up a running he’s very hard to stop.

For what it’s worth i just started another Kreig to learn more of just the Mania side from scratch, so maybe have a couple of Meat Men in the backpack to run a muck with. :thumbsup:


Okay, someone just ghosted into my game, killed Mercy, left me the Infinity, and vanished. I am set to invite only and there is nothing on my list of players recently met showing any activity…WTF. Not. Cool.

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Yup … there called “Droppers” a sometimes leave stuff that’s not meant to be there.

I’ve had this happen even with my game set to invite only and they “Dropped” blue legendary class mods … Bullsh*t!

Don’t know how this can happen but it’s some form of amusement to them … you know small minds :poop:


Here’s a little thread you might be interested in … and it’s not what you first think it is. I learnt a lot from this.

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No, I’ve seen that before. They like to pop in, drop a sh*t load of modded gear, then leave. And then your game freezes because theres too much crap there now. Been there done that.

But NEVER anything like this. Someone entered my closed game, killed Doc Mercy, and left me the Infinity he dropped, then just disappeared. Nothing modded, nothing strange - except for the ghost player.

I checked the gun over and by all accounts it’s legit. Lv.71 no element, Maliwan grip, Unending prefix, Vladof sight. Numbers checked out too.


A friendly ghost … Casper maybe likes Bl2 :grin:


Yeah if i try to play him like Zer0 id just die instant…the worst part is sometimes i go into auto pilot and press the action skill button like im using Zer0…jesus christ

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Yup…trying to get in as well lol

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Yup … when you try to throw your DeceptiOn and your playing as Kreig, you may have spent too much time playing one toon in particular … hehehe. I know as that’s how i started, and have learned the value of playing different VH’s at the same time to break me out of some of these habits, and they are also fun so that’s a big plus :laughing:

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Ive got 30 days behind the game and 16 of those days have been with Zer0…my friend hates him but i love him

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I will never understand why he thinks Zer0 and Krieg are objectively the worst in borderlands history

Hey you guys!

Gots a surprise on its way to this thread and it should be fun! It’s filled with goodies and stuff!

But anyways, I’ve just finished a quick project in borderlands 2 with Sparx. More to come at a later point in this day and time.

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Nah…it was me…I joined your game and waited around. Got bored and killed the doc, dropped the infinity at your feet and then caused mayhem with everything in the area. Saw that you were not joining, so I left the game and went to bed (12:30 am). :grin:


You cheeky monkey! Why didn’t you message me that you were on? You had me paranoid about being hacked! We’ll have to try again, but maybe this time we can actually play, lol.


Sorry to make you freak out.:blush:


###On this day in Pandora …

Rumplebunny gets things going with a bang … or more like a Shocking Twist:thumbsup:


Psymonkee had this for us …

Adabiviak was at it again with the pics, and also touched on a point that i’m sure a number of melee Zero players may have come across. Bouncing or glancing off a Crystalisk legs during an Execute attack :unamused:


TheRAbbi was back after i gave him an earfull about his poorly written and rather rubbish posts yesterday, and continued on with more of the same unfortunately :rolling_eyes:

###Oh and he made it to OP8 again. Belated congrats from me TheRAbbi :clap::clap::clap:

Here is some of the nondescript ramblings i mentioned just like yesterday …

Well done TheRAbbi , i have read a number of stories like this so far and each time i hope that they end well and was glad to hear that your journey fared well :thumbsup:

Jefe received a Christmas present he didn’t ask for … :disappointed:

I didn’t know the guy personally Jefe , and as long as one of his long lost relo’s don’t come asking for back taxes, i think i’m ok with it :grin:

Nisciunu had been at the Peak also with success …

jujubes” … ouch!

Jefe also gets my mention of the day for this bit game smarts. (HINT: You are clever ) :thumbsup:

This is in reference to a vid that Joltz did by throwing his weapon in FFYL against Boll to entice him closer …

My day was spent watching my son play some of my toons and see if he could manage OP8 which was a laugh with some as he just got wrecked, but he is an accomplished sniper Zero and does quite well with Maya also.

I then took my Hyperion “HyperAssassin” (original i know :rolling_eyes:) to the WEP as we had just upgraded some gear and reunited this little fella …

With his Mum :bear:

He thought that was rather cool as i had apparently not shown him before this.


I want an actual movie narrator to read this post…

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This guy maybe …

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