What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

Me either. I do remember reading about @hattieinduni ‘s problems at this map and in the TT DLC also iirc some time ago in re-capping this post, but like Jefe i don’t have, nor have i ever had a problem on that map (one of my fav’s) or on any map. I’ve never had a crash and my PC is junk. I have made a couple of cheeky ini edits to help with the looks and make my framerate nice and steady which i have locked at 72fps, but i’m not rockin’ the sort of hardware that Ad is with PhysX and as a novice PC owner i would not be able to offer much help in that area but i did do a mild-ish OC on my little 1gb 5770 to help but it’s like 8 or 9 years old 2nd hand and i wasn’t worried tbh if it died, but it hasn’t missed a beat. The only place i can remember my frames taking a noticeable and repeatable dip is in Washburn near H3RL-E.

Sorry if this is no help and that both of you have these prob’s as it must get frustrating at times.


Hmm, about what kind of timeframe would you guess?

I think my rather poorly kitted Maya was in there for a decent amount of time running all the missions in her recent trip through in UVHM, and she wasn’t exactly speeding through, even ran the missions sequentially…

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It’s not too frustrating - the map works well enough for long enough to complete the missions. Let me see if I can’t standardize a test to cause a crash, and see if others have the same issue.

Jakobs Assassin rolled the Forge and did a couple 12 O’Clock High missions as well as the Commercial Appeal. It was a fun change of pace to rock a Torgue Ravager with Zer0 for a while. Those boys in Flyboy’s Tower were unusually lucky with the RNG of UVHM+, and I really had to lure them out one by one or get killed. :grimacing:

Bandit Mechromancer rolled Sanctuary and picked up the This Town Ain’t Big Enough mission. That was just enough to get her warmed up with some Anarchy, so she went back to Hammerlock for more and picked up the Bad Hair Day and Shielded Favors missions. I never noticed before that Claptrap gives melee damage numbers when you high five him. He can’t be slagged, take Death Mark, be Executed, or any number of debuffs, but still.

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Interesting that it doesn’t affect everyone - in this case I’m fairly sure it’s not something that can be adjusted with settings because it’s so, so common (when I haunted the steam forums which have a lot more - and worse - traffic it got brought up all the time), and I’ve had it on both my desktop and my cruddy laptop before that got nicked. I’m also pretty certain it’s not a time issue - yesterday’s crash was late on but I’ve also had it when I met Jack’s double. Ah well.


Made a few more attempts at Vora with the Rev and am learning a few things- but not from success unfortunately. The Rev found an alkaline Op6 booster shield in a Doc Zed machine, then an OP7 alkaline spike and finally an OP8 alkaline turtle shield. Decided to go with the turtle shield, which helped keep the Rev alive when Vora tossed spikes at him. I realized I will have to change tactics if I keep using the classic DPUH/GN, as standing on the far side of the arena is costing my due to lack of accuracy- it may be time to try a fire Lady Fist here instead. Also, a Lighting Bolt might be a better choice as when I use the Chain Lightning I sometimes catch the Rev in the initial throw, and with Double Your Fun that usually means trouble. I’ll look at making some tweaks to the build for dealing with Vora, but in the end this particular build may not be up to dealing with Vora at OP8…

Sarge Steel pushed on thru normal though and is about to head to WEP- should finish normal in another couple of days…


Things got very very late last night with story advancement ( just about to go to Hero’s Pass ) and various farming runs. I got the 3 primary goals : a Transformer from Pimon in case I need it for the Peak ; and a fire BoA from the WEP LLM’s, which I have been lacking this whole time ; and a new Hard Harold ( I g-damn hate the DP ) - so much better.

Also got a Gentleman’s Storm with Vlad grip and Mal stock & scope

One of these :laughing:

And a Bee. I thought my last one was bad, but this one has two Pangolin parts to give me the worst possible Bee of all time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also noticed this for the first time ( it says “BIKINI BITCHES” )

Also, for @Worblehat , I found this shield guide which has a better assessment of the effect of parts than the wiki has :

Edit : on my way back from the WEP, I got more stuff!


lol, did not see that upon inspecting that skin just a few days ago. lol

I went back to Dexi and tried my luck…Spawned Dexi 3 consecutive times before depleting my Ridrock levels.

Another Tumtum Elephant Gun drop from Arizona. Still no matching grip.

Yay! double Leg com drop. :roll_eyes:

I nice pic of my 3rd Dexi drop of the evening. NOTHING of note dropped. Not even a decent nade. :persevere:

out of Ridrock, time to re-up…decided to go back to Bunker, this was on the way…

Changed my mind and rerouted to Washburn Refinery for some Hyp-bashing.

on the way to Hype.

