What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

I’ve finally done a reset on my OP5 Zero. He’s the class I used co-op with my daughter’s Gaige through OP3, then went solo to OP5 and got stuck. I think I need to really get into him to get through the sticking point, so I’m making myself do a bunch of this with no Moxxi. Going to focus on really leveraging Deception and Ambush.

I’m using turn-in guns as mini goals to work toward during the playthrough. Pimpernel, etc. Having a ton of fun, early in the process.

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Made it thru Hero’s Pass to rech The Vault and took care of Jack; now trying for any type of CC from the moonshot- passed on an Impaler and Caustic Leech. Almost at level 71 now… BTW, forgot to mention yesterday that I got the Blue Bomber skin for Axton from the Son of Mothrakk…


Today I did some challenges just because they give me a reason to go to places and do stuff I usually don’t. While I was in Eridium Blight I decided to roam around a bit since I rarely do anything there and I discovered an area that I’ve never been in. I really thought I’d been everywhere but the eastern most point on the map contains an area with loaders, surveyors and a red chest that I never realized was there. It’s not much but it was nice discovering something new.

I also ran into a shift code while randomly browsing FB so I thought I’d paste it in while starting the game and I’m fairly sure I got nothing. Is 254 the maximum keys you can have or do I just remember the amount I had wrong? I haven’t used them in ages but if I’m not getting more I might as well spend some next time a code comes around.

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Ah, if only I could get my dad to play Borderlands with me… sadly he works far too hard for such trivial things :stuck_out_tongue: I do the procrastination for both of us it seems.


dat sleep(MAXINT) made me laugh so hard :joy:

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It’s the maximum that can be displayed (although the display code itself is also a bit wonky). Once you use enough keys, you should see the total displayed adjust to reflect the extra keys you just got. Might as well use them - “Your cash ain’t worth a thing if you don’t spend it!”


Finished my run through of Torgue’s DLC, murderized Pete for some crystals, and went and snagged an on level Antagonist.

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So the display stops counting beyond 254 but I actually have more keys than that instead of them just having disappeared in limbo? Makes me wonder how many I do I actually have then…

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Enough to spend a few - go crazy!

I started the game and used 5 on a low level character just looking for some low level gear that I could possibly switch around since I’m leveling toons up from lvl 1. Now I’m at 249 so it would seem that the 5 I got earlier are actually just wasted because I was maxed out to begin with. Oh well, at least I’ve got a sweet lvl 12 Maliwan rocket launcher to pass around for the rest of the toons. I guess I should actually use them from now on when I know I’m going over the limit. The stuff there can be pretty good when leveling up.

This is the main reason for using the keys, especially on your first character. If I know that I will need a certain element weapon or a better shield for the next story mission, for example, I’ll burn through some keys until I get something I can work with. It’s kind of hard to go wrong in normal mode though, so if you’re going to push all the way through to max level, save a chunk of keys for UVHM.

You’ll find a number of the story and side quest rewards (specifically the blue unique ones with the red text on the item card) will help quite a bit, and can carry you a fair way in first play-through. Plus, you sometimes get lucky with a legendary drop from one of the bosses or minibosses! What platform are you on? If you’re on 360/XB1, I probably have some items I can donate to help you along.

Also, since this is your first time through the story, you might find this useful:

Yeah, this isn’t actually my first rodeo. I’m just going through all of this leveling again because of platform change. I have been saving those keys for UVHM, I’ve just never had so many that I’d hit the limit so that was new to me. Thanks for the offer BTW but I’m on PC these days.

I’m leveling Axton at the moment. Wanted to take a break from Zero before diving into TVHM. I’m saving Krieg and Maya for co-op playthroughs as I know I’ll be playing with two different people on a fresh start soon. I don’t like Sal and Gaige so I might end up just powerleveling them.

Something for the topic: I just melted (quite literally, I got a fire SMG too from the chest) bloodshot stronghold and rescued Roland as Axton. Also while doing Lilith’s sidequests Savage Lee made an appearance and dropped me a lvl 7 Harold. The early game legendaries I’ve got so far really favor Torgue: Kerblaster, Bonus Package (really low fuse too) and now Harold. I’ll probably throw Harold or Kerblaster my friends way when I play with them. Share the early game fun of exploding everything.

EDIT: Actually, the other Co-op is going to be 2 guys and me so I’ll save the Harold for that. The guys have to duel for it.

