What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

I’ve been lurking here for awhile, and decided to make my first post.
Just would like to say it’s very entertaining reading about what everybody has going on in their game.


Farmed for a few hours for a Rustlers Orphan Maker. Got one the first try then realized it’s the same damage as my current one… DOH! Forgot to change from 72 to op5! :rage:
Eventually got one then decided it wasn’t quite worth it yet to go for a new slag lady fist in the new reset (old one level 70), and so said screw it and went for the next OP level. OP 6 unlocked!

Took a break from sal for awhile and made some more progress in my NVHM no red-text maya run. First time playing maya and wanting to challenge myself with not using red text guns. Around level 21ish, got down to cloud kill the. Specced into sweet release to get some healing in my kit without moxxi weapons. I have to say so far maya is a blast. Using Jakob’s snipers to just pop heads off of phase locked enemies is very satisfying.

That’s it for my first post, I look forward to continuing to share my stories here!


I see some PS4 Co-op Melee Zer0 sessions in my future (hopefully).:crossed_fingers:


@Sun_Tsunami is there a community of Borderlands Forumers in the PS4? You mind creating a community in the PS4 and add forum members in.


That’s weird that there isn’t : there’s one that @Tokesy97 started for PC. But none for XB nor PS that I can find :thinking:

This from the guy who doesn’t co-op , lol




I unlocked the Skin for Sal from Poker Night 2. Downloaded the reward but it isn’t in my shift account. I perused the forum to see if this is a ‘thing’. Turns out it is. Long time and trusted community member/friend pointed me in the right direction to get this resolved. Thank you so much @Sun_Tsunami you are a tremendous help and I truly appreciate you helping me. :innocent:

The Zendesk has been quick to respond and helpful thus far. I am extremely impressed with the quick response and now communication as I provide more specifics to my problem in the hopes of getting it resolved. :blush:

I can’t wait for this. :sunglasses:

Edit: Dude! They are all over it! Love this…

I have not received a status update, but I decided to check on this myself and look what I now see that was not there before:

Looks like Geovana S. from 2K Support worked some magic. :blush: I cannot confirm it’s accessible, but seeing this has my hopes up. :smiley:

If I get access to this I’ll be sure to post a pic. :wink:


A big session for beginner Melee Zero… took him from 27-33, through NVHM into TVHM finishing off when I got the power back on in Liarsberg… got Many Must Fall after defeating the Warrior… Took it out in the first area of Windshear Waste and chained killed all the Bullymongs in both areas in one Deception. “That was…AWESOME”. Got the “Unseen Predator” trophy too which I’m guessing is for five in a row… Still rocking an L16 Law and a L25 Order so need to update this gear sometime soon, mainly the shield and then maybe a slag transfusion grenade for healing since I won’t be able to use the Law for that. Starting to get into the rhythm of Melee Zero, especially now that I have Backstab (and will have Ambush in a few levels), about lining up kills through the back of the enemy. Still getting into trouble in loader areas and sometimes against Marauders in terms of not knowing how to close the gaps when Deception is on cooldown, but I’m really liking this playstyle. Been cheesing the badass constructors at the end of NVHM with a Lady Fist/Bee combo and I’m not sure how I’m going to fare using melee against Flynt in TVHM. Will probably give it several go’s with melee and then switch to cheese if I’m not able to do it.


I now have the head on my 360. I tried transferring my save file through the cloud so I can have it on my XB1. That did not work. :sweat:


Maliwan Mechromancer rolled Hatred’s Shadow and did the Loot Ninja mission. As she’s all hopped up on elemental damage, it’s hard to pass up the Legendary Catalyst COM, but she was going with fire damage for the orc sections, so she wore a Slayer of Terramorphous COM briefly. With my custom UCP, the Slayer COM has been restructured to focus on fire DoT output (which basically makes it a weak Legendary Catalyst with the exception of the ignition chance). With a Hellfire, Evil Enchantress, slag, and Gaige’s own DoT buffs, orcs were totally melting.

This is about where I like the DoT: if I build and loadout with the best DoT gear in the game (Maliwan because of her allegiance not coincidentally), chumps should die from it, but larger enemies should need repeated application. Gaige should only be able to do this with all of these ingredients on deck. If the enemy isn’t slagged, Evil Enchantress isn’t activated, she’s not wearing a COM that buffs DoT, or isn’t using some of the best elemental weapons in the game, the damage over time shouldn’t be that “easy”. It’s fun to earn kills like this.

Unstoppable Force was just barely preventing this sustained attack from wearing down my shield.