Hype was just that. All Hype. lol :smile:


Last session i had a wedding to attend with my Assassin and his imaginary friend, aka "Hack … & Slash" but as was apparently customary to do we had to partake in the gathering of some items to help with the good fortune of the Happy Couple which involved firstly kidnapping a baby …

And then torturing said baby which "Hack … & Slash" did in a way that some would call unsympathetic and heartless, and was totally uncalled for. But “Z” did what had to be done for the sake of love :couplekiss_man_woman:

And with a Haiku as is normal for Z

Then it was time to get the wedding underway with the help of the special Love Potion

Which seemed to be working until the $h*t hit the fan and all hell broke loose in an all out war between everyone, and left "Hack … & Slash" in the middle of it with no choice but to subdue everyone … or another way of putting it would be … He killed everyone including the “Happy Couple:laughing:

Then a stray :balloon: appeared so Z stuck a :pushpin: in it and :tada:

We found this truly epic world drop …

OH … i also did some fishing of sorts …


It’s a game day for me : holiday here in BC , air quality pretty bad from the forest fires ( so no trail running for me ) and the wife’s working.

As posted a few hours ago ( heh! ), I was about to finish off the story : went full B0re ( <pun ) through Hero’s Pass and was shocked and surprised to see my adversary once again ( I thought I should maybe write a final chapter to 0tt’s saga, but no inspiration struck ).

I took out the Jacks and his various minions almost solely with my new Storm, which proved to be extremely impressive ( yes, very impressed with the Storm ) but finished him off with the Avenger. Then I dropped the Warrior with my new Sawbar, which I hadn’t really planned on ; but with 6/5 in Vel0city, it got the bullet-split range about right. That went amazingly fast ( especially as I farmed a better Bee than the crap one I got last night ).

I farmed the Warrior for a while, the only keeper being this :

Then went to see Tannis ( I use any excuse ) to get the Terra mission. I also used the Sawbar on Terra to remarkable effect. The main problem being the range, so the fight got pretty hairy. Anyways, success , back to Tannis ( :heart_eyes: ) to turn in the mission ; then back to Terra for some farming. At OP2, the fight took me an average 10 minutes and I died every other time. No Hide ( not that I need one yet ) but got another of these :


Nice Weisenheimer! :open_mouth:

Dahl Commando went to Opportunity to see how long it would be before the game crashed (just to get a starting data point: I am using the UCP, and this was as much to see if using this didn’t change anything as it was to use it in principle). After facing down an SGT Loader gunzerking a pair of Banes (dude was basically stationary) and an Engineer rocking a Hellfire (why yes, it does light you on fire something fierce), the game crashed at a little over 41 minutes into the map.


Is that what a real one :astonished: i’ve never seen one of them before. It must be an extremely rare weapon.:exploding_head:

This would be very funny to witness. Are they audible as well? or is that how you new it was rockin’ Bane’s in the first place and i’m just a :clown_face: :poop:y head that’s :no_good_man: and should :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Too early in your summation of this but do you suspect anything in the patch? I had wondered if it could be a factor but remembered that Hattie said this had happened on her old laptop so started to think down the lines of hidden and/or possibly extra polygons that your cards might be rendering like in Crysis 2 or 3 for example where newer cards were being hobbled for sake of, shall we say consumerism? Maybe not the correct word but it’s what might have been used at the time just like the Witcher 3 and Geralt’s hair. Anyhow i’m probably 100 miles off the mark, but i think it’s pretty cool of you to try and work out what’s causing this :+1::+1:


I’ve only ever seen green ones in the wild. I have a full collection of these Maliwan-barreled SMGs per manufacturer that I’m trying to fill with all purple versions. The Shoky and Weisenheimer are the only two I have left in green: I have a purple Storm, Provocateur, Revenant, and Wellness (where all the rest are blue). When the weapon pool is a zillion guns deep, some things are rare just because they get buried in the numbers. I’ve never seen an Attack Defender before either.

Nope - this was a thing I’ve been working around ever since I got in the habit of spending long amounts of time scrubbing maps years ago.

Dahl Commando went to try out a new UCP COM and picked up The Name Game mission. I tried to kite these Bonerfarts over the bridge to the entrance to Frostburn Canyon, but they couldn’t “see” me over the arch of the bridge, so I let them get carried away throwing snowballs at me. I think there are six in the air at once here. :grimacing:

Explosive kills of those Pyro Nomads causes their gas tanks to explode... one Nuke to corner them, a second to detonate them.



Yeah i was kind of pulling your leg there as @jefe will probably know, and i have been known to say a couple of things involving this particular weapon on the interweb machine in the past :grin:

I seem to get the Backburner in a purple variant a bit from the Warrior, and have a few of the Gemstone ones also come to think of it. I know i have a couple of the Emerald Dahl ones and Cubic zirconia as well from BS and maybe some others, and i definitely have a Diamond one as i’ve had a few of them and know i put at least one through the grinder and maybe one in the lava “bew_ style”.

If you’re open to offers i’ll gladly gift them to you if you want, as i don’t want any of them and don’t use them. I’ve never really used SMG’s much at all tbh. Anyhow like i said if you want them just yell out, if not no probs.

ps: Exploding a Pyro Nomads fuel tanks is so satisfying that i sometimes get a little annoyed if i don’t get the kill that way. Maya and CK are the biggest culprit for that.


Thanks! :bookmark::slight_smile:

And wow, :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:s are dropping like crazy lately!

How do you get the giant balloon to appear? Not destroy any :balloon: anywhere on the map? I always shoot the little balloon clusters on sight. Partly because as Tannis says we VHs will shoot anything, partly habit from doing one of the Claptastic Voyage map challenges for Overlook.

Re: crashes in Opportunity, I’ve never had that problem. Not sure if I’ve been there for 41+ minutes, but since I’m not a super-fast player (usually) it’s not unlikely. My hardware is wildly in excess to requirements for BL2 though, especially since I keep physx effects off to try to minimize clutter on the screen. It’s hard enough for Maya to see exactly where her PL target’s head is without globs of acid dripping out or all the environmental Converge debris flying around. :slight_smile:


i’m currently farming vorASSidous for fire & corrosive practicable interfacers, and i am just getting pissed left and right

chief ngwatu mostly goes for my turrets instead of me, which i don’t want
the savage midgets keep attacking me, preventing me from opening my menu, and i don’t want that
vorASSidous keeps rabid’ing me, and doing those novas
and he kills my turrets with no effort at all while in rabid ■■■■■■■ mode

all i’ve gotten is a non-elemental practicable interfacer and a tumtum hawkeye


I don’t believe it turns up during the main mission, but only afterwards on repeated runs. It’s quite easy to shoot it down accidentally or possibly have it shot by your turret when it’s just floating up over the water behind the wedding arch area, and if you are still fighting other enemies after you have killed the Happy Couple the balloon can already be above you and a lightning bolt will strike it and pop it for you. I don’t think enemies can pop the balloon although i can’t say for sure. And if you level up the HC they will drop more loot i think, not better, just more. Hope that helps :+1:


I found one of these the other day from the Ancient Dragons.
I think I kept it because the name was so weird. I’ll have a look.

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Ditto. I love getting in behind them and putting rounds into that tank. It’s frustrating when you have little jets of fire coming from it, but they die from something else. Don’t want to get too close when it finally goes off though!


Started the attempt to finish all of the BAR challenges today. The crouching assault rifle is easily the worst, idk how anyone gets it done


I think it comes out if the happy couple has leveled up all the way before you kill them? I’ve only noticed it once (though I think I’ve had it come out numerous times… I don’t look up often, and the lightning gets it).

The “collection” is a set of screenshots of the drops, not the actual weapons. While they’re very good armaments if you’re playing with world drops, I’m playing with a fixed library. Thanks though! :+1:

Some of them, Unique gimmick or no, are quite good depending on what you want out of a weapon. “Fire and forget” DoT kills at OP8? Dual elements? Interesting projectile behavior? Random powerups? Unique Tediore reload detonations? Three (more?) variations of curses for extra combat challenges? High raw damage output? (Low damage output?) The SMG landscape in BL2 is pretty awesome, I think.

Maybe - I might Execute right into those packs with Zer0 just because it’s funny. WTF IEDs are also unusually lethal against these guys.

edit - sounds like a great breakfast run! I’m using an overpowered, blast-proof Aequitas shield here, so these detonations basically wipe my shield but don’t dip directly into my health. I love how it blows you back a little despite the apparent momentum of Execute. Also! Killing Pyros this way does not trigger Many Must Fall, even though I get the credit for the kill (note the kill skills but lack of the MMF icon). Melee killing a Pyro without hitting the pack does trigger Many Must Fall. Weird. Also, one of the Nomads was packing a Seeker. :grimacing: