What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

First time in months when I finally had a chance to play without any interruptions so tried to pick up my OP8 Siren and try and finish my OP8 run of the game and started my Assault on Dragon Keep and dying countless times for everything like I was aluminum foil.

I have had some time to toy around on a lower level character some since I didn’t mind leaving on them and a huge adjustment going from actually having shields that last to having a shield go from full to empty with low life in 3 hits from 3 different archers within about a 2 second time span.

Took me a little bit at the beginning and having to read up to realize that unlike actual RPGs, these undead were resistant to fire, lol. Got a little better after that but still die within 3 to 5 hits no matter what I was against.

Also trying to relearn aiming hyperion weapons and seeing the critical spots from all the effects of phaselock.

Basically tried to get back into it after an extended break to play like I was fresh again.

Edit: And really wishing I could remove those repeatable missions from the Badass Crater from my mission logs, having them either in it as failed or undiscovered makes the OCD completionist in me go crazy.


One of the perks of having transitioned to XBone is that I’ve been able to copy multiples of classes over. In addition to allowing me to have 2 Sirens to run (one to remain completed, one to reset repeatedly), it has also enabled me to take over a copy of my daughter’s OP8 Gaige. I’ve played the class a little here and there, 1-31, and some at the OP levels, but I’ve never attained the same level of proficiency that I have with Maya, Axton, Sal, or even Zero.

Just punched out after having had the first run in which I felt ‘on’ as Gaige. NE Practicable Conference Call (I never get elemental versions from Handsome Sorc-- he says it’s bad enough that I ripped off his name), DPUH, Slagga. No Moxxi, no Norfleet.

Wow. It gets REAL when you get over 200 Anarchy with those guns! The CC is truly spectacular with Anarchy, Close Enough, and Nth Bullet. That was silly. Ran Frostburn through the Firehawk wave fight. Beat the crap out of everything. Just… Awesome. Very fun run.


Ran across this @Piemanlee today, him testing a build and me just along for the ride; before I left briefly to unload my pack, it was his Axton and my Maya. I returned with Maya to find he’d swapped for his Krieg. We ran through Lunch wood Lynchwood, leaving screams and Bloodsplosions in our wake:

T’was a good day to die in Glorious Battle. And pay for digital respawn-struc-- wait, that’s not a good thing.

Speaking of which, 101 to anyone who I run with:

  • if I’m not the host, I’m a passenger. Host leads (=accepts/completes missions), I just do the mission objectives, except powering up the Happy Pig Motel as it has no reward consequences.
  • host has first selection of RTIs. That said, I’m a collector of certain normals, so that’s where I’m at:
  • Vladof-barreled pistols
  • x2 accessory
  • Maliwan-barreled SMGs
  • etc.
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Made it to level 70 with Mike Irons by running thru a few areas- the Dust, Lynchwood (where I finally got a Sheriff’s badge), the Forest and Caustoc Caverns, where a tubby varkid dropped a level 69 L. Sickle. Did Animal Rights and had the stalkers glitch on me again so no secondary mission objective completed :unamused: but did get a decent Order. Swapped to a few level 70 goodies from my mules, including a level 70 Yellowjacket to try. Gathered gifts from Sanctuary citizens and will now head for Hero’s Pass…

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Cleared story through Control Core Angel and got a new NE ricochet Fibber on my OP6 reset.
Dropped down to OP0 to start a speed run Campaign of Carnage.
There’s no part of that DLC I find fun so I’m just going to clear it for the utility of Pete farms and bump up for a new Kitten once it’s done.

Edit re: Torgue DLC
Some of the dialogue in there is fantastic but the gameplay is ‘meh’ to me, so it’s not all bad, just not my thing.

The Sheriff of Lunchwood?


Played a couple of sessions since I last posted!

One session was with a guy from reddit - nice enough guy but kept bugging me to play which is a touch annoying when you just want to relax. Made progress from Claptraps Ship to dealing with Lilith.

