What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

OMG I haven’t played the UVHM+ mod with my Thoughtlock Siren yet… gonna save all those enemies with burly weapons for that exact purpose. :thumbsup:

It is a real riot if you manage to catch an enemy with a strong weapon.
A thoughtlocked goliath blaster with topneaas will clear an entire camp, given the time.


After lots of struggling i finally managed to get K the meatman trough the DP and successfully reach OP8.

At first i wasn’t entirely sure at what difficulty level i’m going to play him, since i didn’t really feel like going through the min/maxing game all over again. I tried to find some kind of “middle ground”, and even thought about going back to 72.
Well, why not do both! I can already handle OP8 (to my surprise), and OP3-5 seems just fine for experimentation with new builds / other weapons.

I’m slowly unlocking all of the the farming spots, collecting weapons i want and trying to understand what works and what doesn’t with K. Playing mostly on OP8 and occassionaly jumping to the lower levels, i’ve already managed to snatch some sweet loot!

New Harold?

Got this on my third run. Given how much pain this weapon takes to farm, i’m going to stick with this version for a while. Hyperion/Torgue parts but it has the prefix :sunglasses: Also it’s one of my favorite weapons in the game.


This sentence pretty much sums up my entire BL2 experience.

Anywho, fired up my Brawn Salvador, who was sitting pretty much at the start of Clan Wars in TVHM. So I took him through that chain. Ended up getting an Ornery Triquetra, so I’ll be making a little use of that in the Caverns and the Preserve. Sal just dinged 40 during the chain, so I think I’ll take one run through the Caustic Caverns to try to hit 41 (or get close) before jaunting over to the Preserve.

After that, @BTK420247 joined up and we ran some co-op with my Gaige’s OP8 reset. We picked up at the start of the Fridge and made it through I believe Bloodwing as a Mechro/Siren combo. Then BTK went and grabbed HIS Mechro, and we had some double-your-fun with Deathtraps trolling about. We ran that combo all the way to the start of the Boneyard, with BTK bowing out after we turned the mission in. I don’t think we got any nice gear (okish corrosive Bone, NE Baby Maker), but two Gaiges running around with Quasars and Storm Fronts meant lots of pretty lights. Also, we cleared The Man Who Would Be Jack in about 3 minutes. Opportunity is really fast when you get teamed up with someone who knows what they’re doing.

After that, I jumped back in with @Kurtdawg13 and we did some double Axton action. We cleared up to, but not including, round 5 of Fink’s Slaughterhouse. After that, I stuck around for a single loot midget run in WEP, but at that point it was 9ish and I still had to eat dinner. Fun session though, looking forward to our next one!


Just seen your question @Adabiviak
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Day 2 without video game!!! Thank God you guys are here.


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My most recent activity in BL2 was tormenting Gaige by making her find out which weapons do and don’t count towards the Medical Mystery quest. And they mostly didn’t, but that meant enduring much return fire. As a result, there was considerable screaming.


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Reverend Pain made several attempts at Vora yesterday- none ended well :anguished: Will continue to work on different methods later…


I continued reading more of this post and some other stuff on the forum. Checked out where the beautiful people post pics of themselves proving they’re not robots, or that they are. Saw a picture of Hattie … having a bath :heart_eyes: Posted some music on a couple of music threads, and realised i was unintentionally doing a dotanuki hybrid style Peak run, and during my Op5 run and with four runs to go after that figured i’d just keep going as i was always going to try it one day. I also watched Sun_Tsu’s Peak run from yesterday as i couldn’t watch it live.


I’ve just been chilling in Ivalice, but I still have my home on Pandora. :slight_smile: I still wanna find this damn midget, I’m gonna try and work an STC run into the roto today.


Hopped on to kill Crawmerax a couple times, then my main co-op partner hit me up so it turned into a full on session.

Started with Zer0/Sal and killed the dragons a bunch of times. Lots of Omens including a number of Royals, all crappy sights. Still nice to see them though.

Switched to Maya/Krieg, terrorized Sawtooth, Caustic (had an Avenger pop out of a varkid pile in the warehouse), and a number of other places.

Closed it out with Zer0/Maya (our mains) and we walked through the Peak and whooped on Terra a few times.

Altogether, I think we saw four tubbies, got a Quasar from an Ultimate BA Varkid, a Bonny from the dragons, Storm Front from a chest in the Peak, Nukem from Black Queen, two pearls from the midgets in STC, the Avenger from the varkid pile, and whatever else. Game was giving us that welcome back RNG. lol


I went to take my OP8 Commando down to kill Craw last night and realized I have jack-monkey-squat for shock weaponry on him. Took one run at Craw anyways, knocked him down to about half health, but ammo was becoming a concern and I ended up biting it anyways. So then I hopped over to the Snowman to get some better shock gear, and didn’t really find much at all.

So I hopped over to my OC Gaige build, which was sitting at level 62, and experience farmed for a while. Hit 63 before calling it a night on BL2. Hopped over to the OG BL and played around on that for a while.


Mind blown, got a level 8 Critical CC from a Loot midg during the Firehawk mission:


Sweet! Once in a while, those little guys really deliver the goods. I’ve had a few low-level legendaries that way.

Sparx Zwei has launched into the story of TTAoDK so she can use the dragons for eridium. I like this DLC but boy do I hate repetition. Still will be worth it when I can finally farm though.


Dude i hate hearing the intro to the DLCs whenever i get into it with a new toon

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Maya unlocked UVHM and leveled up to 50 after getting shellacked by the warrior a few times while trying to get the kill using only items belonging to jack’s most hated enemies, Roland, Mordecai, and Moxxi. That didn’t work out so much. The Scorpio, Ruby, Shock Slowhand and Tresspasser, even with the UCP, at level 49 were just not up to the task of dealing with the Warrior and the Volcanic Crystalisks the way I was playing Maya. I switiched to the Skullmasher and things got a lot better. It was mainly a matter of shield choice (neo to start, then purple adaptive) that made the difference though. I was just doing a crap job dodging his fire strikes. Ah well, onward and upward after I get Lilth through PT2.


Been doing a combo of peak runs and general farming. Nothing good from the peak, but i did pickup a practible slowhand in fire (last one to complete the set). Turned my sights on hyperius runs looking to get a better evo. No evo replacement, but I did snag a corrosive norfleet, a devastator (not the best thing in the world, but doesnt seem to drop often), and a NE rabid shredifier (pretty bad parts on it, but I havent had this drop from hyp yet, so that’s a definite plus)

EDIT: Let’s add a shock Norfleet to that list too
EDIT 2: aaaand now a fire Norfleet. If I somehow get a slag one to drop, I will have gotten a full set in 30 minutes. Either way, thank you RNGesus!


i farmed the dragons and fed butt stallion
got 3 nice torgue barrel shotguns and a shock omen