What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

Well fresh off the sucsess noted in my last post :point_up_2::point_up_2: this last session in BL2 i decided to try co-op for the first time in a very long time, and my first time on PC. I had tried some Match Making back on the Xbox but that was just a number of very disappointing ventures with what seemed to be just PimperHabbing Sal’s, or explosive Norfleet Sal’s or ShamFleeting Gaiges and Sal’s and after about four or so of these ventures i just said no thanks and other than couch co-op with my very young son just so he could join in, it’s remained the same up until yesterday when i was feeling brave and thought to myself “What the heck” and joined a game with a couple of guys.

I joined as we were just about to start the Hyperion Slaughter round one. The first guy “Hugg” (might be a fan of the secret bear in the WEP) was ok and the other guy “Striker” (a Flying High fan?) fancied himself as a bit of a melee Zero player also, and things were going ok to start with up until about round three where the wheels started to fall off for young Striker …

With a casual “Whoops” and a “thanks” we had him back up and running … but not for long … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Unfortunately this is what most of my time was spent doing and in the end it was just easier for Hugg and myself to stay close to this guy just in case so this was my view for the rest of it … :roll_eyes:

Let’s just say he’s not going to break any World Records any time soon with that sort of form hey :wink::wink:

So off to the Creature Slaughter Dome we went and things were a little better here on a whole and both Hugg and Striker were doing ok but by the end of the fourth round the pressure had mounted and Striker bailed when things got tough, so myself and Hugg finished round five without Striker in style :sunglasses:

So that ended my first ever co-op experience and … well lets just say it was a day i’ll never forget … like ever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So a big thanks to Hugg and this @StrikerZidane dude for their time anyway, and who knows, maybe i’ll try it again some time soon :wink:

To be continued …


Still better at melee than me


Last couple sessions I unlocked OP2 for Zero, played smarter, albeit slower making sure not to leave surveyors by themselves. Assassins were a pushover with my new OP1 roid shield I found on the train.

Attempted the OP2-OP3 run, spent 15 min 1v1 with a BA Shield Surveyor that I eventually killed luckily I had a grounded shield. Then promptly killed myself with my lightning bolt trying to regain some health. Next run went better until I ran into my own Kunai as I killed the last loader in the bonehead area.

Decided to do some OP2 WEP farming with Banshee Maya for some hand me downs. Got an improved shock and corrosive bone, a slagga and the first three Avengers I’ve ever seen. Decided to try for a chain lightning but realized I was still on the rune quest. Ran through with ease and the UBA Sorcerer you get a few rooms before the dragon dropped me a chain lightning :slight_smile:

Respecced to a real build and took Maya online and tried matchmaking for a first time. Went reasonably well except I kept losing connection, but that wasn’t too surprising. Lag wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be.


Took an early melee Zero from 20 to 22 in Opportunity. Need some anti constructor and heavy loader gear for Thousand cuts so will have to pick something up first before continuing with the story. I might respect to B0re for Bunk3r as well, as even though I want to do melee for this Zero play through, melee’ing him must suck I’m guessing.

Spent most of the rest of the session playing with @Sun_Tsunami, we rocked a crazy (though ultimately unsuccessful) Peak run with that most syngerstic of combos, melee Krieg and melee Zero… I switched to a reaper Krieg on the spot, though couldn’t respec as we had already started… with Sun carrying me, we made it to the Saturns where he died, and then I screwed it up in the next area against a not too hard spawn of loaders. Made me realise that I need to learn how to play Op8 gun Krieg and base my play around proc’ing Blood Bath. After that amazing synergy with that combo of chars, we rocked Friendship Gulag and then picked up a couple of Maya players for Lynchwood and Sawtooth. Although my Krieg was a bit of a bystander in the last two with the subsequences ripping everything apart before I could close gaps, still a great way to end the session and I still got the occasional huge bloodsplosion chains with the 4 player spawns.


Day 20 - Salvador regains Sanctuary after questing a bit to 41, then goes to normal to farm some skins because I’m bored. Got the ones for novas and shotgun in short order. Quickdraw took a while - he had around 400 to get - and while in Southpaw, got an assassin skin. Quickdraw achieved literally on the very last assassin. “Very ef-ficient!”

Back to TVHM and leveling to catch up to the story quests. 42 reached. While listening to Hammerlock carry on about one of his quests so I could swipe his arm, I popped a quarter in the slots, and got Jackpot!. Did Mine, all Mine!, and a digger rat dropped a Killer Bee skin… which is very weird, because this is only supposed to come from a Halloween event SHiFT code, long over. It’s also the second Halloween SHiFT code skin I’ve had drop.


The SHIFT code skins are low probability world drops. And the SHIFT codes still work if you want them.

On topic - I spent a fair bit of time with Zero today, running Tina’s DLC from the start to the beginning of the Mines of Avarice, leveling from 30 to 32. Getting kunai was a rather big deal at 31; I’d heard the skill was very good, but wow was that an understatement! :astonished: I need not have worried about how Zero would handle the Warlord fight! He’s actually very fun and effective now, so I’m glad I kept plugging away at him through the suck levels.

After considerable gear-shuffling (as usual), Sal got himself a new slag Rubi and then finished the Hammerlock DLC. Rouge dropped a Hydra, which looked nice until I read about its gimmick and tested the firing pattern on a nearby wall. :disappointed: There was some weird ragdoll physics nonsense going on at Elite’s Crossing, as shown in the strange screenshot thread. As I had hoped, Transformer + Deputy was enough to beat Jackenstein legitimately, no :cheese: required (unless you count the Transformer as mildly cheesy). Nothing useful in the loot room, as usual.


