What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

Took my OP2 Maya to OP3 - and very, VERY nearly died. I’ll throw up the video when it eventually processes.

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You fighting Duke’s Mom on Digi Peak? There was actually a thread about enemy type neutrality in the Peak, means you don’t have to worry about elements as they are neutral to any damage even if they have yellow or red health bar. Which also sucks as the bonus matching element damage doesn’t apply except for shields.

The concerning enemies I can remember are Dukino’s Mom and enemies other than Loaders & Surveyors (the ones we saw normally digistructed outside the Peak). Even Loaders and Constructors, inside and outside the Peak, have neutral type when shot in their eyes.


Are you sure? I missed that discussion. I’ve never heard it before now. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just that it’s news to me.

Been a farming machine lately. Almost have all my gear replaced for my OP5 solo run with maya, just going for a NE Lyuda to round it out, while taking breaks to play through TTAODK

Through my farming efforts, I scored (of what is actually useful):

A couple Fire Tattlers
A ■■■■-load of NE Tattlers
A ■■■■-load of evolutions (I spent a fair amount of time farming hyperius)
A Boss Hammer Buster
A new Antagonist that is the closest to perfection that I have gotten
Somehow got two new, on level DPUHs with perfect parts
A new casual Flakker
A new Bee that I will still continue to barely use
My First ever Leg Nurse Com


I can’t find a link but there is a thread about it. Complete screenshots of testing results.

Found it:


Thank you, very much. Interesting…

I came across that not to long ago. It’s why I have been switching to all NE load outs while I work through the peak and some other odds and ends

That is kind of funny. I got a perfect NE Stopping Sandhawk from my ‘Whoops’ turn in today, and only kept it for a bank trophy. Now I may use it!

My highest level character is in the 40s now (just hit 43, WEP is next). From what I’ve read, I thought one has to focus on the main story quests in TVHM otherwise one will end up overleveled at the start of UVHM and get slaughtered. Is that not true? Your Bunker-farming and leveling suggests that I may have misunderstood something… If UVHM triggers on hitting 50 rather than on killing The Warrior in TVHM, that would be great, I’ve been itching to do DLCs for weeks now!

For the sake of being technically on topic - my most recent session took Axton through a couple side quests. Hit 43, still dying a lot, exited the game to poke around here on the forums instead. :stuck_out_tongue:


Finding out that the Veruc works better in most situations on my OP8 Mechromancer build than the Bekah.
Eat your heart out Jakobs (on this build).

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My daughter and I had a little run with a new Zero (her) and Krieg. Went from a cold start through Flynt. I can see why many people find Krieg appealing, after dabbling with his AS and looking at his skill trees. He obviously favors a very dynamic style of play, and the call outs and visuals are cool. He’s not my style, but I like him as an occasional change of pace.

Killed Hyperius a few times and did a full Washburne clear. Nothin’ but Evolutions.

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Alright, here’s what I’ve been doing lately. Recorded all my Peak runs - no failures yet (save/quitting with the mission active auto-fails, but I haven’t died during the runs yet)

Finally did OP8 solo, as usual, as Axton. Wasn’t much harder than OP7. I died on my first two attempts to…rabid skags. Some choice language was heard after the second time. The Scorches don’t bother me anymore, nor the Black Queens. I got lucky and drew a mere twospawn in the assasin pit. Saturns were cake. The worst part was the bit right before OMGWTF. Went down twice in a row and burned just about all my norfleet ammo getting back up. Got the first Mongol I’ve ever seen from Dukino’s Mom, and a Critical Butcher from OMGWTF. Fun run, I played fairly well. And since I originally had help doing 7 and 8, this is a small milestone for me. I actually enjoy Peak now. I just wish it didn’t take so long, or you could do sections of it.


@Worblehat I just leveled up a bit (49 and a half) now I’ll run through the rest of the story quickly. I shouldn’t be more than level 51, maybe 52 when I start uvhm. I like to be a least 50 when I enter uvhm.

Finally got my first Blockade at OP8. This shield is amazing. Kinda tank’ish imo.


I was farming the Bunker last night and noticed a buff in Sham drops. I had 6 drops in about 2 hours of farming him exclusively. I had 1 SMG drop but 6 Shams?! just really lucky RNG I guess. Still, I was intrigued as to why it was mostly all Shams that were dropping. In my experience, the Sham drops the least compared to the Bitch. I didn’t want to stop, thinking I had a really good run on RNG and didn’t want to lose that. I’ll pick it back up tonight and see if it keeps dropping. :smile:
but the best to drop for me so far is 87% absorb.

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That last part before OMG was definitely the hardest stretch for me with Axton. It’s still my least favorite spawn in the Peak. I’m less bothered by x4 Assassins.

Congratulations on solo completion!

@ kurtdawg13 …I ran the bunker 16 straight times 2 nights ago and didn’t get one Orange drop. The day before I did 2 runs and got a proactive bitch. RNG baby! Gotta love it


Praise RNGesus!!!

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