What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

My Pimp Maya Point of View.


Co-op with Forum members…nothing beats it for me while playing BL2.




Intermediate Melee Zero soldiered on to level 63. I’m not sure what an acceptable amount of deaths are with melee Zero, I can clear most areas but rarely without at least one death. Usually it’s getting caught in the open, where I don’t have a strong enough rocket launcher to always get a second wind. However, I figure if I have to use the rocket launcher in FFYL, then I’ve basically already screwed up. Other times, I seem to randomly explode on an Execute, even though I’ve given Kunai time to go off. This happened twice in the session, I went in for a quick Execute, killed the target, but went down… just a head scratcher… I picked up a L62 Love Thumper (couldn’t be bothered to farm for a grounded one) and it’s so nice to only do one shield strip and then be able to throw slag grenades instead. My L50 chain lightning is no longer strong enough to strip my shield, I farmed for almost a level on the Ninja rats before one finally coughed up a longbow storm front with about a 1 second delay. Not great, but it will work, especially with the Love Thumper. I haven’t been doing much co op because of this, but I have a mediocre L61 purple roid shield, so I could make it work in theory. Took the story to after Bunk3r, Sawtooth Cauldron is gonna be fun with the Love Thumper… No way I get a perfect clear of the main areas, but it’s gonna be a blast with MMF, Kunai and not having to strip my shield on every Deception. I got two nice plasma casters on the run, but they were both Dahl :laughing: sigh, I like the steady stream of fire in my plasma casters, not the bursts.


I’ve been working on Melee Zero and am by no means an expert.

Who thought that was a good idea, being able to kill yourself on your own Kunai?..Another is that I have to think when to shield strip when not using the Love Thumper. I normally throw Kunai first, shield strip while they are exploding then Execute, but I don’t know if that’s correct.

I have no idea why they made it that way and it is annoying. Throwing Kunai before stripping your shield is a good way to get the timing down and probably the safer way to do it, but you lose out on some damage since Kunai can get roid damage. Although as you said, your Kunai are getting kills by themselves so unless you’re going up against a SBA/UBA the damage may not be needed.

I sometimes don’t have time to both shield strip and throw Kunai, so I prioritize shield stripping as I think the roid damage matters more, but maybe Deathmark is the bigger effect…

Roid damage usually matters more, Base Melee Dmg=20*1.13^L where L is the character level. As long as your roid damage is at least 80% of that, roid makes a bigger difference than deathmark. Although as was mentioned, Kunai have a chance to slag which would be the largest difference, but isn’t something you can rely on for slag. I was running into the same issues as far as not having time for everything and this may be common knowledge, but if you ADS before throwing deception you eliminate the arm swing animation and get more useful deception time. Once I got that down I felt a lot less rushed to get positioned, shield stripped and Kunai out.

On topic, took Maya to random Co-op joined one game with two Grog-Harolding Sals, was a bit chaotic, but they weren’t spamming Norfleet or hacked com and BAR like the other games I joined. Got to work on Nurse Maya which was nice. Took down Terry with me having to do much damage wise which is nice, just focusing on slag and Nurse was a nice change of pace from solo Zero.

Then more Bunker and Snowman farming trying to get assorted gear to tackle the next OP level. I have the Turret round coming up so I’m really not looking forward to it, though I picked up some tactics watching @Sun_Tsunami’s Peak runs with lvl 72 gear and now just want to get a shield and second wind gun.

No great drops, rubberized fire bee from the train in case I ever get the chance to throw a grenade in a small room and close the door. A lot of the OP4 train roid shields have had lower damage than my current OP1 one, with the exception of one inflammable shield that I can’t make work with the grenades I have. Is there any place that gives ranges for Roid Dmg or really any shield stats for a given level?


Ah, I did not know that. For what it’s worth, I always do that run up the hill in NVHM since it’s just a nuisance obstacle between the fast travel station and BNK3R. Saves time, and you can just load back in the Bunker at your desired UVHM level.

Quantitatively, not that I’m aware of. But this thread has a table of which manufacturers are good or bad for various attributes of a shield. Identifying what each manufacturer’s parts look like can be found here, with a less detailed version of the info in the first link. At a guess, it sounds like your OP1 shield has some good parts (Maliwan, Hyperion, maybe Tediore or Anshin) while your OP4 shields have some Torgue or Bandit parts.

On topic:

Gaige re-stacked, then paid another visit to the Sheriff. Running back down the hill led to a stalemate for a while, but after the third or fourth wave of marshals spawning Nisha finally hopped down. She was kind enough to drop a Sheriff’s Badge as well. I looked into how to get up to her platform but wasn’t able to figure out one of the steps before more respawns came in (Lynchwood: land of the fast endless respawns :unamused:). Finished off the first Dukino quest, ding 47, time for more gear-shuffling. She’s got some awesome stuff lined up at 48, but she’ll need several more side-quests for that.