Picked up with the same character but a different group and played all the way up to Overlook with little difficulty and some good chat. Last night ended with a NVHM Circle of Slaughter that just went all sorts of wrong! 3 players and our Siren fell in the first wave of Round 4! As the Commando I dropped next leaving just a first time Zerker by himself running a Brawn build.

We did what support we could but ultimately failed when we couldn’t Res him from behind some boxes :frowning:

Next time!

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Picked up Zer0Danger again, initially intending to just pass some gear down the line, but I ended up clearing Monster Mash, closing out Doctor’s Orders (this is NVHM so doesn’t matter anymore), and generally inching my way to level 30.

In the process, I (re)discovered a spot you can use to safely take out the Skraak without using a vehicle - an important thing to know if you want the XP from getting the kills on foot! (I did manage to record a clip of the location, so I can provide a link if anyone is interested and hasn’t seen this spot before.)

Came away from the session with a Deliverance, Veruc, and Neogenator, so one of the better runs loot-wise in NVHM that I’ve had for a while. I’ll probably run the Eridium Blight side quests next to hit level 30 before turning in Data Mining and going for the jugular…

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OP8 Gaige and Zer0. Badlands. Death. Destruction.


Trying my luck extreme health gating with Maya on Op8.

4,813 Health
+11,000 Health Regeneration from Legendary Nurse
+1 Point in Life Tap.

So far, I feel like Salvador when it comes to survivablity.

Damned autocorrect.

Short time, but enough to clear a couple of Eridium Blight side quests, farm the red chests in Fyrestone, and do the rounds of the folks in Sanctuary. I know we had some discussion of the items from these folks recently, and this time I will be using some of the gear: a purple (!) vitality relic, a blue 0.0 fuse tesla grenade, and blue corrosive sniper and SMG. The AR sucked (again), but only in comparison to a Hammerbuster, so I guess that’s hardly surprising. Cleared the gates and entered Heroes Pass, but real life is calling (Dammit! Er, I mean, “Darn!”)


After getting a new fire Pimpernel with Maliwan grip (seriously, how awesome is that rifle with matching grip!?!) I started trying OP8 Terramorphous and few minutes ago I finally killed him after failing two times with him at about 2-3%!
Also 3 points in precision really helped in dispatching tentacles.


An impact-fused Tesla? Rarity aside, nice!

Did I mention it was rubberized? Always a downside with RNG! But yeah, given a current dearth of shock weapons (and nothing I can pass down atm) the tesla is a bit of a relief. I’ll maybe try the Fyrestone chests again on the off-chance of a decent shock plasma caster or fire weapon. Otherwise, it will be a shock grenade and mix of corrosive and non-elemental weapons for the final assault with Zer0 this time around. We’ll see how it goes!

Rubberized? nice! crap!

I’m a noob so I just got to Sanctuary. And received my first five golden keys.


Good to see a new Vault Hunter…Welcome!


Welp, that worked out mostly better than expected. Between the Hammer Buster, corrosive sniper & SMG, and shock rubberized tesla, I blew through Heroes Pass to the Vault in short order. Zer0’s Sniping tree (from memory) is much fun in NVHM, even without the capstone:


Jack also went down very fast, thanks to Decepti0n, B0re, shock tesla and pistol, and a green fire SMG I got from the red chest in the secret fire worshipper’s cave. In retrospect, keeping the level 28 Neogenator shield on for the Warrior wasn’t the smartest move, but then after that I didn’t really need the shield to finish the job. Finished up with a lobbed electric leech (mercifully not rubberized!)


[quote=“jeremywinterburn, post:2802, topic:580674, full:true”]I’m a noob so I just got to Sanctuary. And received my first five golden keys.[/quote]Is it someone new?

Seriously though, is this your first foray into Borderlands 2?

[quote=“VaultHunter101, post:2804, topic:580674”]mostly 'armless…[/quote] :neutral_face: :laughing: