What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

Playing with Shock Storm, I took my Maliwan Mechromancer out for some sniping through Thousand Cuts, The Fridge, and then the last wave of Fink’s Slaughterhouse. She was on point, but a Goliath Blaster with a pair of fire Norfleets took me down fast. I’m not sure there’s any cover on that map other than hiding such that he won’t actually try to fire the weapon. :grimacing:

Anyway, I had better luck with their weapon spawns the next time, and nailed it.

I will die here.

These Mutated Lab Rats ganged up on Deathtrap and cooked his goose fast.

Deathtrap is spot on with this One Two Boom (those four Goliaths will eat it).


Not a lot of time tonight, but Zero completed Tina’s DLC and hit 35, sadly in that order. I had been hoping to use two seraphs (Stinger and Blockade) against the Handsome Sorcerer, but oh well, Pimpernel and :crossed_swords::boom: were plenty good enough. NVHM no longer exists, there is only RRFM below TVHM! (RRFM = Rid-Rock Farm Mode)

I also respecced Axton, moving a whole skill point around to make use of his new Leg. Soldier (I wish the game just let you unlock the skill tree to do tiny adjustments like that, rather than respeccing from zero). After looking around his quest log and available quests, The Ice Man Cometh looked like a good test run. I thought I’d done it already on him, but apparently not. And I’m always happy to discuss mathematical humor with Claptrap. :slight_smile:

Sadly the new COM was not the magic bullet I had hoped it might be; I just cannot Axton. One furnace rigged, two FFYLs, one death, pthbbbt! :-1: The new Hyperion PC was decent but not as awesome as it looked. An experiment with a blue NE Dahl sniper in a long-range AR type of role didn’t really work. Slagga and Harold are good at what they do, like on any character, as is the Fire Bee. But he’s a low dps, low survivability character so back into retirement he goes…


On her one and only attempt last night, Dee Lightful unlocked OP8 :smile: Will mull over mule gear for a while and then send her out for an official OP8 Peak run, after which I’m going to take a break and get to work on a long delayed RL task- nothing serious but I’ve put it off for far too long.

I get that not every character is for everyone but this seems an odd statement for a character that is considered to have the second best shield skills in the game (and Grit! Grit is a great skill IMO). If I may, could I possibly see the build you were using? I’m not so arrogant as to believe that any suggestions I make might change your mind, but I’m just curious as to what might be why he’s so lackluster for you.


Yeah, that seems weird, but I guess it depends on your context. If you’re coming from a (for example) Salvador Pimpzerker, Zer0 Grog Nozzler, Maya Beehawker, or Gaige the Anarchist, everything else is going to seem weak and soft. What’s your loadout as well?

Tediore Siren is going after some BAR challenges, since all three of the top ones here should fall together. For the Shotgun Sniper challenge, the Octo, conveniently, is great for this. Its shot pattern puts all the pellets in one point every few feet with extremely high precision. Overcoming the sway for high accuracy is another thing, plus my Octo is slag, so I need to really get their health down and nail some crits before their health regeneration catches up. I had to turn off Cloud Kill too, or it would steal all the kills.

Related: Scorn doesn’t seem to be able to knock out those chunks of flesh the midget Goliaths vomit at you.


Now 0tt’s at OP8 and I finally got the essential gear upgrades : Hide ( yay!) , Slagga , Twister ( my very first ever from another Sal farm run ) , and other odds 'n sods.

The Hide, not being grounded, couldn’t stand up to my Chain Lightning, and the DOTs would eat me - luckily I kept my OP4, which seems to be about right. I took a run at the Peak, and after a couple false starts and some gear adjustment, I made it to the Assassins but fell to sloppy positioning.

Next up : Twister. I took that to Moxxi’s DLC. So, uh, nice gun. I did the last bit melee and just kept the couple alive to see how many bodies I could pile up ( including mine a couple times ).

All in all, OP8 Zer0 is frankly pretty damn hard. As I still have my OP4 clone, I’ll continue with him - I’ve got lots of content to get through with vanilla quests, DLCs and Headhunters.

