What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

Don’t think I’ve ever seen more than one other person behind the bar! On the other hand, I DID manage to get stuck on the door of one of the fridges behind the bar… I’m always careful where I stand when opening those now.

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He usually always gets stuck at something for a while but this time when I talked to him it looked like the whole bar started a pilgrimage towards the the hole he uses to come to the bar from behind the counter. I think only 2 of the walking patrons were not involved in.

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Few runs through Southpaw as Krieg.

Wanted to farm a Fire Elemental Thre Dog, instead I got an Emperor and Storm Front.

I may have done more Southpaw runs at this point than anyone in BL2 history. I have a very healthy love for the Emperor. As a result, I get them at a rate of about 1 every 2-3 months. Ugh.

I’m not complaining, the Emperor is one of my favorite items in BL2. Just wished it was corrosive, to compliment the fire elemental one that’s already waiting for Maya.

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Yeah. It was just me whining with jealousy. :grin: I have fire and corrosive, and the fire is Stopping. Each have bad grips and stocks. Meh. They still work great!

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I can live with Stopping, atleast on my Op8 Gaige. But for Maya I definetly want Flying. I will probably end up doing another few dozen runs in Southpaw for the Dog anyway.

I will be taking a slight break from BL2 after taking care of Terra with Mike Irons to play something else- I don’t want to spoil anything but let’s say that I’m Really Exited 4 this game…


Speaking of Emperors I’ve been using a lvl 17 Stopping Emperor (corrosive) on my Axton vs loaders. Picked it up with Zer0 earlier but can’t remember who dropped it for me. Considering the level it didn’t come from the assassins.

Due to a hardware change (Xbox 360 to PC) I started over so I’m leveling my first character which is Maya. I’m up to the OP levels and was trying to cheese my way through the Peak by doing minimal farming which backfired trying to unlock OP 5. I spent several days farming gear and breezed through the Peak today so the farming paid off. So I’m now OP 5 and hope that the gear lasts another level maybe 2. :wink:


I can never seem to get a “Flying” prefix on anything. Well, apart from the one time I rolled a Flying Sandhawk. Non-elemental (of course). :poop:


No co-op partners for now so fired up an old Siren I was working on as a Thoughtlock build (never done one) from the ground up. Had previously done up to the start of WEP in co-op with someone else so had to go back and tear up the bloodshot dam.

Being 7 levels higher it was a walkover but I had fun with my Doc’s Striker! :smiley:


My fire elemental Emperor is flying prefix’d whistles.

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First time playing Resident Evil 4 Carlton?

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Just got another Emperor. lmao. bad parts however.



Jealous? Moi?!

Meanwhile, I re-ran the WEP run that got screwed yesterday and got through even faster. It is great fun watching dual Deliverances hunting down and exploding stalkers; the only thing missing is the sound of a maniacal banjo in the background. I also landed a record number of corrosive Octo reloads on loaders, which is a great way of stopping those melee ones with the whirling arms in their tracks so you can finish them off with the other gun. Nothing good dropped tonight, but I did get through it without accident.


Well, if it is of any conselation. MidgeMong failed to drop me a KerBlaster. Which is ironic since Emperors drop all to kindly for me lately.

So yeah. Last few hours i tried to find one of those. To no avail.

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Had time for 5 Dust runs tonight. Still trying to pull another Bekah (mine is Horse, with Jakobs grip, but Bandit sight and Torgue stock) and OP8 incendiary or corrosive Lyuda. Maybe a Legendary Pointman.

5 runs…
0 Tubbies
3 consecutive, OP8 non elemental Verucs
OP7 Gunstock Maggie with Maliwan grip and Bandit sight
OP8 Cowboy Hammer Buster with Bandit sight, Dahl grip, Dahl stock.

No Lyudas.

No upgrades. No surprises.

What I did find is a good time blowing up spiderants with Chain Reaction. :grin:

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Not quite- I’ve bought it for every gaming platform I own except PC. It just happens to be in my top 5 favorite games ever… BTW, the original Gamecube version is still the hardest (i.e. best)…


I’ll always remember my fifth or sixth playthrough on GC when I discovered you could melee the parasite on the El Gigantes. Prior to that I had been unloading everything I had on me taking them down with gunfire alone. Fun times…

Had good times running multiplayer with some kids last night. While helping one of the players get up to OP6 I got another to ditch his hacked gear (explosive Norfleet sort of stuff). To his credit he didn’t know it wasn’t legit.