EDIT2: Played a quick minisession to do a couple of sidequests. I happened to have a throrn shield on so I let all the Varkids in Tundra Express kill themselves. I always go for the red chest in Varkid Ranch when I come there for the sidequest. This time chest contained a loot midget and the loot midget contained a 0 fuse lobbed Fire Leech. Too bad it’s a bit underleveled but it’ll go to the pile of stuff that I can use when leveling up the rest of the toons.


IIRC the max is/was 277- I had 275 once and they showed on screen (still have about 170+ on the 360…).

After taking a few swings at Vora with Sal, I did 3 Dust runs with Maya. Finally got an OP8 Lyuda drop. That’s the first I’ve seen in around 100 runs. Non elemental. Oh, well. Still nice to see one pop. Also got a Sawbar world drop off a spiderling.

After that, it was over to OP5 Zero to run the Rustyards to Herbert. Only had time to make one go of it, and my focus with Zero is currently on learning to work sniping. Legendary Hunter + proficiency relic, Jakobs sniper (the Hyperion barrel one). Trying to get used to the rhythm of reload --> Deception --> kunai–> crit as AS times out. Lots of big hits worked in there. Also trying to set up B0re alignment. Got a really nice close out of the 2x Anchorman spawn where the first gate opens. Dropped a big crit on the first, reloaded, Deception, slid around to set up the B0re, and dropped him with that while also putting a big hurt on the second Anchorman. That felt really cool to pull off. Went down to a group after that by not being aggressive enough with Deception. I’m learning that I want to be in it as often as possible.

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[quote=“Handsome_Dad, post:2819, topic:580674”]Also got a Sawbar world drop off a spiderling.[/quote]Your random number generator might need to be recalibrated.

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the last vault hunter for me to tryout is gaige. some1 was kind enough to give me a lvl 21 legen mech com to build around so i decided to play her over the weekend. i got to finish normal mode warrior at level 27. started tvhm today got to sanctuary at lvl 30. im pretty underleveled so its quite a challenge which is always fun. got up to a dam fine rescue beehawking witha 28bee and 30corrode sandhawk. the whole start of the playthrough is tough i wish id hav started all my tvhm playthroughs like this instead of breezing right through it at lvl.

Finished off the Warrior with the moonshot- passed on the Restructured CC in place of a double drop of a Potent Flakker and Guaranteed Baby Maker. Hit level 71 after touching the Key. Went to Terra and got booted several times so went back to Sanctuary for a respec to take advantage of the L. Pointman com I have to see if it helps…

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Hopped back on to Salvadorable last night to clear WEP. I was having a blast - literally - using a four-shotgun loadout (shock Deliverance/Heartbreaker and slag/corrosive Octos) with a 0.0s fuse explosive MIRV. One of the box room LLMs dropped me a shock longbow Nasty Surprise, which lived up to its name when I hit the stalkers immediately outside. Cleared all the way to the elevator when I noticed the laser printer across the room jam up. After a bit of poking and prodding, I cleared the printer, but knocked the table I’d put the controller down on. When the controller fell to the floor, it triggered ADS and gunzerking simultaneously, leaving me perma-ADS. The only way to clear it was to save/quit but, of course, since I still hadn’t collected all the slag samples or completed the story mission, I restarted back at the beginning of the WEP. :tired_face: :sob: :dukecensor: And that was it for the night…

Edit: also this…

@VaultHunter101: LOL, I initially skimmed your post, wondered WHERE in the game you found a laser printer…

Re. your perma-ADS, really wish there was fire mode options for dual-wielding, particularly where Dahl weapons can come into play:

Continued a bit of Axton leveling on NVHM. Killed loaders in Overlook so fast I thought the game softlocked as I had to wait for the next wave for quite some time. I guess I am getting a back the touch into handling PC controllers instead of a gamepad.

Started a clan war and had no less than 8 people swarm right behind the counter and trap Mick in the corner. On the other hand it’s annoying when this happens and on the other hand it always kinda makes me laugh. I’ve never had to wait for him to get to his basement for this long, though. I was jumping around the bars near the roof for what at least felt like minutes.

Did some quests in highlands and ran into more BA fire threshers within 30 minutes than I usually do in a complete playthrough. Usually I only see the guaranteed one at Tannis echo and maybe one more in caustic caverns. This time I got that one by the echo but also 1 randomly in the river and 2 on the beach during medicin man quest in Highlands.

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