I always wonder why I’m in such a hurry to get to OP8 : the change in combat is so sudden and dramatic ( to me ), that I really need to just play the game in between runs so I can learn the character properly. Luckily I can still do that.


was messing around with my captured footage. stuff I hadn’t edited or made my way back to for whatever reason. Found this and uploaded it under this conspicuous guise: "farsight37(Mr.Dr. Awesome)"

@farsight37 :acmaffirmative:


Fortunately I got all the gear I wanted off of my mules for Dee Lightful as XBox is now having ‘issues’ on their end. Hope they get if fixed by tomorrow…


Ran the Forest for an on-level bee for Zero to take to the peak for Surveyors if I have them solo. I was reminded why I love playing Melee Zero when I was able to almost one-hit Warlord Grog (hadn’t leveled up again yet). Got an average one on the third run through.

Failed a few more peak runs, luckily they were so bad I didn’t waste much time on any of them. Of course, I decided “just one more run”, and was clearing out the first part of spawns in the first area when I got a legendary World drop on the peak, an 85% Sham.

Despite farming bunker for levels with Zero in Normal, TVHM and UVHM I had never seen a Sham drop, and here it dropped from an average spiderant (an arbalest I think).


Very cool - I can’t ever remember getting a Sham as a world drop.

Now it’s off to farm Wilhelm for a Logan, eh?


I’m sure Grit is great, I’d love to have it. At level 57 after adjusting for the new COM that’s what he looks like. So no Grit until 63. My judgement is that a slag turret with the Guerilla skills is more important than two turrets and the Survival skills (even Grit). Are you saying that this would be better? Longbow is mandatory, otherwise the turret has a duration of about 2 seconds before it’s destroyed. So although Double Up + Gemini is technically possible at 57 it’s not a viable path.

Pimpzerker and Beehawker don’t exist below level cap, and if you saw my previous post you know that my Zero is level 35 (and does have a Grog, but never needed to use it). I do play an Anarchy Gaige, but she’s 46. So no, I’m not comparing any of those to level 57 Axton. I can compare level 46 Axton (about 18 months ago) to Gaige and she’s definitely performing better, and I expect her to continue doing so in UVHM.

My direct context for level 57 Axton is what Maya, Krieg, and Sal were like at 57. Maya’s only trouble spots in UVHM were Jackenstein and Motor Momma, otherwise she had amazing dps and survivability. Krieg was good from 50-56, and great once he got Bloodsplosion at 57. Again, kills everything in sight (and sometimes beyond), very rarely in danger of taking a knee. Sal is a Deputy, which is hilariously broken - even when his guns were seven levels out of date as was the case at 57. I don’t expect Axton to be that good, but I do expect him to be able to handle normal encounters without dropping to FFYL all the time.

Axton’s loadout - as above, new fire Hyperion PC; Slagga for slagging when the turret has poor target priority; Harold for FFYL; Hornet for armored psychos; Good Touch as an option for Moxxi healing; pretty much any non-unique gun option you’d care to name in the backpack after all that snowman farming for the COM (purple Jakobs pistol, blue Torgue shotgun, a blue Duuurp if for some reason he wants a RL, a fire Gwen’s Head, the Dahl NE sniper I mentioned above, a Jakobs rifle, and more). Grenade - Fire Bee; swap options include explosive and fire Fastballs, a slag bouncing betty if he needs to slag by grenade instead of by turret or gun, a tesla. Shield - purple adaptive, with a purple absorb and a Bee as swaps (Bee just for the snowman). Relic - cooldown or a corrosive BotA. All level 56-57. Like I said, he just spent half a level farming the snowman for his COM, and has three higher level VHs to inherit stuff from, so gear isn’t much of an issue. :slight_smile: A fire BotA is the only missing piece - I think my lowest level one is at 61 or so.


I’ve been playing a lot today, but I’m all excited because I figured out how Vladof Assassin can handle Rift Threshers on the fly: as soon as I see one pop up and even think about pulling, I toss a Quasar near him and swap to my shock Kitten. When I get close, smack him once to get Death Mark up, and lay into him with the Kitten. The shock damage from the grenade and the Kitten will tank me through quite a bit of the damage. When he gets in Killing Bl0w range, finish him. Works great!

Jakobs Assassin though… he’s still a goner unless he gets lucky with slag or a kill skill (Grim and a Blockade is no joke).

Also, I fired a Mongol at a Rift Thresher in singularity mode (stuck there after he fell for my decoy). The shots were all popped before they got to him, twice. When he was done, they went in like normal. Sound familiar?

edit - confirmed this in a second playthrough. If you get the Rift Thresher to go after your hologram and get to a safe distance yourself, you can’t hit it with a rocket launcher. Maybe some rocket types get through? Weird.