Zero rescued the :fire::eagle:, fixed :pig::hotel:, got :blue_car:, killed Bad Maw, the usual. Ding 38.

Krieg killed Boll seven times (and Lee twice), no drops.

Sal did the Beatdown sidequests plus a couple rounds of the bar brawl. Ding 66. Then he visited the :snowman: because why not. Nothing useful; there was a Quasar in the train, but it was Rubberized. :disappointed:


I know how to get up there easy peasy. If you’re facing the structure she spawns on, look to the left of it and you’ll see a smaller building with a billboard on it. On the right side of the path between the two buildings, there is a mattress and a gray cylinder shaped thing that can help you jump to the billboard building. Carefully walk up on top of the billboard. There is an invisible lip on the landing across from you. Aim slightly to the right of the closest corner across from you and you should catch the lip.

I hope I was clear enough in how to do it. If not, I’ll record myself doing it and post it for you :smiley:


I haven’t played in a while but I just had this fun vision of using Execute to skip one or two enemy spawns in Hayter’s folly by flying to the unmanned turret. Started the game and went to test it out. Unfortunately it was not targettable with execute but it was a fun little run. I checked Sanctuary vendors before quitting and noticed something I don’t think I’ve seen before: Zed was not standing in his usual place but instead leaning on his desk. I’ve probably seen that and just forgot about it but I was a bit confuced at first when he wasn’t standing where he always is.


The one I’m aware of basically lists all the uniques:

I’m not aware of a sheet like that for general shields. You could try the Borderladns Wiki to see if there are ranges for more general shields.

Yup, it has numbers for specific examples, but not ranges:


Tediore Siren rolled Lynchwood. I’m not sure I go up the same way @Ninja_Mrrr does, but it’s handy when she dies up there and I want to check her drops.

This Rabid Skag was trying to jump up to this ledge, so I mashed him in the elevator. I shot him once as the elevator was coming down… not sure if I got credit for the kill because I had a status effect on it? I do enjoy that awful squishing sound enemies make when they get crushed like this.

Turns out Scorn will destroy Bearcat projectiles coming at you. The UCP appears to work both ways… that thing was hitting pretty hard. :grimacing:

I love catching enemies in the grinders. They’ll kill the armored mounts, but Rats just bounce right out. Still fun. This mount, as much as it’s on the side of the grinder here, will die on the next pound.

This is what it looks like on the receiving end of a Flakker. That guy’s at a safe distance, but being anywhere in that pile of explosions is pretty lethal.


This is how i get on to Nisha (not my video)

OT. Melee Krieg is now Level 57 and already got both Release the Beast and Bloodsplosion. Have visited the Torgue DLC and Bar Room Brawl to gain 3 levels from 54 (not enough though for a new Harold, since I only collected around 200 tokens).

But that will do, am rocking a level 20 Slagga, Level 52 Harold, Level 54 Rough Rider, Mod interchanging Crunch +5 to STF and Sickle +5 to STV com (haven’'t gotten a perfect com yet but it will do). Relic interchanging to Sheriff Badge, explosive relic, health relic and the XP relic, (not yet convinced which are best for me).

Am still looking for a grenade, only have a slag transfusion and a high fuse slag bouncing betty. I want a fastball for grenade so will be farming boll for a while and add in Lee for a Harold upgrade before i proceed with the mission.


Thanks for the shield stats list, lot of good information. I had tried looking at examples on wiki but there weren’t as many as I hoped.

On Topic:

Farmed knuckledragger, ended up with an OP3 react hornet and OP4 close quarter Hornet. It seemed like when I’d kill him with an execute, he wouldn’t drop anything, but if killed with a gun he at least dropped cash. I read that bloodsploding Pete gives less loot (idr where I read it so I’m not certain how true it is), is there something similar with Knuckledragger and Executes?


Another good session with Intermediate melee Zer0, taking him from 63 to mid 65. I went through Sawtooth, died once due to Buzzards down low, once to Buzzards up top as I was fighting the last Scavenger, and once in what I call the “Gladiator pit”, that area you would go to if you just ran straight at the beginning of the level, before you enter Guano Grotto. Everything comes at you from all sides there. Really fun with the Love Thumper and slag grenades versus having to shield strip on every Deception… Got a great run of loot midgets too, including a loot midget psycho this session, after my loot midget nomad the previous session. Final useful haul consisted of an L65 Mongol (hits really hard, but just not ammo efficient enough, still feel compelled to use it due to the drop), L63 Butcher (not Practiceable and non elemental, so not that good, but still one of the few pearls I’ve ever had drop), and a L65 Incendiary BOTA. I had two e-tech world drops in the session too (regular skag and a marauder), Wyld Blasster and a Splatgun, so they sucked but you rarely get purple rarity world drops, let alone two in a session. I also got a purple launcher out of an outhouse chest. I found when Executing loot midgets the loot just blows everywhere so it can be a little tricky to spot it.

Went to Arid Nexus Boneyard in the story, did a couple levels on the Scarlett DLC so I’m close to a Sandhawk and Pimp when I’ll want one in a few levels.

Doing ok with melee Zero, I’m already dreading the peak with him, just because I’m not consistent enough to run a whole gauntlet and I have no idea how I’ll deal with the big bosses on the higher OP levels. However, that’s down the road, so I’m just enjoying the climb to 72 at the moment. After seeing @Adabiviak discuss Be Like Water in another thread, I noticed that I often would pop a shot with the rubi to slag before going in to melee spam a lower health target. As I can’t get down to B0re anyway at the moment, I threw some points in it, but I haven’t noticed much of an impact. I’ll keep it for my next session and see if that continues.


Are you using the UCP? I don’t recall if it got a buff with the recent Gearbox patch, but without the UCP, I haven’t found it to be a game changer, but don’t take my word for it. I just like the mechanic; the shoot to slag, Decepti0n/Execute for melee, followed by shoot to kill routine takes good advantage of that skill. It’s another timer in Zer0’s collection that he stacks for high damage output, and I enjoy trying to sync as many as possible.

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I play on PS4, so no UCP for me unfortunately. I really wish I had that change where Grim and Fearless are swapped in the skill trees, just makes way too much sense. I didn’t know that Be Like Water got a buff in the UCP, I wasn’t planning on going with it long term anyway, once I get to B0re in a couple of levels…


Our new puppy has derailed some of my momentum, but I managed a bit tonight :

0tt had a bit more melee practice on the OP8 Peak run. A lot of sloppy work but I kept managing to get out of it…until I didn’t. It’s ok though : I’ve stopped trying to get through it and I’m just working on getting better.

After, I did some experiments with Chain Lightning and discovered why I kept killing myself : I swap out shock and corrosive Bones on the Peak. Well, I’m an idiot and forgot to account for the substantial damage increase from a shock Bone - so I need to pack another CL several levels lower. I’ll be sending Sal out to farm the Lair at various levels tomorrow.

I also farmed the Crater Seraph vendor for a Sponge. I have an old way-underlevelled Sham ; but since I have crystals and not much to spend them on, might as well. I found a fire-resistant version which is perfect as I use a Logan for rocket refilling. Tested with an OP3 Logan : it works! No fire DoTs ( I actually killed myself on a Peak run because I wasn’t paying attention to the shield bar ).

Lastly , I needed to get in some carnage so I took OP7 BlitzKrieg ( with a minor respec to Hellborn, Bloodbath, and Salt the Wound ) to Magnys Lighthouse and laid in with Omen and Kerblaster. I’m glad I’m back playing Krieg again - that Peak nonsense really ruined him for me for far too long.


Thanks for the tips and video on getting up to the Sheriff’s platform. The bit I hadn’t figured out was the angled support to the sign. I’d get to the top of that first floor, but not to the second floor and that awning support strut. Only having about a minute to work with before the respawns really didn’t help… :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll remember that next time I’m up there.

Not much action today. Gaige did some lower level side quests (still good quest xp though), helping Karima unDavify Overlook and picking up Tannis’s ECHOs. Still 47, but pretty close to 48 now so good enough to start Sawtooth Cauldron. Which I decided not to do just yet because that’s a map I dislike. I am enjoying the Scorpio on Gaige though. I know folks generally have a low opinion of it, but it’s exactly what I want from using Dahl for long range Gaige guns - lots of bullets, and steady aim even at max anarchy.

Krieg killed Boll another eight times, still no drops. :man_farmer::persevere: Now 0.15 levels from 72.


Ran around Caustic for a while and tried to spawn Vermi with Crawmerax.

Five kills later, all I had was one Badass and he didn’t do s***. I did get a nice L. Hunter mod from one of the chests though. (and a Cradle, but does that really matter? lol)


Haven’t been on the forum for a while, it’s good to be back :slight_smile:
Decided to OP level up my Zer0 mule as a purely melee VH and got him to OP2 with lvl 72 law and order and other lvl 72 gear, but am not making it very far when trying to complete OP3 :frowning: One of my other VHs has an OP3 love thumper, so am really chomping at the bit to get to use it. Tried to do some tubby/vermi farming at the tundra farmhouse and two a-holes joined my public game and were clearly using modded weapons (which I did not think was possible on Xbox 1)…they were shooting a volley of rockets and plazm globs out of SMGs and pistols that were freezing my game so I gave them the boot.


I used to do that, but I like to (quickly!) check that one red chest above the Badass Constructor (missiles incoming…) I just put on a Sham if the character has one and run run run!!! Though it gets a little hairy sometimes at the Knock Knock Bitches Turrets if they draw a bead on you and kill your shield before you try to run past all those Hyperion soldiers after (fun fact: a group of soldiers coming out of the building on the level where the BA Constructor sets up shop will completely ignore you as they race past you and head downstairs to get into position.)