Interspersed Outburst, barrel explosion, digisplosion, and orcsplosion. :slight_smile:

Storm orbs, on occasion, have a difficult time tracking an enemy if they’re not moving. Hitting this dragon anywhere near the front pretty much guaranteed that he’d eat a lot of zap when he flew through the resulting storm cloud. I got lucky with a crit to finish him off, but the DoT (given my Anarchy stacks, shock gear loadout, Evil Enchantress from the little dragons he’d drop, and slag from Interspersed Outburst) was hitting him pretty hard.

I love how elaborate these enemy attacks are and how much detail they put into them, where they’re still capable of wrecking you. These guys usually cast this spell over you, then bind you with another spell, so you eat the ice damage. This swipe will be curtains for this sorcerer. I think the falling ice shards are pushing the slag Physx goop outward too.


I had a bit of time to play tonight, so Zero did Hatred’s Shadow. He searched for the elusive loot ninja and slapped Prince Jeffrey around before taking on the Handsome Dragon. Since there was some confusion about the issue not long ago - Winter Is A Bloody Business has no prereqs, you can always do it when you’re progressing the main story through this map.

Zero’s first :mage: was kind enough to drop a :chains::cloud_with_lightning:.

Ding 33, yay! But the next map is the Lair, so it could be a while before I pick up Zero again.


Dee Lightful managed to unlock OP5 on her third attempt of the day, and had something interesting happen in the last area… Her first attempt ended at the Assassins when- after going into FFL- I realized that I’d forgotten to reload my DPUH, and by the time the reloading animation was done the second wind target had taken cover :expressionless: Her second attempt ended at the Doc Mercy stage where- while concentrating on taking out the loaders- a skag ran up on her just as a loader shot took out her shield. The unnoticed skag then proceeded to do her in (this time she had her Pimpernel equipped, which while still great at taking out constructors, is only level 72).

On the last attempt she rushed to the far end of the map next to the gate that opens to the exit, taking out a bunch of Exploders before getting there. After that she dealt with a couple of surveyors and the random enemy or two. As the last surveyor bit the dust the foghorn sound sounded, the pop up popped up congratulating Dee on unlocking OP5 and Doc Tannis started talking. Just as Dee was about to head for the elevator the turret train showed up, which is something I’ve not seen happen before but then again, it’s only recently that I’ve started to head for the far end of that map, so this is something that could always have happened. Anyone else ever have this happen to them?


Had another go at using Long Tall Sal , this time with better gear. (Grog , DPUH , Fiorentine , Heartbreaker and an Antagonist for shield.
I re-specced , even though I still dont know exactly what I’m doing , and things actually died!
More importantly I stayed alive long enough to make things die.

The whole gunzerking thing still confuses the hell out of me , especially when the guns seem to end up in different hands.

I’m getting there though , slowly but surely , (lvl63) , so I shall persevere.


The gun you have equipped when not Gunzerking will always go into your right hand when you activate the skill. The paired gun will then go into your left hand. So if you have slot 2 in hand when you hit the action skill, you’ll have 1-left and 2-right. Conversely, if you have slot 1 in hand, you’ll get 1-right and 2-left.


Ah , that should make it easier to figure.
It was a bit baffling to be honest so thanks for that.

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I ended up swapping the default in settings so that, while Gunzerking, my mouse buttons would actually correspond.
This was a problem when I was using Jakobs : that left mouse fired right gun ; and when you’re trying to be accurate, well the brain just doesn’t work that way naturally.

The only issue with that was when Gunzerking finishes, all the sudden I was spamming ADS instead of shooting…but I adapted.

On topic : now at OP6, I needed another gear roundup : Badaboom went rather quickly ( 3rd try ) ; and a new Chain Lightning to go with my new Grounded (!) Pun-chee.

If you weren’t aware, the easiest way to farm one is from the Lair : take the 1st elevator from the FT station to the top level ; take the first door on the right , run straight ahead and jump down to the ledge on the left side ( opposite from the vault symbol ) ; the gate opens right into the wizard area. The dude at the back left is your target.

Trivia : on average, the Lightning Bolt has higher impact damage than the Chain Lightning and is actually much better at stripping a high capacity shield.

I had a couple failed runs at the Peak, but they were silly mistakes , so I should get OP7 soon!


Haven’t run into this issue on console - LT is always the left-hand weapon and RT the right (main) hand. Is this THE instance in which a controller is better than KB/M?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I assume that using the “Southpaw” configuration for lefties would cause similar confusion, though.


Level 15 Maya.
Was in the Dust so, went to Lynchwood.

They were level 22

But she had the Hellfire!

Went down once but revived, was able to burn them all.


Love that map. It can be frustrating at times, but very rewarding to clear.

Problem solved! :fire:


2 down, 4 to go.