For the international visitors to this site there are two national lotteries in the U.S. of A. named Mega Millions and Powerball. The Mega Millions was won on Friday night (not by me, unfortunately) but if I had one of my first actions would have been to rent the largest billboard I could and spell out in all capital letters, “I F@#$%^&G HATE VORADICIOUS!!!” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: First, bravo to anyone who’s ever beaten that overgrown jumping cockroach at OP8- you’re a far better player than I am. Reverend Pain tried both the Pimp/RL combo and the Infinity Shot build, and of the two was more successful with the latter build- which means he didn’t die within the first 30-40 seconds of the fight. A fire Infinity may have helped with the Infinite Money Shot build but I’ve spent enough time on that endeavor (in fact, I’ll have to make another mule since all of the Rev’s farming took up about 2 mule in and of itself). ARRGGHH!! For now the Rev is going to drown his frustrations in the various bars of Pandora before starting his OP8 reset play thru.

In happier news Dee Lightful had little trouble in reaching OP2 last night (Dee is running a Thoughtlock/Ruin build with 5/5 in Sub-Sequence). Right now she’s doing it with no Moxxie weapons and only 1 point each in Sweet release and Elated, although she does have a L. Nurse should things get hairy. Dukino’s Mom might be a sticking point but we’ll see when she gets there…


Just a word of warning to Xbox users- the shift codes for the Gearbox coms are mistypes in that they are 1-2 letters short (as are a few other codes that they mention as still working). If you really want those items you might have to contact another source for the full code…

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How many of those actual codes that say they still work do? Some are quite a ways back

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Carlton, the way I cheesed Vorac at OP8 is Pimp/Creamer. I think I used a Neo shield…maybe Rough Rider ; Leg Gunzerker. What actually wins the fight though is NKLO.
Once the midgets come flooding in, take one out and the overkill damage will go through the roof. I didn’t even bother with the Chief, NKLO ate through Vorac’s shield in no time.

The Creamer’s damage is good enough and the healing is obviously substantial.


In the link that I posted, all of them still work. That’s the whole point of that thread.

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@Carlton_Slayer I remember a couple years ago when the Powerball jackpot hit like 1 billion USD; I worked at a package store at the time. (That’s a liquor store for those unfamiliar with the term) We had just gotten our lottery machine in a few weeks prior to that and sales on it during that time were absolute madness! It was also easy sales for us cashiers since we were trained to spot inebriated persons and took advantage of their state to make the sales :laughing:


I just questioned it. Bring some of them are years old. I tried even the most recent ones non worked

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The thread is from June. As of 29 days ago they still worked. The thread title is “Active SHIFT Codes”.

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I tried the August ones and they did not work

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Just finished the Torgue DLC


And killed Pete with melee


Über-käse on my part : I borrowed Trey’s (OP4) Love Thumper as I haven’t lined that mission up yet ; I stuck to the scaffolding to avoid the novae ; and I occasionally threw my decoy into the wall to de-agro him.

The fight went kind of predictable until I guess Killing Bl0w took over ( +1000% @ 10/5 ) and it seemed to just one-shot him. I was sure he was over 30% health but obviously I was wrong.

Other items of note : I farmed BARex for an æon for a Practicible shock Slow Hand only to find that - for my purposes - the Splasher Blashter is way better… and doesn’t kill me.
I also farmed the vendor for a Pun-chee and got a very nice one that will be my go-to for now.


Whatever thread you’re talking about is not the one I linked to. Which explains why we seem to be talking past each other here…

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To clarify , those are PC codes.


Wow … tough crowd hey ???

Enough of the funny business, and hands up if you did get it … that’s     1 … 2 … 3 … about 3 or 4 of you hey …

First of all, hats off to you @StrikerZidane for letting me, (the real “random” and i mean that literally) take the mickey out of you on a public forum in such a way, as that is the sign of a champion bloke in my books if ever there was one. You are an absolute legend to me for letting me do so, and i thank you so very very much for not only that, but making my first co-op session something i truly will never ever forget. Just awesome :+1::+1:

Shame on you people for not sticking up for “young Striker” when i was having a go at him :face_with_raised_eyebrow: You should have been ripping into to me for picking on someone just doing their best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and not letting me get away with such nonsense, although i know some of you knew what was going on … hehehehe :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Everything in my previous post :point_up_2::point_up_2: was "totally fictitious" as Striker for those of you who don’t know is arguably the single best ever melee Zero player of all time, like ever, with Boreshot being the other right there with him as is pointed out in a vid i linked a while ago from @fakeengineer with his “Top 5 melee Zreo players” and it was both Striker and Hugg that were tearing it up in style. In fact the only thing i remember killing was some barrels at the start of the Hyperion Slaughter arena and time :timer_clock:, as these guys carried me through it and were just awesome to be along side in a game with. You can even see me in the Creature arena just jumping around doing nothing and yelling "I’s Striker Zidane … OMG it’s Striker" … and that’s about it.

This video is from Striker and shows exactly what happened, except the first bit … i think he staged that also just like in the pics in my previous post, you know … to make us feel like we did something …

So, as you can clearly see Striker and Hugg were the ones tearing it up in style and i was just there for the ride, and what a ride it was. Still can’t believe it happened :exploding_head:

So once again Striker thank you so much for making something i thought was just a unachievable dream :star_struck: up until the other day, come true as it was just awesome to share some gametime with you mate and any time you want to carry me in the future, i’ll be there ok :+1::grin:     What a legend.


I tried the link that had PC PS and Xbox codes. The Xbox codes did not work

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