Also, if you somehow wind up standing on the head of the Rift Thresher, it can’t, apparently, hurt you. I must practice this.


On topic: Zero got started in TVHM. I’ll never see that opening section with Claptrap and Knuckledragger again! :relieved: And will only have to do the Liar’s Berg to Sanctuary stuff twice more! Ding 37 as of the trivial Sanctuary side-quests.


First up tonight : OP4 Trey Manos came out for Round 4 of Bandit Slaughter, rocking a purple Quad / Citrine Coach Gun and Hammer Buster / Citrine Gatling Gun and my standard Jakobs-Sal array. I totally missed that - whipping around with all the L Berzerker movement speed buffs, power healing with a Rough Rider, 2x4xMM’s.

Next : OP8 0tt had another go at the Lovely Couple in reasonably good time ( totally copying @Sun_Tsunami ). This goes along with the Random Info thread’s collection of shield boosters as miscellany :

Then another Peak run. I did a single deathless run until I crashed hard to the quad-spawn Assassins. This run, however, was completely melee with the exception of the Scorches ( compleat with quad-spawn surveyors…suuuuuuck ) ; it’s also my first Peak run equipping only the L Ninja COM instead of playing it safe with the Hunter. Even the Black Queens, which I normally try to B0re, I took down with melee.

I know I keep harping on Unf0rseen, but it was even strong enough to finish off those stupid Black Queen babies that I can’t remember their name : slag while clustering them up, decoy in the middle, kunai, then pop them one by one into the decoys ( I could get one or two more with MMF ) for massive AoE damage.

Last activity : finished up Scarlett’s with OP4 V0iv0d ( updated name - for the prog metal fans. I was gonna go with V0id0id for the punk fans, but it doesn’t look that good written out ). I took the Hyperius mission and my level 20 Quasar and B0red his ass ( although I need some practice ) : got an Evo with pretty good stats!

( side note - what’s the deal with all the kanji spam posts? )


New Krieg focus on melee is level 21 now, just finished arena 5 of finks slaughter house. Got a fire Hail as a reward. He is arm with a level 20 slag rubi, Level 19 slagga, level 8 Harold level 11 FOTF shield (all hand me downs).

Am really am enthusiastic about starting a character and have the eagerness to finish every quest the game would offer. Would finish every open side mission first before proceeding to the Preserve and I plan to farm the loot midgets for a low level legendaries.


Peronally I’d go with the second build but take the point from Healthy and either max Pressure or go 2/5 Expertise. While it’s nice to have your turret slag having 2 of them opens up a lot more strategic options when it comes to combat. Your build reminds me of Triad Thunder’s Last Man Standing build (which is what I use for my OP8 Axton, Mack Hammer) so if you’re still willing to try Axton you might want to look up the build. My current Axton, Mike Irons, is running a Nuke/Gemini build with a focus on explosive damage- slag comes from a x4 MM (and Rubi) and with his grenade/explosive buffs it does a good bit of damage as well as slags. Hope any of this helps you give him another shot down the road (you might even get to like the sound of Grit proccing while you face tank a constructor and blow it to bits :smiley:…).


I wonder if that was why Battleborn was so painful last night? Multiple connection errors during all phases, frequent long waits for data to update, the works. I got a few games in, but it was getting pretty painful. Oh well - as you say, hope it’s fixed for tonight!


Went from 0-100, then back to 0 real quick (Tubby jumped out of dump truck, dropped a Boss Bekah, but it’s OP7):


So close, nice find though :+1:


What was the Psycho class mod? I was looking forward to finding out, but the video just stopped!

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Nice use of the Omen. One weapon I never use but keep thinking I should go get myself one. :wink:

I spent the evening trouble shooting why my Microsoft movie/tv app wasn’t playing my ■■■■. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled. I had to initiate the reinstall twice as it was having problems downloading it. Reading the above statements about xbox having issues clears that up for me. Thanks guys. lol :blush:

I also spent time dboard farming a level 72 ROM to try and run through the story campaign at OP8 with OP0 gear. As I am spending time on this endeavor, I constantly think I am going to get my ass handed to me in OP8. lol I might have to find the appropriate OP level for my 72 gear. See how I fair…maybe OP5 or 6 I’m thinking. We’ll see.